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Ash Ketchum
English Ash
Japanese サトシ
Japanese (Romanized) Satoshi
German Ash Ketchum
French Sacha
Spanish Ash Ketchum
Italian Ash Ketchum
Chinese (Mandarin) 小智
Korean 한지우
Chinese (Cantonese) 小智
English (Pre-Gen 6) Ash Ketchum
Ash is the main character of the Pokémon anime. Raised in Pallet Town, he started his journey to become a Pokémon Master at the age of 10. On the day that he started his journey, Ash carelessly woke up late despite being told by his mother, Delia Ketchum to get to bed. He rushed to Professor Samual Oak's laboratory only to find out that the beginner Pokémon - Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander - had already been given out to trainers who arrived on time. However, Professor Samual Oak mentioned that there was one more Pokémon available - Pikachu. Despite constantly hitting Ash with Electric-type attacks and refusing to return to its PokéBall, Ash decided to take Pikachu along with him on his journey to become a Pokémon Master. Pikachu is cold towards Ash at first and laughs at his failures; however, when Ash saves Pikachu from a flock of wild Spearow, he begins to warm up to his new trainer and the two finally become friends. After the battle with the flock of Spearow, a Ho-Oh is seen flying towards a rainbow in the sky. The PokéDex reveals that the Ho-Oh is an unidentified Pokémon. Thus, the journey of Ash and Pikachu begins.

Captures in Viridian Forest

While making his way towards Pewter City and his first Kanto League Gym Battle, Ash came upon a wild Caterpie deep within Viridian Forest. Instead of using Pikachu to battle against the wild Pokémon, Ash took his chances and threw a PokéBall without weakining the Caterpie first. Luckily, he was able to catch the Pokémon without any trouble. The capture of Ash's Caterpie marked Ash's first capture as a Pokémon Trainer, making Ash's Caterpie the second Pokémon to join his team.

The next day, while continuing the trek through the Viridian Forest, Ash came up on a wild Pidgeotto. He tried to just throw a PokéBall like he did with Ash's Caterpie, but Pidgeotto swatted the PokéBall away. Misty informed that he must weaken the Pokémon first before attempting to capture it. He called out Ash's Caterpie to battle against, but Misty quickly informed him that Bug-type Pokémon are weak against Flying-type Pokémon like Pidgeotto. After Pidgeotto dealt significant damage to Ash's Caterpie, Ash recalled it and sent out Pikachu. Pikachu was able to use its Thundershock to weaken Pidgeotto and allow Ash to capture it with a PokéBall. Thus, this capture marked Ash's second capture as a Pokémon Trainer, making Ash's Pidgeotto the third Pokémon to join his team.

Later on, while still in the Viridian Forest, Ash was approached by Team Rocket, who attempted to steal his Pokémon. After defeating Meowth, James's Koffing, and Jessie's Ekans, Ash's Caterpie evolved into Ash's Metapod.

Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup

Ash participated in the Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup at the Kagome Town stadium. In the first round he was in the fifth match and faced off against Marris. The match was quickly showcased and Ash won the battle and advanced to the second round while Marris was eliminated from the tournament.

The Isshu League

Ash participated in the Isshu League in the preliminary match where he was matched up against Trip. Trip's Serperior was sent out to battle Pikachu and Cilan noted that Trip's Serperior's speed and its attack power had leveled up quite a bit too since the last time they saw it. The match was pretty one sided for a long time as Pikachu wasn't able to counter Trip's Serperior speed and ended up getting wrapped up. After using Iron Tail on the ground to get loose, Pikachu used a combination attack of Iron Tail and Electro Ball to one hit KO Trip's Serperior. As a result, Trip was eliminated from the Isshu League and Ash advanced to the next round. The two met in the Pokémon Center after the battle, and Trip vowed that the next time they met that he would win. The two shook hands and parted ways.

In the first main round, Ash's opponent was shown on the match up electronic board but not much else is known about the battle. Ash's Scraggy participated in the second main round of the Isshu League tournament where it faced off against a Darumakka. It was able to defeat it so that moved on to the next round.

