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02 Dec 2017 12:56 AM
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Oh I didn't even see the entry fee. Yeah, that is very steep especially for Pokémon. The London tournament last week had people from the USA and Canada winning some of the divisions. Since this is technically an International tournament, I wonder how many people from outside of Australia are going to actually attend this event. In the last year or two these events have become a bit more popular but the travel expenses are pretty high for International players. TPCi doesn't give too many travel bursaries either and that's usually for Nationals and Worlds.
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22 Oct 2017 11:25 PM
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Quote From: Kaioshin
Regarding music: I can't describe how much I adore the old soundtracks John Loeffler & Co made in first few years, even these odd movie CDs with different artists and even that Christmas Bash CD (Not the german one, german Christmas Bash is horrible.), but these days it's mostly crap and a hell of reusage and remixing.

Oh I completely agree. Back in the 4Kids era, they didn't completely replace all the music from the show and the dub under Loeffler, it had some amazing tracks. I really wish they'd brought back Veronica Taylor and John Loeffler for the 20th Movie, that's what this movie is all about, the nostalgic factor!

There will be no nostalgic feeling in this movie dub at all. TPCi really doesn't care about the anime outside of Japan and Korea and it really shows in all aspects of the production: Promotion with the horrible logos for the poster, limited theatrical release (my city of 750000 people has 2 showings in total!), not the original voice actors (Japan still has Rica and Ikue).

I really wanted TPCi to pull out all the stops for this movie dub but it's the same old, 'just get it done' that we've seen with the dub since Season 9. Back in the old days we hoped TPCi would take over for 4Kids and INCREASE the production value, now we wished that never came true unfortunately.

We are trying to show English viewers here on this site just how bad the production value of the anime has got to now. It's atrociously bad in all aspects of production. We want the dub to be good. Most of the staff here grew up on our respective dubs of the series.

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22 Oct 2017 10:22 PM
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Quote From: Ryu Taylor
I think that if a piece of music makes its debut in anything with Pokemon's name on it, it's Pokemon music. The dub music has as much a right to be considered Pokemon music as the game music itself. Not to mention the fact that it has the right to be liked and respected.

Yes, the Oracion song is good, but it didn't make me cry. Plus, I don't know where to watch Pokenchi, so I'll just have to take your word for it.

Since you don't seem to not follow the Japanese version of the show enough and you don't seem to have enough experience with the music of the show to understand and realize the massive difference in music quality between the dub and original version to have an unbias opinion on this topic, I suggest you stop. Go watch the Japanese episodes and you will see that the overall production quality, even in this current Sun and Moon season isn't even comparable.

Pokenchi #94 - Let Me Google That For You

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22 Oct 2017 10:04 PM
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The music between the Japanese original and the current English dub is an absolute no contest. The style, tempo, mood, emotional response, musical cues, not to mention the themes used are from the actual games are completely better. The English dub uses synthesized music and is overly repeated, one episode we count the 'Ed Goldfish Batman Theme' was used 8 times! Music plays an integral part in the show and unfortunately the English dub music cannot compare at all to the Japanese original.

Watch Pokenchi #94 when Rica and Hayashi Asuca come on the show to sing the Japanese Movie 20 theme songs. The entire cast and guests were literally genuinely crying from the emotional response from Oracion. You will never get that kind of response from the English dub ever, not with the lack of dubbing production they put into it. Hayashi Asuca gave an amazing performance.

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22 Oct 2017 02:07 PM
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I personally think the production value is horrible for the dub as of late so I agree with this editorial for most the points. The quality checking on the dub is horrible as of late; serious potion lotion?!

The voice acting and music is what's makes this movie nostalgic. The Japanese original version of the movie has Rica, the original Satoshi who still continues to play the voice after 20 years. Plus, she sings Mezase Pokémon Master! Would have been nice to bring back Veronica for the English dub. The English music based on the last few years will not fit the tone of the movie at all.

I didn't think or expect the English dub to license I Will Be With You. It's probably the most expensive Pokemon song to date. Sarah Brightman doesn't come cheap. It's just not economical for the dub to pay that kind of money. It's not that they couldn't afford to but I get why they didn't for Movie 10.

That being said, I did buy a tickets at my local theater for November 6th. This is a very limited run theater showing, only 1 showing each day here. For the Monday showing here, I had bought the only tickets at the time I bought them, so it will be interesting to see how full the theater is.

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