MaChamps - April 1st, 2017
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Posted by: Sunain on 04/02/17 06:50:52 (No. 27047)
Machamp signed as face of exclusive new spring underwear campaign ‘MaChamps’
The first Pokémon to officially score a high-profile modelling contract, Machamp is now being touted as the style icon of the century.
April 1, London, United Kingdom

IT’S OFFICIAL: Spring 2017 is here, and with each passing season come the hottest new fashion and couture. It looks like this season is set to be the most iconic yet, as the Superpower Pokémon Machamp has now officially been confirmed as the face of this year’s hottest underwear campaign, “MaChamps”. The campaign is already breaking records, as Machamp is now recognised as the first Pokémon to break the mould and land a high-profile modelling contract.

Inspired by Machamp’s own markings and the essence of nature, the campaign aims to take the concept of undergarments back to basics whilst challenging everything we thought we knew about underwear. Elegant, casual, stylish and functional, “MaChamps” will showcase something for everyone’s personal taste.

Avril Fürst, newly appointed VP of Underwear at The Pokémon Company International, commented, “It is great to see such an inspirational Pokémon like Machamp headlining what some are calling the fashion campaign of our generation. We can’t wait to see Machamp slaying the runway across the world at some of this year’s highest-profile fashion events. Machamp truly deserves recognition in the style hall of fame, and this campaign will highlight that incredible talent to a global audience.”

More details regarding the “MaChamps” campaign are expected to be revealed throughout the month at key fashion showcases, so make sure to keep a look out!
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Machamp (Wild)
Re: MaChamps - April 1st, 2017
>> Posted by: Sunain on 04/02/17 06:51:20 (No. 27048)
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Machamp (Wild)


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