In the third round, Stephan was matched up against Ash. Cilan noted that the two of them have a very direct taste and that it would be a good battle. It was only a 3 on 3 battle but the both of them gave it their all. The first two battles of the third round setup the final match up of Stephan's Sawk vs Ash's Krookodile, both of which were very injured from the previous battles. Both of them did their best to muster up their reserve strength but in the end a surprise move of Aerial Ace by Ash's Krookodile was super effective against Stephan's Sawk and it knocked it out to give Ash the victory while eliminating Stephan from the tournament. Stephan realized after the battle that the reason that Ash withdrew Waruvial after the first battle was because Ash knew that Stephan would definitely send out Dageki, so he didn't reveal that it knew Aerial Ace and saved until the end.

Ash Unova league adventure ended at the hands of and his Lucario. It was a close match and regardless of the fact that he only had 5 pokemon on hand. Pikachu fell in the end and ended Ash's run in the Quarterfinals.

Battle Chateau

In his debut match in at the Battle Chateau, Ash was matched up against Tesla. Pikachu had a super effective type advantage over Tesla's Fletchling and also had a lot more battle experience so it wasn't long until Pikachu was able to defeat it. Ash was awarded the title of Baron for winning the match.

Ash Accomplishments

Throughout Ash's journey he has gained some impressive accolades as a trainer. Placed in the Top 16 in the Kanto Indigo Plateau league, He was the first person to conquer the Orange Islands, He Placed a respectable Top 8 in both the Johto Silver Conference and the Hoenn Ever Grande Conference, Became the first person to conquer the Battle Frontier. He later declined the invitation to become a Frontier Brain, Placed top 4 in the Lily of the Valley Conference his best finish, He also placed in the top 8 in the Unova league tournament as well. He is currently in the Kalos region hoping to conquer that regions league.
Pokemon (92)
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On the morning that Ash was to start his Pokémon journey, he woke up late and by the time he reached Oak's laboratory, all of the beginner Pokémon were already taken.However, Professor Samual Oak did have one Pokémon left, a wild Pikachu.At first, Pikachu did not like Ash and would refuse to enter his PokéBall. [View More]
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Mr.Mime wandered into Delia Ketchum's house when Delia was expecting Ash to return home in a Mr.Mime costume. [View More]
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Ash first encountered Mijumaru at Professor Juniper laboratory as it was one of the Pokémon that Trip was to choose from.Ash called it cute when he first saw it which caused Mijumaru to blush a bit.After being shocked that it wasn't chosen by Trip, it followed Ash and Pikachu as they started their journey in the Isshu region. [View More]
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Ash's Tepig was first seen by Don George at his Battle Club when it original trainer came to battle.Pokabu lost to a Shikijika during the battle and its trainer tied it to a pole and left it.The Pokabu ended up getting the string tied around its snout making it impossible for it to eat. [View More]
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While on route to Shippo City, Ash encountered a resilient Tsutarja.Tsutarja started eating the cakes Dent made.Realizing that it was a strong and powerful Pokémon, he decided to try to capture it right away but it didn't get captured in the monster ball. [View More]
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Ash met Karena who runs a Pokémon Day Care near Shippo City where she watches over Pokémon eggs.As thanks for helping out her granddaughter Daniela sort out her kindergarten class, she gave Ash a Pokémon egg.Karena told Ash to raise it well so that it would be a great Pokémon. [View More]
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Ash's Tranquill evolved from Ash's Pidove on the day that Ash was helping round up all the Fushide that had invaded Hiun City.Ash's Pidove had been working hard the entire day and it could tell that its strength was increasing which then caused it to evolve. In Skyla air battle simulation, Ash's Tranquill was matched up against Skyla's Unfezant and since her Pokémon was the highest evolved form, she determined that her Pokémon would be the winner in that match-up. [View More]
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Ash's Palpitoad was caught at a lake while Ash was enroute to Raimon City.Ash's Oshawott was forced to battle Palpitoad because it came out of the water to protect its lake which it thought that Ash and Ash's Oshawott were trespassing in.During the battle, Ash's Oshawott managed to master its Aqua Jet and that proved to be the decisive factor in the battle as Palpitoad was knocked out and Ash caught it. [View More]
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Ash realized that only one of his Pokémon would be able to endure the attacks from Clay's Excadrill and keep enduring them until there was a chance to counterattack and that was Ash's Roggenrola.Ash's Roggenrola kept on enduring all the attacks for quite awhile until it evolved into Ash's Boldore.After evolving it learned two new moves and it became even stronger than when it was a Roggenrola. [View More]
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Ash's Krokorok was Pikachu rival.Ash's Krokorok evolved from Sunglasses Sandile during a battle against Pikachu at the end of BW20 after they had dealt with the troublesome Ducklett's.Pikachu's Electro Ball collided with Krokorok's Stone Edge which created a large blast that sent Krokorok flying into the air and they were unable to finish the battle. [View More]
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After Ash's Tranquill replaced Pikachu in the final match-up in the gym battle, Ash's Tranquill was overpowered by Skyla's Swanna's Hurricane and was knocked down hard to the ground.Ash's Unfezant then evolved from Ash's Tranquill and proved it was stronger and faster than Skyla's Swanna. Ash dex and Cilan both noted that Ash's Unfezant was female so it should be able to match or even surpass Swanna's flying abilities. [View More]
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Ash's Leavanny evolved from Ash's Swadloon during a training battle with Iris's Emolga.Shortly there after it began making leaf clothes for all of Ash Pokémon as well as a group of Sewaddle. Ash's Leavanny participated in the Isshu League Higaki Tournament. [View More]
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While at the Astilbe Town Pokémon Center, Ash's Tepig noticed Shamus and came up to it.After talking with Ash and his friends, he realized that this was the Tepig he'd let go.Ash wanted to prove to Shamus that Tepig was a strong Pokémon and they decided to have a battle with Ash's Tepig as the focus. [View More]
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Ash's Krookodile evolved from Ash's Krokorok during a battle against Iris in the semi-finals round of the Pokémon World Tournament Junior Cup. Ash's Krookodile participated in the Isshu League Higaki Tournament.It was matched up against Stephan's Liepard in the first match up of the third round battle. [View More]
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Ash's Froakie contacted Professor Sycamore laboratory to let them know he wanted to give up Froakie.The staff at the lab had been worried about Froakie.

