New Dream World Area / New PokéDolls Available

ThumbnailThe Japanese Pokémon Global Link has revealed that a new Dream World area called Dream Park (ゆめパーク) will be available starting on November 21st, 2012. New mini-games, Pokémon and new decor furniture will be also available. The new items that will be released are: Castle Tower (てんしゅかく), Table Heater (こたつ), Wardrobe (かいだんたんす), Hanging Scroll (かけじく), Bonsai Tree (ぼんさい), Fan (Grass) [おうぎ (くさ)], Fan (Fire) [おうぎ(ほのお)], Fan (Water) [おうぎ(みず)] and a Hyper Ball Mat (ハイパーボールマット).

Source: http://ja.pokemon-gl.com/#/information/491

New PokéDolls

The Dream World catalog was also updated today to include new PokéDolls. Totodile, Natu, Whismur, Spinda, Castform, Kecleon, Metagross, Happiny, Chatot and Bisharp PokéDolls are now available. Our Dream World Furnishings page has been updated with the latest ones.

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