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A new news article has been posted!

On Saturday, March 20th, 2021, a new additions to the Pokémon POSING line of plush toys will be released. The plushies allow you to pose and play with them! This time, there will be five new plushies: Hassam, Deathkarn, Aceburn, Strinder (Amped Form), and Tachifusaguma. You can position them sitting, recreate battle scenes, or just pose them however you like! The Pokémon Center Online will start selling them at 10:00 a.m. on March 18th, 2021.

At the Amazon.co.jp Pokémon Store, pre-orders for products will be starting on March 20th, 2021, and sales starting on March 27th, 2021, but due to the limited number of products available, they may be sold during the pre-order period.

Please note that the release of these products may be postponed or cancelled depending on the situation in the production area. Please be aware of this beforehand.


Image Image
Plushie Pokémon POSING Hassam and Deathkarn - 1,760 yen each

Image Image
Plushie Pokémon POSING Aceburn and Strinder (Amped Form) - 1,760 yen each

Plushie Pokémon POSING Tachifusaguma - 1,760 yen

Item List (English):

Plushie Pokémon POSING Hassam - 1,760 yen
Plushie Pokémon POSING Deathkarn - 1,760 yen
Plushie Pokémon POSING Aceburn - 1,760 yen
Plushie Pokémon POSING Strinder (Amped Form) - 1,760 yen
Plushie Pokémon POSING Tachifusaguma - 1,760 yen

Item List (Japanese):

ぬいぐるみ ポケモン ポージング ハッサム 1,760円
ぬいぐるみ ポケモン ポージング デスカーン 1,760円
ぬいぐるみ ポケモン ポージング エースバーン 1,760円
ぬいぐるみ ポケモン ポージング ストリンダー(ハイなすがた) 1,760円
ぬいぐるみ ポケモン ポージング タチフサグマ 1,760円

Source: https://www.pokemon.co.jp/goods/2021/03/210305_to02.html

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