This particular Froakie is a bit different to the other ones the professor had given out. [View More]
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Ash's Fletchling was spotted in the Route 4 forest when it stole the Pokémon food that Bonnie was trying to feed to Clemont's Dedenne.Ash noted that the Fletchling was fast and that he wanted to catch it after seeing it move so quickly.

Initially, Ash's Froakie wanted to battle but Ash told it not to be reckless and to let Pikachu handle the battle. [View More]
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Ash's Hawlucha was revealed in a Movie 17 merchandise catalog and was then featured in the 2nd opening and 2nd ending of the XY anime in Japan.Ash's Hawlucha just popped up in the forest near the Shala Gym and many of the Pokémon take pride in their martial arts within the forest.Kanazawa believed that it just came to the forest to test his skills. [View More]
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Ash's Frogadier is the evolved form of Ash's Froakie.It evolved during a battle with Saizo's Barbaracle.As a result of evolving, it learned Aerial Ace. [View More]
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Ash's Goomy was caught near Hiyoku City in the Kalos Region.It literally fell on Ash's head while he was walking in a rocky area after it dropped from the sky from the Swanna it had hitched a ride on.Ash's Goomy is quick to take offense and as it is a Dragon Type Pokémon, it doesn't like Fairy Type Pokémon like Clemont's Dedenne. [View More]
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Ash's Sliggoo is the evolved form of Ash's Goomy. It evolved during a battle against a wild Grumpig that was bullying a bunch of Spoink after Ash tried to intervene in the battle to protect Goomy.
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Ash's Goodra is the evolved form of Ash's Sliggoo.It evolved just after using Rain Dance to help put out the fire that was caused by Rocket Gang's Automatic Pikachu Catcher exploded.The Rain Dance got heavier and was able to put out the fire. [View More]
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Ash's Talonflame is the evolved form of Ash's Fletchinder.It evolved during a battle against Moltres at Mount Ardor.An attack was heading towards Ash and the others and in a burst of adrenaline to go protect them, it also triggered it to evolve. [View More]
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Ash's Noivern is the evolved form of Ash's Noibat.It evovled during a battle against Zapdos in which Ash's Hawlucha was hit and was falling out of the sky.Ash's Noibat quickly went after Ash's Hawlucha and on its way there, it evolved and managed to rescue it. [View More]
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Ash's Rockruff initially resided at Professor Kukui's home on Melemele Island.It became friends with Ash and Pikachu when it greeted them by nuzzling the rocks on its neck against them.It also enjoys eating Alola Plate, the traditional home cuisine in the Alola region. [View More]
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Rotom Pokédex is an extremely rare device and there only a few Trainers that have one, even in the Alola region.The Pokédex is a convenient tool that is a self-learning type and it updates and records information about the Pokémon Ash encounters and catches during his journey in the Alola region.He received the dex from Professor Kukui to support him in his travels. [View More]
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Ash's Rowlet was obtained in the forest near the Pokémon School on Melemele Island.It is an easygoing glutton that still exhibits incredible amounts of power when fighting for its friends.It enjoys roosting in Ash's backpack and is often seen there while traveling. [View More]
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Ash's Lycanroc (Dusk Form) is the evolved form of Ash's Rockruff.It evolved on Akala Island at the Ruins of Life at dusk.A rare natural phenomenon that occurs at sunset and sunrise called a Green Flash occurred and triggered the evolving process. [View More]
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Ash's Poipole pressed the button on the Beast Ball Ash was about to show off how it worked and it allowed itself to be caught in the process.
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Ash's Torracat is the evolved form of Ash's Litten. It evolved during a training battle with the Masked Royal.
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After watching an interview with a person rescued by the Dragon Pokémon "Kairyu" on the news, Ash and Go get really interested in Kairyu and when Professor Cerise tells them that there's rumored to be an "island where only the Dragon Pokémon Kairyu live", they immediately decide to go search for it.They head out to sea riding on Go's newly caught Pokémon Jugon, but run into a sudden storm on the way.The two get swept away by the waves and wash ashore on an island, where they're met by a group of them. [View More]
