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Jun 16

Movie 20 Website Updates with a Report from the Public Dubbing

Posted by Adamant | June 16th 2017 at 01:42 PM EDT
Tags: Anime, Event, Movie
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The official Pokémon movie website has updated. Translations follow:

A Report from the Public Dubbing Event

A public dubbing event took place somewhere in Tokyo Wednesday June 15th.
Present on stage were Kanata Hongo, the voice of Soji, Shiori Sato, the voice of Makoto, Koichi Yamadera, the voice of Marshadow, Shoko Nakagawa, the voice of Joy, Arata Furuta, the voice of Bonji, and Director Yuyama.

Sato went to see the very first movie in the theater as a child. This time, she plays the lively and masculine Makoto.
She had trouble getting the running scene right, and had to practice it many times.

Hongo liked Pokémon so much as a kid he wouldn't go play outside on the days it aired on TV. He performs his role as Soji, the boy with a calm exterior hiding true passion, with great skill.
He spoke of his role with the line "I can now die without any regrets", which made the other actors laugh heartily.

Nakagawa is playing in her 11th Pokémon movie this year, and performs a passionate portrayal of Joy, whom she greatly admires. Her performance was so perfect the director even called it "the very image of Joy".
"I've made use of my 11 years of experience and the director's words in every single moment of my life to turn my entire life into Pokémon", she said with passion in her voice.

Furuta was told to "make his performance more excited" and instantly switched gears, playing a Bonji that was profound, yet at the same time overflowing with excitement. Furuta has said he doesn't use his natural speaking voice when voice acting, but he did exactly that this time, and commented that "It actually made me feel really awkward".

Yamadera has played in 20 movies in a row so far, and this time he's in charge of Marshadow's voice. "I have less lines this time than I've ever had before, but it's also my most difficult role so far", he said. He goes on to say he tried various methods in order to follow the difficult instructions he was given, like "It shouldn't sound normal, it shouldn't sound like a voice" and "Make the sound come from your respiratory tract". During the dubbing, he gave us a strange tone of voice that contained both two and three sounds at the same time, which impressed everyone present, the director included.

The session concluded with everyone playing a finger pointing game based on the movie's title "I Choose You!": "If you had to choose one of the guest voice actors to be your travelmate, who would you choose?"
The guest voice actors went "Won't that just cause arguments later?" and "Are you really making us do this? (laughs)" with bitter smiles on their faces.
The end result was that Nakagawa, Yamadera and Furuta pointed to Hongo, Sato pointed to Furuta, and Director Yuyama pointed to Yamadera.

There's only one month left until the movie premieres! Make sure to check out the passionate performances from all the guest voice actors in the theater!!

Source: http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/news/?p=2762

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Jun 08

Movie 20 Website Updates with Info on Tie-In Real Dasshutsu Game Event

Posted by Adamant | June 8th 2017 at 01:03 PM EDT
Tags: Anime, Event, Movie
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The official Pokémon movie website has updated. Translations follow:

The Real Dasshutsu Game/Pokémon the Movie 20 crossover "Escape From Houou's Trial" Will Be Held in 8 Cities All Across Japan for a Limited Time!

The Real Dasshutsu Game "Escape From Houou's Trial", which commemorates the premiere of "Pocket Monsters the Movie: I Choose You!", will be held in 8 cities all across Japan starting in July 2017!
"Escape From Houou's Trial" is a personal experience-type game event set in permanent Real Dasshutsu Game establishments and the cities they are located in, where you solve riddles scattered throughout the city one after another, together with Pokémon.

You go choose your first Partner Pokémon from "Fushigidane", "Zenigame" and "Hitokage" and set off on a journey as a rookie Pokémon Trainer as well!
You can also choose between two different courses that vary in difficulty, the "Professor Course" and the "Trainer Course", so both adults and children can enjoy this game!

