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Jul 26

Boston Open / Pokémon World Championships 2015 Streaming

Posted by Sunain | July 26th 2015 at 06:27 PM EDT
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The official Pokémon website has announced a new huge side event that takes place from August 21st, 2015 until August 23rd, 2015 alongside the 2015 Pokémon World Championships festivities. The World Championships streaming has also been announced. Full details are below.


Press Release - Compete in the Boston Open!

Lots of Championship Points are at stake in the Boston Open during World Championships Weekend!

Come play in the Boston Open, a huge side event for Pokémon TCG and video game players starting Saturday, August 22, alongside the 2015 Pokémon World Championships! A lot is on the line, with top players earning Championship Points toward an invitation to the 2016 Pokémon World Championships. Top finishers will also earn Pokémon TCG booster packs.

The competition is played with the Standard format for both Pokémon TCG and video game players. Note that the Pokémon TCG competition will use the 2015 Play! Pokémon season rotation. Competitors will be grouped into four flights, each with up to 128 Masters, 64 Senior, and 64 Junior Division players. Top players from each flight will combine to play in single-elimination rounds on Sunday morning. The Championship Points distribution will be the same as a Regional Championships event, and will count toward the Regionals Best Finish Limit.

Anyone can play in the Boston Open, but demand will be high and space is limited. Players must register on site to participate in the competition. Registration will be available from 9:30–10:30 a.m. Saturday for the video game event, and 7–8 p.m. Friday and 8:30–9 a.m. Saturday for the TCG event.

Live Streaming Schedule

Friday, August 21st, 2015
9:00 a.m. EDT - Opening Ceremony
9:30 a.m. EDT - 3:00 p.m. EDT - Pokémon Video Game Streaming
3:00 p.m. EDT - Finish - Pokémon TCG Streaming

Saturday, August 22nd, 2015
9:00 a.m. EDT - 12:00 p.m. EDT - Pokémon TCG Streaming
12:00 p.m. EDT - 6:00 p.m. EDT - Pokémon Video Game Streaming
6:00 p.m. EDT - Finish - Pokémon TCG Streaming

Sunday, August 23rd, 2015
9:00 a.m. EDT - 3:00 p.m. EDT - Pokémon TCG Finals (Junior, Senior, and Masters Division)

Sources: http://www.pokemon.com/us/play-pokemon/worlds/2015/boston-open/ and http://www.pokemon.com/us/play-pokemon/worlds/2015/live-streaming-schedule/

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Jul 20

Dazzling Diancie Event Distribution for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

Posted by Sunain | July 20th 2015 at 02:49 PM EDT
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The Pokémon Company has announced that Diancie will be distributed to players in North America and Europe via the Nintendo Network from July 24th, 2015 until July 27th, 2015 to players of Pokémon Omega Ruby or Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.


Get a Dazzling Diancie this coming weekend for Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire

Nintendo Network Distribution Event of Diancie will take place July 24-27, 2015 - Starting July 24 and for a limited time over the coming weekend, Pokémon fans can get the Mythical Pokémon Diancie for their Pokémon Omega Ruby or Pokémon Alpha Sapphire game.

This Diancie is as talented as it is elegant, appearing with a collection of moves that make it ready for battle. As soon as the player receives Diancie in their game, the special distribution Pokémon will become equipped with the Diancite Mega Stone, the item that will allow it to Mega Evolve in Pokémon Omega Ruby or Pokémon Alpha Sapphire! Here are the rest of Diancie’s statistics:

· Level: 50
· Ability: Clear Body
· Moves: Diamond Storm, Moonblast, Dazzling Gleam, Protect

Players wishing to obtain Diancie via Nintendo Network between July 24 and 27 can follow these easy steps:

· Select Mystery Gift on the main menu.
· Select Receive Gift, then Yes.
· Select Get via Internet, and then Yes – Diancie will be obtained.
· Speak to the delivery girl in any Pokémon Center to receive Diancie.
· Save the game

Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire launched in November 2014 for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems and have sold 9.3 million units to date.

Source: http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/get-a-dazzling-diancie/

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Jun 29

Pokémon VISA Credit Cards and Pokémon VISA Prepaid Cards

Posted by Sunain | June 29th 2015 at 06:04 PM EDT
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Sumitomo Mitsui President Ken Kubo was on-hand at a press conference on June 26th, 2015 to announce a collaboration with the Pokémon Company International to issue Pokémon VISA Credit Cards and Pokémon VISA Prepaid Cards. 3 different cards will be available featuring Pikachu as the cards artwork.

Prepaid cards feature Pikachu holding a gift and the other card features Pikachu and Hoopa and is branded as a Movie 18 The Archdjinni of Rings: Hoopa card. They are available to purchase on the WEB for 3000 to 29000yen each with an issuing fee of 540yen and a postage fee of 440yen including tax. They will also be sold in Pokémon Centers with fixed values of 5000yen, 10000yen and 15000yen with an issuing fee of 540yen.

Image Image

The Pokémon Visa Credit card has up to 5 years expiration dates but have an annual fee. The first year is free of charge but each additional year cost 1250yen plus tax. The credit limit is between 100,000 and 800,000 yen with an interest rate of 15.0%. It is available starting on June 26th, 2015.