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Ash's Gengar was caught at the Sakuragi Institute in the Kanto region.
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Ash's Pidgeotto was the second Pokémon that Ash captured while in the Viridian forest.Ash sent out Ash's Caterpie to battle the Pidgeotto, not realizing that Bug-type Pokémon are weak against Flying-type Pokémon.Pidgeotto quickly dealt significant damage to Ash's Caterpie, forcing Misty to suggest that Ash recall it. [View More]
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Krabby was caught by Ash near Bill's Lighthouse during the sunset.Ash did not use a Pokémon to capture Krabby, instead he just threw a Pokéball after throwing a stick at it. Being Ash's 7th Pokémon, Krabby was transferred to Prof. [View More]
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Ash caught 30 Tauros while at the Kanto Safari Zone Orange League Final - Vs.Ash Ketchum (Rocky Field) Ash chooses Tauros as his third Pokémon to go against Drake's Gengar. Ash tells Tauros to begin with Fissure but Gengar jumps into the air and avoids the attack. [View More]
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Caught by Ash. Kanto Pokémon League Tournament Round 4 - Vs Ash Ketchum - Grass Field Despite looking like a weak opponent Jeanette's Bellsprout managed to KO both Ash's Bulbasaur and his Pikachu.Ash turned to Muk who he transferred from Prof. [View More]
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Ash came upon Caterpie while traveling through the Viridian Forest on his way to Pewter City.Instead of using Pikachu to battle and weaken Caterpie, Ash just simply threw a PokéBall.Luckily, Ash was able to catch Caterpie with no trouble. [View More]
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Ash's Metapod evolved from Ash's Caterpie after a battle with Meowth, Koffing and Jessie's Ekans, just as Misty was about to apologize and thank it for its great job against Team Rocket. Metapod then evolved into a Butterfree while trying to protect Ash from a Beedrill.
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Ash's Metapod evolved into a Butterfree while trying to protect Ash from a Beedrill.Butterfree proved to be a strong Pokémon though it wasn't part of Ash's party for very long before being released. While on route to Saffron City, Ash and his friends saw a flock of Butterfree preparing for the season of love. [View More]
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While traveling through a Mysterious Garden in the Kanto region, Ash met Bulbasaur who at first was very aggressive and protective of the Pokémon there.Once it finally got to meet Ash, it became more open to him and allowed him to challenge it to a battle.Ash was able to prove that he was a strong trainer and Bulbasaur traveled with Ash for quite a while. [View More]
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While on-route to Vermilion City, Ash stumbled upon a Charmander sitting on a rock in the pouring rain.It's flame on its tail was almost completely out and it looked like it was in bad shape.Ash was always disappointed that he couldn't get a Charmander from Professor Samual Oak on the first day of his journey and he was extremely disappointed. [View More]
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Squirtle was abandoned by a Pokémon Trainer and managed to form a gang with other abandoned Squirtle that later became known as the Squirtle Squad.The Squirtle enjoyed to play pranks on the locals and even managed to make Ash, Misty and Brock falls into one of their pitfalls.Meowth managed to convinced the Squirtle Squad by sharing some food with him by persuading them that he does not take orders from humans just like the Squirtle Squad. [View More]
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Obtained in a trade with Gentleman for Butterfree. Given away in a trade with Gentleman for Butterfree. Click here to see info on Gentleman's Raticate.
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Ash's Charmander evolved after stopping Melvin's Exeggutor from charging through a carnival. As soon as it evolved it quickly lost its loyalty to Ash. Ash's Charmeleon would soon evolve again into Charizard
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Charizard evolves from Charmeleon during a battle with Aerodactyl but still remains disobedient to Ash.Charizard proved to be a very stubborn Pokémon because it knew it was strong and powerful.Ash often had problems controlling it due to its disobedience but it eventually learned to respect Ash and it has become one of his most powerful Pokémon. [View More]
