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Luke's Golett
English Luke's Golett
Japanese ルークのゴビット
Japanese (Romanized) Luke no Gobit
Luke's Golett helps him with his movies by performing the scene cuts and carrying the filming equipment. It is also Luke's assistant director. When Team Rocket tried to steal Luke's Zorua, Luke's Golett's Shadow Ball was powerful enough to destroy their flying machine in one shot.

Don George Tournament

Scooter's Darmanitan battled against Luke's Golett in the first round of the Don George Tournament in Raimon Town. It was briefly shown being defeated by Luke's Golett. Iris's Axew and Luke's Golett were matched up in the semi-final round of the Don Battles in Raimon Town. Luke's Golett dominated most of the battle and just as Iris's Axew was about to be defeated, it learned the move Outrage. Outrage was able to do significant damage to Luke's Golett and it knocked it out which eliminated Luke from the tournament.
Move Type First Episode Used Notes
Shadow Ball Ghost BW40 Used against Rocket Gang's flying machine.
Shadow Punch Ghost BW42 Seen being used in the Don George Tournament
Double Team Normal BW44 Used in combination with Gyro Ball to confuse Iris's Kibago
Gyro Ball Steel BW44 Used in combination with Gyro Ball to confuse Iris's Kibago
Episodes (6)

Movie Time! Zorua in 'The Legend of the Pokémon Knight'!
Zorua the Movie! Legend of the Pokémon Knight!!
Reunion Battles In Nimbasa!
Everyone Gather! The Don Battles!!
熱闘ドンバトル! ツタージャVSコマタナ!!
The Fierce Don Battles! Tsutarja VS Komatana!!
Cilan Versus Trip, Ash Versus Georgia!!
The Decisive Don Battle! Satoshi VS Iris!!
The Club Battle Finale: A Heroes Outcome!
An Epic Defense Force!映画対決!出撃イッシュ防衛隊!!Movie Showdown! The Isshu Defense Force Goes into Action!!
A Unova League Evolution!決着イッシュリーグ!ピカチュウ対ルカリオ!!The Isshu League Ends! Pikachu VS Lucario!!

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