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19 Nov 2013 07:11 AM
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New episode title(s) has/have been added to the database. Title: ポケモンバイヤーを捕まえろ! コフーライ偽装作戦!! / Pokémon Buyer wo tsukamaero! Kofuurai gisō sakusen! ! / Catch the Pokémon Buyers! Operation: Kofuurai Disguise!!. Please comment below!
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29 Dec 2013 10:55 AM
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A Pokémon Hunter is going after Kofukimushi on a large scale, wanting to evolve them into different kinds of Vivillon! Satoshi and friends attempt to sneak into his base disguised as Pokémon, but... they find themselves in unexpected trouble!?

Satoshi and his friends continue their journey. On their way, they witness the Pokémon Merchant Daz escaping from Junsa. Daz is a really nasty guy who operates as a Pokémon Merchant, and primarily makes his money by selling Vivillon. Satoshi and friends follow him, wanting to help Junsa in her chase. During the chase, they find a Kofukimushi Daz dropped.

Voice Cast:
Rica Matsumoto: Satoshi
Ikue Ohtani: Pikachu
Mayuki Makiguchi: Serena
Yuki Kaji: Citron
Mariya Ise: Eureka
Megumi Sato: Dedenne
Yuji Ueda: Keromatsu
Yuka Terasaki: Yayakoma
Hitomi Nabatame: Harimaron
Kensuke Sato: Livolt
Rikako Aikawa: Kofuurai
Chinatsu Akasaki: Joy
Chiemi Ishimatsu: Junsa
Tsuguo Mogami: Ges
Unsho Ishizuka: Narration
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26 Jan 2014 06:20 PM
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After a long x-mas break comes a new episode. In the meantime I managed to finally get a 3DS and to get Pokemon Y working. Therefore now I can see how much the anime correlates with the game environment and story. Also, I now know english names of the new Pokémon.
So, this is another episode about a Pokémon poacher. And this time, the entire episode is a filler. The villain is depicted in a very strange way so that it is obvious that he is an ass on the first look.
The story of the episode is somehow typical. Satoshi and friends get involved in the c(h)ase of this villain, decide to rescue the captured Pokemon and after a battle they manage to do so... And since this episode is about Scatterbug and various forms of Vivillons, there are many evolutions included. Somehow not surprising at all.
We also get a Citronic gear that works fine at the beginning but then in the middle of story it just randomly explodes for no reason. Well... whatever.
And the disguise, that is mentioned in the episode name? Well, it obviously failed, like all similiar lame attempts at disguise. And seriously, who could even think of trying to disguise Satoshi as a Spewpa? That's just a complete lack of common sense.
Despite the fact that the only real point of this episode is the existence of multiple Vivillon forms and the flaws it brings, it was somehow enjoyable a little bit. The story did not get any unneeded interruptions by Team Rocket or anything similiar, so eventually it was not a complete disaster. But still it is the worst episode of XY so far. Story-wise and also animation-wise. Not even the battle got any special animation effects, but at least the background was kept normal.

My rating:
Worst XY episode so far, probably the first absolute filler. Well, 99% filler, with 1% being Vivillon forms.
It is acceptable but this is not an episode that the creators should be proud of.
I hope the XY series will not continue in this way, since we have already seen this stuff several times, all over and over again.
I give it 5.
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