DJ Leo

Known As:
  • Flag DJ Leo
  • Flag DJレオ
  • Flag DJ Leo
Dugtrio with DJ Leo or "Dugleo" for short is a group that does music concerts. They performed in the Alola region when Ash Ketchum was there. After Digda joined the group, the group name became: "Dugtrio and Digda with DJ Leo" or "Digdugleo" for short.

Leo is a childhood friend of Professor Kukui. Leo changed his style since they were kids though as the professor didn't recognize Leo even during the concert. His life changed completely when he met Dugtrio and no one is more surprised by his chances than Leo himself.

One day Leo got lost in the woods and he heard voices in the distance. He followed the voices and saw Dugtrio and he thought it was as if the very blessings of the land were singing. They became friends and started doing music together and then Dugleo was born as a result.
Owned Pokémon
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  • United States DJ Leo's Dugtrio
  • Japan DJレオのダグトリオ (ジェシカ, アシュリー, マイケル)
  • Japan DJ Leo no Dugtrio (Jessica, Ashley, Michael)
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  • United States DJ Leo's Diglet
  • Japan DJレオのディグダ
  • Japan DJ Leo no Digda