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English Woodroffe
Japanese モリオ
Japanese (Romanized) Morio
Woodroffe is a ranger for the Forest and Wildlife Bureau. He completes ordinance surveys on a forest outside of New Bark Town where many Pinsir, Heracross and Butterfree live. He is concerned about the balance of the forest - although he doesn't object to trainers catching Pokémon, he wants them to be aware of the potential impact on the environment. When Woodroffe meets Ash, Misty and Brock, he is investigating why the aggressive Pinsir vacated their own territory and took over the more passive Heracross's territory. With the help of Ash and friends, Woodroffe discovers that Team Rocket is the source of the forest's imbalance. Together they drive Team Rocket out of the forest, causing the Pinsir to return to their territory and balance to be restored to the forest.
Episodes (1)

Clash! Heracros VS Kailios!!
A Sappy Ending

Pokemon Valhalla
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