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Corocoro June 2019
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Posted by: Sunain on 05/14/19 17:02:00 (No. 30136)
Corocoro June 2019

The forbidden form has been identified!!!
The strongest Pokémon of all, created by humans, appears?!

An incredible creature appears in this summer's Pokémon movie! We can see that the skin beyond its black armament is white... N-No way, could this be THAT Pokémon?!

Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution premieres all across Japan Friday July 12th!!

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Mewtwo (Wild)
Re: Corocoro June 2019
>> Posted by: Sunain on 05/14/19 17:02:16 (No. 30137)
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The Mewtwo form that can only be seen in the movie: Its name is Armored Mewtwo!!!

Mewtwo is wearing a majestic armor. Even though this manmade armament suppresses what people call the ultimate power, Mewtwo still overwhelms all other Pokémon!!

Armored Mewtwo: Mewtwo's form while it's wearing armor developed by the Rocket Gang.

It appears early in the manga booklet!
Check the manga to get a preview of Armored Mewtwo's gallant figure!!
Hurry straight to the manga in the supplimentary booklet!

The Ancient Mew card is included with the movie pamphlet!!
Decipher the ancient letters!!
It's been confirmed that this Mew card that has its text written in ancient letters will be included with the movie's pamphlet as a free gift.
Once you decipher the ancient letters on the card, you'll realize you incredibly powerful it is!
Try comparing it with normal Pokémon Cards.

The way to decipher the letters on the card is scheduled to be presented on the Trainers' Website on the official Pokémon Card Homepage (http://www.pokemon-card.com/) Friday May 24th!
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Mewtwo (Wild) , Mew (Wild)

Corocoro March 2019
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Posted by: Sunain on 02/13/19 09:18:17 (No. 29753)
Corocoro March 2019

Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution
Pikachu and the others have been turned into full 3DCG!!

Another major plotpoint in the movie is...
Mew appears in this summer's new Pokémon movie, the one that currently has everyone's attention! What is the connection between Mewtwo and Mew...?!

Mewtwo was seen flying through the sky in the teaser trailer. And Mew could be seen in front of him!!

Mew appeared in the teaser trailer as well!!

Mew: A mythical Pokémon. It's a crucial key component in Mewtwo's birth...?!
Mewtwo: It's said to have almost the exact same genetic makeup as Mew.

Premieres Friday July 12th!!


Anime: At long last, we get a Grand Trial in "Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon"!!
(The anime is currently airing every Sunday at 6pm on the TV Tokyo network!!)

In the episode airing February 17th, Satoshi attempts Hapu'u's Grand Trial! Pikachu is in bigger trouble than ever before!!

*How will Satoshi and Pikachu fight against Hapu'u, who they've already lost to once before?!
*Their opponent is a Banbadoro, who's a Ground type: Pikachu's weakness!
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PokeFan 60 (ポケモンファン 第60号)
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Posted by: Sunain on 10/07/18 10:38:21 (No. 29348)
PokeFan 60 (ポケモンファン 第60号)
Commercial from SM91
Re: PokeFan 60 (ポケモンファン 第60号)
>> Posted by: Sunain on 10/07/18 10:39:04 (No. 29350)
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Pikachu (Wild)

Re: PokeFan 60 (ポケモンファン 第60号)
>> Posted by: Sunain on 10/07/18 10:39:20 (No. 29351)
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Giratina (Wild)

Re: PokeFan 60 (ポケモンファン 第60号)
>> Posted by: Sunain on 10/07/18 10:39:31 (No. 29352)
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Re: PokeFan 60 (ポケモンファン 第60号)
>> Posted by: Sunain on 10/07/18 10:39:48 (No. 29353)
File: 15389231880094.png (1920px x 1080px - 2.95 MiB) Link to Image

September 2018 Corocoro
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Posted by: Sunain on 08/08/18 08:40:35 (No. 28977)
September 2018 Corocoro
Re: September 2018 Corocoro
>> Posted by: Sunain on 08/08/18 08:40:46 (No. 28978)
File: 15337320460088.jpg (775px x 1200px - 289.97 KiB) Link to Image

PokeFan 59 (ポケモンファン 第59号)
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Posted by: Sunain on 07/12/18 10:46:39 (No. 28852)
PokeFan 59 (ポケモンファン 第59号)

What is The Radiant One spoken of in the Alola region?!
The legend of "The Radiant One" has been handed down in the Alola region since ancient times... It's a creature that's even been depicted in an illustration found in an old book as being equal to Solgaleo and Lunala, but just what is it?!

