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Abareru-kun goes to Fukuoka on a Pokémon Trade Journey! There, he has a Christmas party with Pokénds at the Pokémon Center?! Fukuoka experts HKT48 show up as well, and they all go searching for Pokénds together!!

Today's installment of Abareru-kun's Pokémon Trade Journey takes him to Fukuoka! There, he pulls a prank at a Pokénd's house where he switches places with a dad that looks just like him?! In addition, Koike Nyarth uses "Transform" at the Pokémon Center and invites Pokénds to a Christmas party!! How many Pokénds will show up?! 3 members of HKT48 come rushing over to cheer Abareru-kun on, and they all go searching for Pokénds together! Will Abareru-kun be able to make a whole ton of trades now that he has Fukuoka experts HKT48 helping him?!

Shoko Nakagawa
Rinka Otani
Support Pokénds: Miyu Koike, Hana Matsuoka (from HKT48), Hinata Matsumoto (from HKT48) and Bibian Murakawa (from HKT48)

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