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Ramos' Weepinbell
English Ramos' Weepinbell
Japanese フクジのウツドン
Japanese (Romanized) Fukuji no Utsudon
Ramos' Weepinbell was the second Pokémon revealed in the gym match against Ash where it faced off against Ash's Fletchinder. Ash's Fletchinder had just defeated Ramos' Jumpluff and Clemont thought that as long as Ramos continued to use Grass types, Ash's Fletchinder would have a clear advantage. Ash also thought that he would be able to defeat Ramos with just Ash's Fletchinder but Ramos' Weepinbell showed it was a strong opponent.

Ramos' Weepinbell was able to show it was fast as well but its combo of Poison Powder and Slam knocked out Ash's Fletchinder and Ash's Hawlucha before Ash's Frogadier was able to defeat it.
Move Type First Episode Used Notes
Slam Normal XY 58 Combo'd with Poison Powder to create an effective battle technique.
Razor Leaf Grass XY 58 Attempted to hit Ash's Frogadier with the attack.
Poison Powder Poison XY 58 Knocked out two of Ash's Pokémon in the battle by slowly draining them of energy.
Grass Knot Grass XY 58 Closed its eyes and was able to detect what it should hit during Double Team.
Episodes (1)

Green, Green Grass Types of Home!ヒヨクジム戦!ゲコガシラVSゴーゴート!!Hiyoku Gym Match! Gekogashira VS Gogoat!!

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