Pokémon — KEHASUK
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Posted by:Sunain on11/18/17 00:51:27 (No.28096)
“Pokémon” are fictional creatures that human “Pokémon Trainers”, catch and train to battle each other for sport. This piece is a collection of characters from Season 1. The logo and color palette yields inspiration from the original Gameboy game, “Pocket Monsters”.
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Re: Pokémon — KEHASUK
>> Posted by:Sunain on11/18/17 00:51:45 (No. 28097)
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Misty is angry and standing on her burnt bike from episode one.
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Misty, Misty's Togepi

Re: Pokémon — KEHASUK
>> Posted by:Sunain on11/18/17 00:52:51 (No. 28098)
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Ash is on top of Pikachu and everyone since he is fated to be the Pokemon Master.
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Ash Ketchum

Re: Pokémon — KEHASUK
>> Posted by:Sunain on11/18/17 00:54:21 (No. 28099)
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Brock is trying use his Vulpix to hit on Officer Jenny and Nurse Joy.


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