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Ash's Beedrill was only kept temporarily as he gave it to Casey. Click here to see info on Casey's Beedrill.
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In a forest near Pallet Town, a bunch of Pidgey and Pidgeotto were being terrorized by a Fearow and Spearow.Realizing that the Pidgey and Pidgeotto were in trouble, Ash's Pidgeotto evolved into a Pidgeot.Ash and Pikachu climbed on Pidgeot and were able to battle with it to scare off the Fearow and Spearow. [View More]
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After an encounter with Team Rocket where James kicked Mankey to get rid of it because it was annoying them in their attempt to capture Pikachu, in its rage it evolved into a Primeape.Primeape didn't take too kindly to the way it was treated by Team Rocket and it ended up punching Jessie in the face.In the process, Ash's hat came off Primeape's head but just as Pikachu went to recover it, Primeape cornered Pikachu. [View More]
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Ash did not "catch" Haunter. Haunter followed Ash to Saffron City. Haunter stayed with Sabrina in Saffron City. Click here to see info on Sabrina's Haunter.
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Kanto Pokémon League - Round One (Water Field) - Vs Mandi Ash's Krabby evolved into a Kingler after defeating an Exeggutor during a battle against Mandi. Mandi sent out a Seadra in an attempt in regain the advantage in the battle in the water field and ordered it to charge at Kingler.Ash's response was to have Kingler use Water-Gun on Seadra but failed to land a hit. [View More]
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While traveling near the beach on Tangelo Island, Ash noticed a bunch of Pokémon trainers beating up a Lapras.He quickly went to its rescue and with Pikachu's help, they managed to scare off the trainers.They took the Lapras to Nurse Joy who said it didn't receive any serious injuries. [View More]
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Ash's Chikorita evolved into Bayleef to protect Ash from Team Rocket.
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Ash was separated from his friends and chased by Team Rocket into a cave where he found Cyndaquil.
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Ash's Totodile first appeared while Ash and Misty were fishing.Both tried to capture it with their Lure balls but it hid in the bushes and they didn't know which of their balls actually captured it.Brock suggested that they should have a Pokémon Battle to determine who would get to keep it. [View More]
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After Ash rescued Noctowl from Team Rocket, Ash battled and captured it. In the episode PM166, Ken (Malachy's Grandfather's Pidgey) was injured by a Fearow and Ash's Noctowl rescued it.Pidgey fell out of the sky into the nearby forest. [View More]
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Ash captured this originally pesky Pokémon during the Grand Festival. He later traded it to Dawn in exchange for Buizel. Click here to see info on Dawn's Aipom.
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Ash's Gligar, along with many other Gliger and a Gliscor, became trapped in a city after being blown there by a violent windstorm.
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In a forest outside of New Bark Town, Ash solved a territory dispute between the local Heracross and Pinsir.Afterwards one of the Heracross who grew fond of Ash and his Bulbasaur decided to accompany him on his Johto journey. Ash's Heracross is a strong, loyal and docile Pokémon whose feats of strength include lifting a big mechanical Pinsir and defeating Gary Oak's Magmar at the Silver Conference despite a type disadvantage. [View More]
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Ash received a Phanpy egg as a prize after he won a race.
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Ash's Donphan evolved during a battle against Team Rocket.
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Ash's Larvitar hatched from an egg that he got from Naomi and was to be delivered to Professor Elm.
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Ash's Treecko was first seen sitting on the withering old giant tree.It tossed a twig at Pikachu when it got close and then challenged Pikachu to a battle.The two battle for a bit until the older Treecko confronted Ash's Treecko and told it was time to move on to another tree. [View More]
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Ash's Grovyle evolved during a battle against Guy's Loudred.
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Ash's Sceptile evolved from Ash's Grovyle when Nurse Joy's Meganium was attacked by Team Rocket and it wanted to protect it.

