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Kanto Episodes
The first anime segment!
SL 7: Hanada City no suichūka/ハナダシティのすいち...
by Pkmndub
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Orange League Episodes
Orange League mini-arc.

by A User
36 61
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Johto Episodes
It's a whole new world we live in.

by A User
158 247
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Advanced Episodes
Travel with Haruka and Masato!
AG 101: N/A/ゆれる島の戦い!ドジョッチVSナマズン!!/Yureru...
by UltimateNintendoFan
193 262
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Character Discussion
Character Discussion allows users to talk about specific characters in the animated series! A great complement to the Character Database!
Character Guide Bios / Accuracy Check
by Mistress Eevee
12 140
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Diamond and Pearl Episodes
Discuss the region that Dawn, Paul, Barry and Nando were all in.
DP 35: Shitennō Goyō to Dōtakun!/四天王ゴヨウと...
by UltimateNintendoFan
192 783
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Unova Episodes
Cilan and Iris join Ash as they travel through the Unova Region
BW 68: アフロでGO!バッフロンはNO!!/Afro de GO! Buf...
by UltimateNintendoFan
20 350
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Specials that have mainly aired in Japan

by A User
0 14
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Discuss the Pocket Monsters Movies
Movie 20: きみにきめた!/Kimi ni kimeta!/I Choo...
by Pkmndub
20 27
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Discussion about Movie shorts and ANA shorts
Short 18: ピカチュウとポケモンおんがくたい/Pikachu to Po...
by Adamant
18 27
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Spin off series and episodes not directly linked to the main series arc

by A User
0 24
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Ash and his friends travel through the Kalos Region
XY&Z 47: 終わりなきゼロ!また逢う日まで!!/Owarinaki zer...
by Adamant
142 367
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Pocket Monsters Encore
Rerun episode series

by A User
1 17
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Sun and Moon
Ash's adventures in the Alola Region.
SM 1: アローラ!はじめての島、はじめてのポケモンたち!!/Alola! H...
by Sunain
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