The Legendary Pokémon Solgaleo
A legendary Pokémon that was worshipped in the Alola region as the messenger of the sun.

The Legendary Pokémon Lunala
Much like Solgaleo, it's a legendary Pokémon that was worshipped as the messenger of the moon.

The Radiant One
This gigantic shape depicted together with the legendary Pokémon might be... a Pokémon we still don't know about?!
Re: PokeFan 59 (ポケモンファン 第59号)
>> Posted by: Sunain on 07/12/18 10:47:18 (No. 28853)
File: 15314068380070.jpg (2978px x 1890px - 815.85 KiB) Link to Image
This Pokémon is a complete mystery as well! The three secrets of Bevenom!!
Satoshi has a mysterious creature near him as well! Here's a close look at Bevenom, which we have no idea what is going to do!

Secret 1: It loves Pikachu
Bevenom has been clinging to Pikachu ever since they first met! It's been teasing it, playing with it, and always been together with it.
Blurb: It's totally attached toSatoshi as well.

Secret 2: It likes electricity and light!
It gets delighted whenever Pikachu unleashes an electric move! It appears to show visible joy towards bright light as well.
Blurb: If it likes light, it might like The Radiant One as well?

Secret 3: It's a good artist!
Bevenom's pictures are so good they amaze absolutely everyone! It seems it might be using these pictures to express its feelings.
Matsurika: A painter painting pictures in the city. She noticed that Bevenom's pictures might represent its inner feelings.
Aburibbon: Matsurika's partner. It has the power to read people's auras, so it truly understands how Matsurika feels.

The Bevenom art collection
Here's the complete lineup of all the pictures Bevenom has painted! Truth be told, they're all of Pikachu, but still... they're great!
Pikachu: The first picture Bevenom painted! Does it express the joy it felt upon meeting Pikachu?
Beach Pikachu: This one is just the face and tail, but you can still tell it's Pikachu! It has amazing technique!
Pikachu on the blackboard: As long as it has a lot of space to paint on, it's good! This one has both Pikachu and Bevenom in it!
Family?: Satoshi, Professor Burnet, Professor Kukui and Gonbe. Are those that Bevenom is always together with its family?

"The Shape of Family: Bevenom's Feelings!" is planned to air August 2nd!

Re: PokeFan 59 (ポケモンファン 第59号)
>> Posted by: Sunain on 07/12/18 10:47:59 (No. 28854)
File: 15314068790024.jpg (3022px x 1899px - 1.10 MiB) Link to Image
Rotom's file on documented info on the Ultra Beasts
The Ultra Beasts have lost their way into our world from the world beyond the Ultra Holes. I've researched the four that have appeared so far!
The Ultra Guardians: A team that carries out missions with the purpose of sending Ultra Beasts back to the worlds they came from!

It was buried in the ground in the ancient past and discovered by pure chance! The Guardians dug it out and it flew high into the sky!
Blurb: Incredibly enough, it had been sleeping there in the ground for over 200 years!

Satoshi and the others sped to the place where it was going on a rampage after being startled by what people and Pokémon looked like! Both sides were eventually able to understand the other wasn't there to battle them.
Blurb: It had enough strength to even handle being surrounded by these Kairiky!

A show-off of an Ultra Beast that showed up at a fireworks display and started putting on a fireworks performance.
Top blurb: The round, head-like portion of its body can float and explode! The impact is tremendous!
Bottom blurb: It startles those that see it and absorbs their energy.

It appeared when Zugadoon was causing explosions. It and Zugadoon dueled each other with flashy performances.
Top blurb: It appeared at a power plant, where it turned the electricity it absorbed into energy.
Bottom blurb: It countered Zugadoon's fireworks with electric discharges!

Tundetunde will soon appear as well!
The Ultra Beasts appear suddenly, and it's impossible to predict what they'll do. What's going to happen next time?!
"Leap 'n' Climb: Tundetunde!" is planned to air August 9th!