Initially the battle was going to be between Ash's Sceptile and May's Combusken but May's Combusken evolved and May used Blaziken in the final round.Ash realized that his Sceptile had the type disadvantage in the battle but he was confident that it was strong enough to overcome the type disadvantage. [View More]
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Taillow evolved into Swellow in the final round of the Crossgate Town's annual PokéRinger Tournament.
Main Picture
Ash's Taillow was the leader of a flock of Taillow.
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Ash's Torkoal were traveling through the Valley of Steel when they saw Torkoal being attacked.
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Ash's Snorunt was first seen stealing Ash's badge case, causing him to chase after it into a blizzard.
Main Picture
Snorunt evolved into Glalie while May was participating in the Grand Festival.
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Ash caught Turtwig near Clara's home. It became friends with Clara and it broke up fights among wild Pokémon in the area.
Main Picture
During a battle with Paul, Ash's Turtwig evolved into Grotle.
Main Picture
After Paul released his Chimchar it joined Ash's team. Click here to see info on Paul's Chimchar
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Ash's Starly is the first Pokémon he caught in the Sinnoh region.
Main Picture
Starly evolved into a Staravia during a battle with Team Rocket.
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When Ash and co.were traveling towards Daybreak Town for Dawn's next Pokémon Contest, a mysterious Pokémon Trainer specializing in martial arts, named Clayton, challenged Ash and his Buizel to a battle after seeing how Buizel saved Gible who had fallen into a river.Clayton's Mr. Mime proved to be a really strong opponent, though, as it managed to dodge Buizel's Aqua Jet and SonicBoom attacks by skillfully using its Psychic and Double Team moves, eventually knocking Buizel out with a powerful ThunderPunch. [View More]
Main Picture
Ash's Gligar evolved into Gliscor in order to save Ash from a fall.It used the Razor Fang Ash received from Gary to evolve. On their way to Daybreak Town, Ash and his friends met the Air Battle Master, McCann. [View More]
Main Picture
Ash's Staraptor evolved during the PokéRinger competition held in Wind Town.
Main Picture
Ash's Chimchar evolved into Monferno during a full battle against Paul just after it defeated Paul's Ursaring.Having grown in strength and power due to its evolution, it quickly showed everyone that it was a very formidable opponent.It learned Mach Punch right after its evolution from a Chimchar. [View More]
Main Picture
While it was still a wild Pokémon, Ash's Gible used to live in a forest near Grandma Wilma's house.When Ash and his friends went by there, it showed up, because according to Grandma Wilma, it had taken an interest in them.When Ash tried to greet it, though, it started biting on his head. [View More]
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Ash's Torterra was revealed during the Japanese opening 'The Greatest-Everyday!'. It evolved during a battle against Rocket Gang when they commandeered Nagisa Tower. Denji's Raichu and Satoshi's Pikachu were injured by Rocket Gang and in order to protect them it used its new move Leaf Storm which it learned after evolving.
Main Picture
Ash's Infernape was revealed during the Japanese opening 'The Greatest-Everyday!'.It evolved a few episodes after the airing of the opening in DP163. During a battle against Barry, Monferno was hit by Empoleon's Hydro Cannon and was sent flying into the nearby forest. [View More]
Main Picture
Ash's Cyndaquil was recalled from Oak's laboratory for the Sinnoh League but Team Rocket stole its Poké ball during the transfer.Pikachu shocked Team Rocket to get the Poké balls back but it sent them flying into the air.Ash recovered them but they were empty. [View More]
