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Georgia's Vanilluxe
English Georgia's Vanilluxe
Japanese ラングレーのバイバニラ
Japanese (Romanized) Langley no Baivanilla
Georgia's Vanilluxe was first seen at a port city near Tachiwaki City where the Tesseed Laboratories is located. Georgia's Vanilluxe instantly took a liking to Iris's Axew despite the fact that Iris's Axew didn't like Ice type Pokémon. While on the fourth floor of the Tesseed Laboratories, it went after Iris's Axew again and chased it to the roof. Ash's Oshawott really seemed to like Georgia's Vanilluxe but it wasn't interested in it. After Georgia's Vanilluxe was able to help rescue Iris and the other from the roof of the lab, Iris and Iris's Axew's opinion towards Ice type Pokémon changed and they asked Georgia to thank it.
Move Type First Episode Used Notes
Icy Wind Ice BW 83 Baivanilla's Icy Wind caused the moss to be destroyed
Episodes (1)

Crisis at Ferroseed Research!テッシード研究所!アイリスとバイバニラ!!The Tesseed Laboratories! Iris and Baivanilla!!

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