Event Details

Title Movie 16 Pre-order Ticket Mewtwo
Start/End Dates 2013-06-15 until 2013-09-01

The Japanese Pocket Monsters movie site as well as the official Japanese Pokémon website posted details for the Movie 16 pre-order ticket distribution. Mewtwo was distributed to those that pre-ordered tickets from April 20th, 2013 until July 12th, 2013. The actual distribution will take place from June 15th, 2013 until September 1st, 2013.

The details of Mewtwo are as follows:

Pokémon Info
pic Level: 100
Poké ball: Cherish Ball
Ability: Unnerve
Held Item: Custap Berry
Attack 1: Psystrike
Attack 2: Ice Beam
Attack 3: Heal Pulse
Attack 4: Hurricane

Pre-Order Ticket Information


Pre-order tickets could be purchased from: 7-11 (セブン-イレブン)、Ito-Yokado (イトーヨーカドー)、Aeon (イオン)、Toys"R"Us (トイザらス)Apita (アピタ)、Piago (ピアゴ)Al-Plaza (アル・プラザ)Heiwado (平和堂)Daiei (ダイエー)、Fuji (フジ)、Pokémon Centers (ポケモンセンター) and various movie theater locations throughout Japan. General admission was 1300yen, youth admission was 800yen and a parent/child combo was 2000yen.

Sources: http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/tickets/ and http://www.pokemon.co.jp/ex/movie2013/

Pocket Monsters Best Wishes Season 2 Episode N - #14

During the first airing of the episode BWS2N-14 - Reshiram VS N! Beyond Ideals and Truth!! (レシラム対N!理想と真実の彼方へ!!), Okido introduced the Mewtwo distribution to viewers.

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Pokémon Smash 133-139

In Pokémon Smash 133, the event distribution was announced near the end of the show by the announcer. At different times for the next few weeks, the audience was reminded about the pre-order ticket campaign.

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Corocoro April/May/June 2013 Issues

Corocoro also promoted the distribution during the summer month issues.

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Pokémon Details

Sugimori Art Event Pokémon Info Ribbons
Main Image
Held Item: Custap Berry Held Item
Pokeball: Cherish Ball Cherish Ball
Species: Mewtwo/ミュウツー
Nickname: ミュウツー
Nature: Modest
OT Name: Pヒルズ
Level: 100
Gender: N
Ability: Pressure
Stats Moveset

HP: 249
ATK: 195
DEF: 197
SPATK: 287
SPDEF: 197
SPEED: 237

  1. Psystrike 14
  2. Ice Beam 11
  3. Heal Pulse 14
  4. Hurricane 7

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