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Clay's Krokorok
English Clay's Krokorok
Japanese ヤーコンのワルビル
Japanese (Romanized) Yacon no Waruvile
Clay's Krokorok was the first Pokémon Clay used to battle against Ash during his gym battle. Clay's Krokorok was paired up against Ash's Oshawott as Pikachu initially wanted to battle it but Ash realized that an Electric type against a Ground type would be a bad idea. At the beginning of the battle, Clay's Krokorok had the upper hand as its Sandstorm managed to get sand in Ash's Oshawott's eyes and it also made it harder for Ash's Oshawott to accurately attack. Clay's Krokorok managed to hit Ash's Oshawott with a Bite and a Stone Edge attack but it wasn't enough to knock it out. Ash's Oshawott used Water Gun to clear up the Sandstorm and then it began its counterattack. Clay's Krokorok was repetitively hit with multiple attacks from Ash's Oshawott including a super effective Aqua Jet and Razor Shell combo that ended up being too much for it and it was knocked out.
Move Type First Episode Used Notes
Bite Dark BW 63 Got a hit in while sand was still in Mijumaru's eyes
Dig Ground BW 63 Dodged Mijumaru's Aqua Jet by digging underground
Stone Edge Rock BW 63 Dent noted it was quite effective against Mijumaru
Sandstorm Rock BW 63 Satoshi's Mijumaru got sand in its eyes because of it but it used Water Gun to suppress the storm
Episodes (2)

Battling the King of the Mines!地底のジム戦! VSヤーコン!!A Subterranean Gym Match! VS Yacon!!
Crowning the Scalchop King!さらばミジュマル!? ホタチキングへの道Farewell, Mijumaru!? The Path to Becoming Scallsword King

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