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15 Nov 2008 06:25 PM
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logoNintendo of America Inc. is delighted to announce our new complimentary download service system for the Nintendo DS™, Nintendo Zone. The Nintendo Zone is a developed and expanded service of the DS Download Station which you may already be familiar with. As a Nintendo consumer, you will be given an opportunity to download new game movies, demos and game exclusive content to your Nintendo DS. We will start the Nintendo Zone test service on November 14, 2008 at the Nintendo World store in New York. This test service offers game previews (movies and demos), game exclusive content and special playable content from more than 15 titles – including fan favorites such as Kirby Super Star™ Ultra, Pokémon™ Ranger: Shadows of Almia and Animal Crossing™: Wild World. Bring your Nintendo DS to the Nintendo World store to experience all the great benefits Nintendo Zone has to offer!

logoNintendo Zone test service at the Nintendo World store offers exciting game content - a special Pikachu that knows the move "Present" for POKÉMON DIAMOND version and POKÉMON PEARL version.

- To receive this special character, you must have a Nintendo DS™ and an English version of either POKÉMON DIAMOND or POKÉMON PEARL.
- You will also need to make sure you have obtained the Pokédex in your game.
- Make sure you don’t have more than 2 Wonder Cards. If you do, you’ll need to delete one to make room.

Nintendo has also posted a PDF with more information on how to get the special Pikachu.

Source: http://www.nintendo.com/whatsnew/detail/waUaocRmskcPG27usK_1E6n3eIx4jE_9
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16 Nov 2008 06:59 AM
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Ooh the Mcdonald\'s Pikachu has come to the USA. If I was American I\'d much sooner have a deliciously fatty Big Mac with a thickshake while getting a Pikachu at the same time.

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18 Nov 2008 04:17 PM
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Seems like for the moment, the only way to get that particular Pikachu is at the Nintendo Zone. Hopefully they make it a bit more accessible to people that aren\'t in NYC.

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