Event Details

Title Final PokéSma Champion Position Match - Yamamoto's Kingdra
Start/End Dates 2013-09-29 until2013-10-06

Yamamoto VS Shoko-tan - Final Round

Thumbnail The final matchup was betwen Yamamoto and Shoko-tan. This was a rematch of the finals of the 5th Smash Tournaments where Yamamoto ended up defeating Shoko-tan to win the championships. Once again the two have met in the finals for the second straight tournament. Shoko-tan started off the match by sending out Manyula and Bohmander. Yamamoto sent out Kingdra and Nyorotono. Nyorotono started off the match by using its ability Drizzle (あめふらし) which makes it rain when it appears in battle. Nyorotono ability is Swift Swim (すいすい) which boosts is Speed in rain, so the ability combo makes them a good pairing. Yamamoto's Kingdra and Nyorotono started off by both using Protect (まもる). Shoko-tan complained because none of her moves could be used. Kingdra then used Draco Meteor on Bohmander which was super effective and KO'd it in one attack. Shoko-tan's Manyula then countered by using Ice Punch (れいとうパンチ) on Kingdra which dealt about 60% damage. Nyorotono then attacked Manyula with Scald (ねっとう) which dealt over 50% damage and burned it. The burn effect ended up dropping its HP to about 25% at the end of that round. Shoko-tan then sent out a Female Burungel to replace her fallen Bohmander while Yamamoto switched out his Kingdra for his Crecelia. Burungel started off the round by using Protect, a bit of payback to Yamamoto for using the all Protect round on her earlier. Manyula then used Night Slash (つじぎり) on Crecelia which was Super Effective but only lowered the HP to 168/219. Nyorotono then attacked Manyula with Scald once again which knocked it out. Shoko-tan then sent out her final Pokémon, her Goukazaru. It started off the round by using Grass Knot (くさむすび) on Nyorotono lowering its HP to 147/196. Crecelia then used Swagger (いばる) on Burungel which raised its attack but also confused it. Nyorotono then used Scald on Goukazaru which was Super Effective and KO'd it. Yamamoto then switched out his Nyorotono for his Metagross. Crecelia then used Swagger (いばる) on Metagross, raising its attack and confusing it but Metagross used its Lum Berry (ラムのみ) to clear its confusion. Burungel then used Shadow Ball (シャドーボール) on Crecelia lowering its HP to 120/219. Crecelia used Thunder Wave (でんじは) on Burungel while Metagross used Iron+Head (アイアンヘッド). In the next round, Metagross used Iron Head (アイアンヘッド) again to defeat Shoko-tan's Burungel and give him the tournament win.

Yamamoto's Nyorotono and Kingdra Event Distribution

For winning the 6th Smash Tournament, Yamamoto's Nyorotono and Kingdra were distributed at the Pokémon Centers in Japan from September 29th, 2013 until October 6th, 2013. Yamamoto was also given a trophy for winning.

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Official Site News Article

The official Japanese Pokémon website also posted a news article to announce the distribution. It included the same details as listed on this event page.


Source: http://www.pokemon.co.jp/info/2013/09/130930_p01.html

Pokémon Details

Sugimori Art Event Pokémon Info Ribbons
Main Image
Held Item: Life Orb Held Item
Pokeball: Cherish Ball Cherish Ball
Species: Kingdra/キングドラ
Nickname: キングペロ
Nature: Timid
OT Name: ヤマモト
Level: 50
Gender: M
Ability: Swift Swim
Ribbon ImageBattle Champion Ribbon
Stats Moveset


  1. Draco Meteor 3
  2. Muddy Water 17
  3. Dragon Pulse 3
  4. Protect 12

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