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Ash's Pidove was caught in the Isshu region after he encounter a flock of Mamepato in a forest near Kanako Town. It lost its first battle against Jessie's Woobat right after Ash captured it while attempting to rescue Pikachu and Iris's Axew from Team Rocket. Ash's Tranquill evolved from Ash's Pidove on the day that Ash was helping round up all the Fushide that had invaded Hiun City. Ash's Pidove had been working hard the entire day and it could tell that its strength was increasing which then caused it to evolve.
Main Picture
While traveling through the Yaguruma Forest towards Castelia City, Ash encountered a Sewaddle that attacked Pikachu with String Shot.It later attacked Ash as well but just as Ash tried to capture it with his Poké ball, it escaped.Ash decided that he still wanted to capture it as it showed a feisty fighting spirit which Ash liked. [View More]
Main Picture
Ash's Sewaddle evolved into Ash's Swadloon during his gym battle with Burgh.Ash's Sewaddle managed to fend off a crushing blow from Burgh's Whirlipede SolarBeam and evolved right after the attack finished.The battle quickly changed due to the evolution as Ash's Swadloon's Energy Ball, which it had just learned, was a useful attack allowing it to defeat Burgh's Whirlipede. [View More]
Main Picture
While stopping for some lunch on route to Raimon City, a distressed Roggenrola jumped on the table that had all the food that Cilan had prepared.Ash wasn't certain what the Roggenrola wanted but he decided to battle it and try to get it. While Ash and his friends went to check out the cave to see about fixing the water supply for the Pokémon Center, he reunited with the Roggenrola who was eager for them to come with it into the cave. [View More]
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Ash's Fletchinder was revealed in the 2nd opening and 2nd ending of the XY anime in Japan.Ash's Fletchling evolved into Ash's Fletchinder during a battle against Nami's Talonflame. Nami challenged Ash to a sky battle and initially chose Ash's Fletchling to battle her but Nami's Talonflame thought it was too weak to battle against and wanted to battle Ash's Hawlucha instead. [View More]
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While training in a forest near Hyakkoku City, Ash's Hawlucha found an egg which he brought to Ash.He decided to go back to where it was found to see if there was a nest but by the time he got there, the egg started to hatch.Ash's Fletchinder was instrumental in helping the egg hatch as it has an Ability called "Flame Body" that makes eggs hatch faster. [View More]
Main Picture
Ash's Greninja was first revealed in the October 2015 issue of Corocoro.Ash's Greninja is the evolved form of Ash's Frogadier and it takes on a mysterious new appearance in the latest season of Pocket Monsters XY&Z.Ash-Greninja is the form that Greninja takes when the bond between it and Ash is raised to the limit. [View More]
Main Picture
In a forest somewhere in Kanto, there once was a lonely Pichu.This Pichu, who was still very young, went through a certain encounter and farewell.This all took place shortly before Satoshi and his partner Pikachu started their journey. [View More]
Episodes (1046)


Pokémon - I Choose You!ポケモン!きみにきめた!Pokémon! I Choose You!


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Menokurage and Dokukurage
Tentacool and Tentacruel
Pokémon Ghosts and the Summer Festival
The Ghost of Maiden's Peak
Bye Bye Butterfree
Bye-Bye Butterfree
Casey! Psionic Confrontation!
Abra and the Psychic Pokemon
The Tower of Terror
Getting one in the Pokémon Tower!
Haunter Versus Kadabra
Ghost VS Psychic!
Don't Get Mad, Okorizaru!
Primeape Goes Bananas
Pokemon Scent-sation
Erika and Kusaihana
Hypno's Naptime
Sleeper and Pokémon Regression!?
Pokemon Fashion Flash
Rokon! Breeder Showdown!
The Punchy Pokemon
Fighting Pokémon! The Big Battle!
Do Coil Dream of Electric Mice!?
Sparks Fly for Magnemite
Dig Those Diglett
Lots of Digda!

Pokemon Valhalla
Entra in PokemonTimes.it !
Pokemon Research and Dvelopment - Project Pokemon
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