©Nintendo/Creatures/GAME FREAK/TV Tokyo/ShoPro/JR Kikaku
©2017 Pikachu Project

Ticket prices:
Normal pre-order ticket: 2500 yen/Student pre-order ticket (high school+): 2000 yen/Child pre-order ticket (Grade school to middle school): 1250 yen
Normal same-day ticket: 3000 yen/Student same-day ticket (high school+): 2500 yen/Child same-day ticket (Grade school to middle school): 1750 yen

Pictures from earlier Real Dasshutsu Games

Friday August 4th to Tuesday October 31th, 2017
Wednesday July 26th to Tuesday October 31th, 2017
Thursday July 13th to Tuesday October 31th, 2017
Wednesday July 19th to Tuesday October 31th, 2017
Friday July 21st to Tuesday October 31th, 2017
Thursday August 3rd to Tuesday October 31th, 2017
Thursday July 20th to Tuesday October 31th, 2017
Friday August 4th to Tuesday October 31th, 2017

Organizing and production: SCRAP
In cooperation with: Pikachu Project

For details, see the official site

Source: http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/news/?p=2702
Jun 01

Movie 20 Website Updates with Info on Pokémon Stage Show at the Tokyo Toy Show 2017

Posted by Adamant | June 1st 2017 at 11:34 PM EDT
Tags: Anime, Event, Movie
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The official Pokémon movie website has updated. Translations follow:

A Pokémon Stage Show will be Held at the Takara Tomy Booth at the Tokyo Toy Show 2017 Sunday June 4th!

We will hold a stage show where Satoshi and Pikachu will appear! There will be lots of info on Pokémon toys, the TV anime and the movie!
We've also invited Rica Matsumoto as a guest, so she'll be holding a concert there!

Time and date: Sunday June 4th from 12:00pm and on
Location: The Takara Tomy Booth, East Hall 1, Tokyo Big Sight
Content: A Pokémon stage show

Source: http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/news/?p=2681
Mar 21

Movie 20 Website Updates with Info on AnimeJapan 2017 and the Family Anime Festa 2017

Posted by Adamant | March 21st 2017 at 11:28 PM EDT
Tags: Anime, Event, Movie
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The official Pokémon movie website has updated. Translations follow:

Let's Play With Pokémon Till We Drop at "AnimeJapan 2017" and the "Family Anime Festa 2017"

"AnimeJapan 2017" and the "Family Anime Festa 2017" will be held at Tokyo Big Sight Saturday March 25th and Sunday March 26th! Have fun with the Pokémon content at the venue till you drop!
*Opening hours: 10:00am-5:00pm. Entrance closes at 4:30pm.

Attraction 1:
At the "ShoPro booth", which is marked with the Pikachu balloon, we have set up a special area where you can particiate in the currently ongoing drawing contest! Take this opportunity to enter it!

Attraction 2:
The "ShoPro booth" also has an exhibition of the drawings the celebrities that entered the drawing contest made! Some of these drawings can only be seen here, so make sure to check them out!

Attraction 3:
Special leaflets that will let you master the dance steps for "Pose", the ending theme for the currently airing "Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon", will be distributed at the "ShoPro booth"! These are limited in number, so get one early!

Attraction 4:
On Sunday the 26th, we will hold a special Pokémon stage show at the "Family Anime Festa 2017"! Satoshi and Pikachu will visit and hold a Pokémon School with you where you'll learn about Pokémon!

Attraction 5:
We will also hold a greet-and-meet at the "Family Anime Festa 2017" on Sunday the 26th, where you can have your picture taken with Pikachu!

Admission is free for elementary schoolers and younger! Come visit "AnimeJapan 2017" and "Family Anime Festa 2017"!
*Admission to the Family Anime Festa is free. Admission is limited to elementary schoolers and their guardians.

For further information, see the "AnimeJapan 2017" website:

For further information, see the "Family Anime Festa 2017" website:

Source: http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/news/?p=2569

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Dec 09

January 2017 Issue of CoroCoro Comics Packed with tons of Iwanko Based Extras

Posted by Sunain | December 9th 2016 at 09:08 PM EST
Tags: TCG, Corocoro, Event, Merchandise, YouTube, Pokémon Sun, Pokémon Moon, Pokémon Ga-Olé
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The January 2017 Issue of CoroCoro Comics will be packed with tons of Iwanko based extras when it's released on December 15th, 2016 on Japanese newsstands.


① Iwanko Enhancement Tools Serial Code

A serial code is included with the issue that gives players items to help Iwanko. Different items are unlocked depending on which game players use the code in but the code can only be used in one game. The code can be used from December 15th, 2016 until February 14th, 2017 at 23:59 JST.


