Pokémon Smash 105 - Year 3 Starts!

Episode 105 marked the start of the 3rd year of Pokémon Smash. The announcer introduced the show by saying: "This week we'll proudly present to you the renewal special! Meet our new members on Pokémon Smash!". Yamamoto noticed that there was two big red curtains on the set and wondered what was behind them. Golgo informed that that were was going to be changes at Pokémon Enterprises in October but he'd inform everyone a bit later as to what they were.

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The International Division girls introduced this weeks rerun episode as part of the Pokémon Library. The theme for the episode was: Even if you're separated, as long as your hearts are connected, everything will be all right (はなれていても心が通じていれば大丈夫!). This weeks Pokémon Library rerun episode was Fly Shaymin! Beyond the Sky!!(飛べシェイミ! 空の彼方へ!!) from the Diamond and Pearl series. A full summary of that episode is available in the episode guide. Professor Red said his go-to line 'OK! Pokémon Library!' to start the repeat episode.

After the Pokémon Library episode, Golgo finally revealed what was being the curtains. Figures of Black Kyurem and White Kyurem were revealed. The arch was also changed to include Kimori, Pochama, Lucario, Emonga and Eievui.

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Shoko-tan then noticed a switch on her table. She pressed it and a light shone on her. A new chair was behind Golgo's desk which was a nice an comfortable executive chair with a massage function. Yamamoto went over to where his desk was only to see that it was replaced with a cardboard box. Robert was then sent out to meet the new members of Pokémon Enterprises.

Robert went out to a field and waited until Lucario appeared with a bunch of dancers. Lucario rejoined the crew after having spent some time in Brazil. Lucario then helped introduce the newest member of the International Division, Niccolo Marangon (ニコロ・マランゴン). Niccolo Marangon is from Brazil and he joined the Pokémon Enterprises International Division at age 10. He was chosen by Director Lucario who was in Brazil for a few years. Niccolo is very good at soccer and is fluent in the Portuguese language. To show off his soccer skills, he had a soccer shootout against Robert. He scored on Akiyama, Baba saved his leaving the deciding shot to be against Yamamoto. He scored on Yamamoto. He then did a shootout against Lucario who was unable to save the shot.

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Lucario then said the next new member of the International Division was from France. Noemi Trijasson joined the Pokémon Enterprises International Division at age 9. She is a small girl but she is very tomboyish. She skated by Robert and she looks up to Maria Israel Cialdini another member of the International Division. She then sang and danced to Can You Say the Pokémon? BW (ポケモン言えるかな?BW)

After Noemi's introduction, Lucario took the group to meet the next new member. The boy came out dancing and then Akiyama told Yamamoto to go out there and dance so the two of them had a dance battle. The guy introduced himself as ニース (マクヴィカーニース) of Canadian decent but it is unclear how his name is spelt. He then showed off his drumming skills.

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The final new member was finally introduced as Maru Kiuchi (木内 舞留) and she is a mysterious girl from Russia. She was 10 years old when she joined the International Division. The first thing they noticed about her was she was very cute and Akiyama teased Niccolo about her. Not too much else is known about her as she doesn't talk much.

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The new International Division members were then introduced to the rest of the Smash crew. Zoroark got promoted to "Chief of Pokémon Enterprise's Moscow Department", which is just a way of writing it out of the show. Hana, Maria and Misaki were "transferred", and their new job is to report on kids all around the world who love Pokémon (世界のポケモンずきのこどもたちの調査へ!). The four of them all departed the show.

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Junchi Masuda then showed up in studio for a 'Pokémon B2W2' Battle Lecture. First off though he showed off GameFreak's new Nintendo 3DS game 'Harmo Knight'. The game features a few Pokémon cameos including a Pikachu hot air balloon. He then briefly discussed battle strategy with everyone. There was no ending in this episode.

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