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08 Feb 2017 03:23 AM
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Quote From: ivantuga2
Cool, I've been using Discord for another project as well. Guess you're about to see me there.

Yeah, so far so good. I particularly like the log being in the cloud so that it doesn't matter if you go offline, you can catch up on what's gone on. Multiclient support so no need for BNC's, to ghost nicks, ect. The advantages Discord over IRC has led us to this decision to transition. IRC hasn't really upgraded over the years.
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17 Jan 2017 08:25 PM
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#PocketMonsters chat, which has been on IRC since 2002, is now going to be transitioning over to Discord. Discord is a free proprietary chat and VoIP application designed for gaming communities but it's available on Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux and in all modern web browsers. It has many advantages to the aging IRC system including offline chat logs, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, VoIP and website integration and much more that makes it superior to IRC.

We hope that using Discord will be a lot more user friendly and inviting for our community visitors.

If you wish to join the #PocketMonsters community chat, visit us on Discord using the following link.

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13 Jan 2017 10:46 PM
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I'm very disappointed with the Nintendo Switch. First off, it was announced during the presentation that it would be $299.99 in North America. That's a lie, its $399.99 in Canada before taxes which adds almost another $70 CND between sales tax and LCD environmental fee. That's just for the hardware. Switch games are $80 each in Canada with tax bringing them to almost $90 for the standard edition version. Want the Zelda Master Edition, that's $199CND+tax if you relentlessly F5 refreshed your browser on EB Games to get the limited number of pre-orders which sold out in a couple of minutes. PS4 and XBOX One bundles were under $299 CND on Black Friday and Boxing Day. Both systems have bigger libraries and are faster systems than Switch will ever be. Nintendo needed to beat them on price and exclusives and they failed. Zelda is the only unique launch title and it's a Wii U game. Gamespot is even reporting the Wii U version plays better than Switch. Amiibo prices went up; accessories for Switch are outright ridiculously priced.

The Switch design is amazing. System looks great! I love the look and the concept. Hardware and software though is a disaster. 720P in 2017 is pathetic for a "console". Fine for a handheld but Nintendo is insisting it's a console not a handheld like 3DS. Then give it console level performance, not handheld level performance especially at the price. Nintendo had been using ATi/AMD graphics for over a decade. Their performance has been struggling so they decide to switch to nVidia JUST at the point when AMD is taking over the performance lead once again via Vulkan and DirectX12 over nVidia and at cheaper prices. Polaris and Vega by AMD are already proving to be great GPU's and can be used close on the metal unlike previous generations gpu's. AMD is supposed to have a great mobile GPU architecture coming out later in 2H 2017. Even nVidia is coming out with a better Tegra chip based off of Pascal instead of Maxwell. I can only HOPE that a future revision of Switch in 2018 or 2019 will uses either of these technologies to greatly improve Switch's performance. PS4 Pro and XBOX One Scorpio seem to be going that way.

Many of you know, my favorite game of all time is the Mario Kart series but this Mario Kart 8 Deluxe just pisses me off. I bought the MK8 disc version and the DLC for the game. Battle mode is a joke on the Wii U version but here they come along and update it for the Switch version but don't for the Wii U version. Instead they make us rebuy the exact same game over again for $80 CND + the system price + now it's going to cost to play online unlike the Wii U version. Way to alienate your fans Nintendo. Doing a great job there.

The presentation was a disaster. They barely announced anything during it, it was slow and boring. The translator was just terrible at some points. Take some cues from Apple, do a nice well prepared presentation with a lot of detailed slides and information so that people aren't more confused or asking more questions than when they had before the presentation. They still refuse to announce tech specs because they don't want it going around that it's a 5-7 year old obsolete product out of the gate. 720p? PC and PS4 and XB1 are already moving on towards 4K and VR/AR. Nintendo is having a hard time catching up to the cellphone gaming market let alone their main gaming competitors.

No Pokemon game or product was announced for Switch launch. Now that being said, its obvious there will be at some point in the systems lifespan but not for its launch. Sun and Moon are still selling on 3DS so once sales die off by the Summer 2017, then we might hear about a new game for Switch.

80 games are in development? Are these 80 AAA titles? Unlikely. Almost all of Nintendo's franchises didn't have announcements for Switch at launch or announced coming up at some point. No Metroid, F-Zero, Star Fox, Pokemon, Donkey Kong, Smash Bros, ect. The list of unused Nintendo IP's is very long. People always argue that it's Nintendo's IP that is what defines their systems but they are showing already that they can't produce games like they used to. Polished, fun and great games in a variety of genres. 1-2 Switch is a pathetic excuse for a game. I'll go play charades in my living room or milk a cow out at a real farm without having to pay $50USD. That's like an Internal tech demo to prove proof of concepts with the system that they decided to sell separately as a game. Should be bundled as part of the Switch and even then I don't know if I'd even put those minigames in a Wario Ware title.

I seriously think Switch is coming out too early and people should wait for a lot more games, the price to drop and for a revision release of Switch. It needed another year of Wii U but Nintendo is rushing for a new system to replace and I think it's falling into the same trap they created for themselves with Wii U and 3DS. Switch is not ready for launch. Features are still under development like Online Play?! Video capture?! Obviously these will come during a system update but features like these should be launch day.
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17 Dec 2016 03:18 PM
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This isn't surprising at all. While the app looked awesome and had some neat tie in functionality, the price of entry to use the app is pretty high requiring an iPhone and an iWatch. Niantic probably looked over their market research to see the number of users that would actually use the app and realized that their development time could be better put to use on something else.

And mere minutes after sites began posting that the app had been canceled, Niantic's damage control comes out in full force to say that the app is not canceled. They are cutting this pretty close with Christmas only a week away.
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15 Dec 2016 12:45 AM
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Teaser trailer looked great. I love the CGI/Anime style blend they've used. It's light years ahead of the terrible anime art style that Sun and Moon is using. I guess the movie team didn't want to replicate that art style for a feature film and probably couldn't figure out a story that would be a movie for Sun and Moon this year.

I'm thrilled that it seems like they've gone back to the original series. Hopefully Kasumi and Takeshi also are in the movie. This was such a great surprise. Was kind of dreading what they were going to do for a Sun and Moon movie. Maybe 2018 for that?
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