Pokémon Sun: Lucky Egg and Choice Band
Pokémon Moon: Lucky Egg and Choice Scarf

② Pokémon Card Game Sun and Moon Iwanko's Full Power Deck

Also included with the issue is the special Pokémon Card Game Sun and Moon Iwanko's Full Power Deck (ポケモンカードゲーム サン&ムーン「イワンコ全力デッキ」). The set features 13 new cards including the Iwanko SMP1 (008/13) and Lugalgan GX SMP1 (009/13) cards. This is the first time that CoroCoro has packaged an entire set with an issue of the magazine. Full details of this set will be added to our TCG dex when the set is released.


pic pic

③ Special Iwanko Pokémon Ga-Olé Disk

A special Iwanko Pokémon Ga-Olé Disk is included with the magazine as well. Details of this disk has been added to our Pokémon Ga-Olé Promo Disk page.


Source: http://www.pokemon.co.jp/info/2016/12/161209_gm01.html?news_recommend_tag=post

YouTube Teaser - CoroCoro

Article edited on 2016-12-12 06:41:00 by Sunain
Aug 10

Movie 19 Blog Updates with Report from the "The Pikachu Song" Release Commemoration Event

Posted by Adamant | August 10th 2016 at 04:15 PM EDT
Tags: Anime, Event, Movie, Movie Blog, Pocket Monsters XY&Z, Pikachu Outbreak!
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The official Pokémon movie blog has updated. We have added a section collecting every single blog entry for easy browsing. Translations of the new entry follows:

Event Report #21: A Report from the "The Pikachu Song" Release Commemoration Event at Yokohama World Porters!

The "Pikachu Outbreak-chu: This Time You'll Get Wet???" event has been held in the Yokahama Minato Mirai area since Sunday August 7th!!
And in the middle of this Pikachu Outbreak, a release commemoration event for "The Pikachu Song" was held at Yokohama World Porters!

The song's lyricist and composer Tomohisa Sako was there on the stage, as was Pikachu!

"The Pikachu theme song "The Pikachu Song" which is sung entirely by Pikachu, is complete!!"

Sako is also the executive producer of the "Pocket Monsters XY&Z" character song project. We interviewed him about the untold stories of "The Pikachu Song"'s production!

Q: What kind of image did you compose "The Pikachu Song" in?

It all started with me wanting to make a song that was being happily sung by a group of Pikachu. I was thinking really hard about the lyrics, imagining what I would sing about if I was a Pikachu...
But since they're Pikachu, they actually just sing "Pika" and "Chu" all throughout the entire song (laughs)

But when you listen to the song, you mysteriously enough actually realize what the Pikachu are saying. I'd like you to first listen to the song without looking at the lyrics and just let your imagination wander.
Since the Pikachu are singing so happily, this is a song that makes you really happy from listening to it!

Pikachu then debuted the new song "The Pikachu Song"!

Sako sung together with it!

And so did everyone in the room!

They even got the microphone for a bit!

The atmosphere was amazing as the entire audience joined in on the fun and merrily sung along with "The Pikachu Song", which is really easy to sing!

Lots of events are held at Yokohama World Porters between Sunday August 7th and Sunday August 14th, including the excursion rally "Search with the Help of Hints! Where is Satoshi's Pikachu?" and the reopening of Aeon Cinema Minato Mirai's on-site café "Cafe 35mm" as "Volcanion and Magearna Café"! In addition, a special venue set up next to the front gate to the second floor promenade area hosts daily Pikachu Hula Dance Shows!

The "Pikachu Outbreak-chu: This Time You'll Get Wet???" event is being held in the Yokohama Minato Mirai area right now as well! Enjoy Pokémon a whole 120% in Yokohama!
For more information, check out this news entry

The digital distribution of "The Pikachu Song", the first ever Pikachu theme song, sung entirely by Pikachu, has started!
For further information, go to the Official Anime TV Series "Pocket Monsters XY&Z" Character Song Project Website!

The blockbuster "Pokémon the movie XY&Z: Volcanion and the Ingenious Magearna" is currently screening in theaters!
Summer means Pokémon! Go to the theater for a heatburst of emotions!

Source: http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/pokemovie_ch/?p=2978

Article edited on 2016-08-15 05:16:19 by Adamant

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