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06 Feb 2019 06:53 AM
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New episode title(s) has/have been added to the database. Title: アローラ上陸!タルタルメタルパニック!! / Alola jōriku! Tarutaru metal panic!! / Arrival in Alola! Melty Metal Panic!!. Please comment below!
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23 Feb 2019 10:15 AM
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Mysterious creatures have arrived in Alola! They run wild both at the Pokémon School and at the Rocket Gang's secret base?! And their true identity is...
We'll also have the latest information of the Pokémon movie premiering this summer!

Mysterious creatures have crossed the sea and arrived in Alola?! Just what ARE these nut-like creatures that eat metal? They create severe trouble at the Pokémon School by eating the tools the students use! Meanwhile, at the secret Rocket Gang base, Kojiro explodes with rage when his beloved collection ends up eaten! He then starts chasing these creatures in order to settle the score with them?!
Also, the new Pokémon movie premieres this summer! Don't miss the latest news on it!!

Voice Cast:
Rica Matsumoto: Satoshi
Ikue Ohtani: Pikachu
Daisuke Namikawa: Rotom
Kei Shindo: Lilie
Kaito Ishikawa: Kaki
Reina Ueda: Mao
Hitomi Kikuchi: Suiren
Fumiko Takekuma: Māmane
Keiichi Nakagawa: Professor Kukui
Kenyu Horiuchi: Professor Okido
Megumi Hayashibara: Musashi
Shinichiro Miki: Kojiro
Inuko Inuyama: Nyarth
Yuji Ueda: Sonansu
Mika Kanai: Togedemaru
Kenta Miyake: Meltan
Wakana Kingyo: Shore
Nicole Fujita: Nuikoguma
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