Shoko-tan and Little Glee Monster were also in attendance at the press conference to promote the Pokémon VISA Cards. Shoko-tan noted that people needed to be "Level 18" in order to get the credit card and she also explained that she had reached "Level 30" just last month.

Image Image

Little Glee Monster performed Gaogao All Stars, the theme song to the short "Pikachu and the Pokémon Musicians" and the current ending theme for the Pocket Monsters XY anime.


Sources: http://www.smbc-card.com/mem/company/news/news0001092.jsp and http://www.smbc-card.com/camp/lp14942/index.html

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Jun 29

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile Coming to Mobile Devices

Posted by Sunain | June 29th 2015 at 05:10 PM EDT
Tags: Press Release, Android, YouTube, Apple iOS, Pokémon Shuffle
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The Pokémon Company International announced today that Pokémon Shuffle Mobile is currently in development for mobile devices and will launch later this year.

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile is a new mobile game where players will battle wild Pokémon with their wits and puzzle-solving skills. By matching three or more Pokémon, players can deal damage and whittle down their opponents. Fans can even battle through difficult stages by using Mega-Evolved Pokémon. Pokémon Shuffle for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems has been downloaded more than 4.5 million times on the Nintendo eShop. Pokémon Shuffle Mobile will be downloadable at no charge on the Apple App Store™ and on Google Play™.

Introducing the Pokémon Jukebox Android App! - YouTube Trailer

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Jun 29

Pokémon Jukebox Launches on Google Play

Posted by Sunain | June 29th 2015 at 04:29 PM EDT
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The Pokémon Company International announced the Pokémon Jukebox app for regions outside of Japan. The app is the same as the Pokémon Ongaku Zukan (ポケモン音楽図鑑) one released in Japan earlier in the year. The app is free but tracks cost $0.99 for single tracks and $1.99 for medleys. We recommend though if people wish to listen to this Pokémon music that they buy the CD's or the iTunes tracks which are significantly cheaper and are more useful to use on other devices.


Pokémon Jukebox Launches on Google Play

New Android App Lets Pokémon Fans Listen to Music from Classic and Current Pokémon Video Games - The Pokémon Company International today announced the launch of Pokémon Jukebox, an Android app that lets users listen to music from their favourite Pokémon video games. The app can now be downloaded at no charge on Google Play at the following link: LINK

In Pokémon Jukebox, fans encounter three new Pokémon songs each day which they can listen to at no charge. Songs are also available for users to buy through in-app purchase. The app contains numerous features, including playlist creation, looping, keyword song search, custom tagging, medleys, and more. Everyone from the most committed Pokémon enthusiast to the newest Pokémon Trainer will be coming back for more.

In the first month, Pokémon fans can enjoy over 200 Pokémon songs from the adventures in Pokémon Red, Blue, FireRed, LeafGreen, HeartGold, and SoulSilver. Additional songs are planned to be released from the Pokémon series titles, including Pokémon X and Pokémon Y and Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire!

Pokémon Jukebox features include:
  • Daily Songs: Access three unlocked songs from various Pokémon series titles each day for no charge.
  • In-App Song Purchases: Purchase specific songs to make them playable at any time.
  • Keyword Song Search: Search for songs with keywords and concept tags like “Battle,” “Opening,” “Route,” and others.
  • Playable Sound Effects: Play preset sound effects along with the music using a built-in sound effects button.
  • Loop Functionality: Enable an endless loop for songs, just like during normal gameplay, or set the number of loops for each song.
  • Custom Tagging: Create original tags, such as “Intense Songs,” and connect them to any song.
  • Mix Feature: Set whether songs fade out when they end or immediately jump to the next song without a break.
  • Medleys: Purchasable medleys play several songs together in one long collection based on themes such as “Battles” or “Routes.”
  • Playlist Creation: Create a playlist of songs to listen to, including shuffle and repeat functionality.

Pokémon Jukebox is not available for Apple devices, but Apple users can continue to purchase Pokémon songs from the iTunes store.

Introducing the Pokémon Jukebox Android App! - YouTube Trailer

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Jun 03

Pokémon Animation Studio

Posted by Sunain | June 3rd 2015 at 03:27 PM EDT
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The Pokémon Company International announced that it has partnered with KidZania to add a Pokémon Animation Studio to the London location. The Pokémon experience allows visitors to create their own Pokémon animation using stop-motion animation software from a select a number of TOMY Pokémon figures and toys.

TOMY is also be providing the latest Pokémon toys from its 2015 range for Kidzania’s Redemption Store which allows visitors to purchase items with currency earned through participating in activities such as the Pokémon Animation Studio.

“We are delighted to partner with KidZania London to create this unique Pokémon Animation Studio,” says Anthony Cornish, consumer marketing director, The Pokémon Company International. “The studio will allow children the opportunity to have fun whist learning about animation and how to create their very own movies using stop motion animation. We intend to make the partnership a success by supporting our activity with a B2B and B2C PR and social media strategy.”

Source: http://www.licensemag.com/license-global/pokemon-opens-studio-kidzania

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