July 2018 Corocoro
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Posted by: Sunain on 06/13/18 09:44:24 (No. 28462)
July 2018 Corocoro
Re: July 2018 Corocoro
>> Posted by: Sunain on 06/15/18 09:20:46 (No. 28463)
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scanned version

Re: July 2018 Corocoro
>> Posted by: Sunain on 06/15/18 09:20:55 (No. 28464)
File: 15290688550043.jpg (784px x 1200px - 263.07 KiB) Link to Image

May 2018 Corocoro
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Posted by: Sunain on 04/14/18 09:14:57 (No. 28414)
月刊コロコロコミック 2018年5月号
May 2018 Corocoro
Re: May 2018 Corocoro
>> Posted by: Sunain on 04/14/18 09:15:15 (No. 28415)
File: 15237117150039.jpg (774px x 374px - 117.75 KiB) Link to Image

April 2018 Corocoro
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Posted by: Sunain on 03/13/18 10:46:42 (No. 28339)
April 2018 Corocoro
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Lugia (Wild)
Re: April 2018 Corocoro
>> Posted by: Sunain on 03/13/18 10:46:50 (No. 28340)
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Lugia (Wild)

March 2018 Corocoro
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Posted by: Sunain on 02/13/18 12:01:41 (No. 28268)
March 2018 Corocoro
Re: March 2018 Corocoro
>> Posted by: Sunain on 02/14/18 00:36:19 (No. 28269)
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Lugia (Wild)

February 2018 Corocoro
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Posted by: Sunain on 12/16/17 11:44:08 (No. 28181)
February 2018 Corocoro
A serial code for Arceus was distributed in the February 2018 issue of Corocoro released on February 15th, 2018 to players of Pocket Monsters Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon.
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Arceus (Wild)
Re: February 2018 Corocoro
>> Posted by: Sunain on 01/11/18 09:00:44 (No. 28200)
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New developments take place in the super popular Pokémon anime!
The search for the highly mysterious Ultra Beasts begins!!

"Set Off! We Are The Ultra Guardians!!"
Satoshi and the others have been inaugurated as Ultra Guardians! They will travel around Alola in order to return the Ultra beasts to the world they came from!!

The keyword is "Ultrager"!

*Fierce battles with Ultra Beasts break out...!!?
*Pikachu gets startled by a mysterious Pokémon that suddenly appears!
*Lusamine gives Satoshi and the others their orders! Set off!

Corocoro Aniki 2018 Winter Issue (コロコロアニキ2018冬号)
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Posted by: Sunain on 12/14/17 09:46:48 (No. 28180)
Corocoro Aniki 2018 Winter Issue (コロコロアニキ2018冬号)
December 15th, 2017

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Mewtwo (Wild) , Shōko Nakagawa
PokeFan 56 (ポケモンファン 第56号)
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Posted by: Sunain on 11/29/17 22:30:36 (No. 28149)
PokeFan 56 (ポケモンファン 第56号)
Fierce battles in the Ultra Space!!
The place the group arrives in, the Ultra Space, is a mysterious, space-like plane that stretches out as far as the eye can see! The battle to save Lusamine is on!!

Satoshi and his friends fight with their fully powered strength!!
Satoshi and the others take up the chase in order to save Lusamine. But Lusamine's Pokémon block their path forward! Work together to clear the way!

Silvady plays a major role!!
Silvady was created to fight Ultra Beasts. It's a very reliable fighter!

The creation of a new Z-Move?!
Is this Amamaiko and Mokuroh's combo Z-move?! Plunge at them!!

Lusamine has become one with the Ultra Beast!
Lusamine has been brought inside the Ultra Beast's body and the two have become one! How can she be saved?!
Blurb: There are lots of Ultra Beasts in the Ultra Space!

Rescue Lusamine!
Lusamine sends out her Pokémon to keep Satoshi and Lilie away. Does she have some kind of reason for not trying to escape?!

These are the Pokémon that stand in the group's way!
Satoshi and the others split up to fight Lusamine's Pokémon! Lugarugan engages in a fierce fight against Pixy!
Pixy: The Pippi that Lilie was also really fond of has evolved into a Pixy! It's a tough fighter!!
Re: PokeFan 56 (ポケモンファン 第56号)
>> Posted by: Sunain on 11/29/17 22:31:17 (No. 28150)
File: 15120126770069.jpg (1462px x 1893px - 418.65 KiB) Link to Image
The Z-Move incarnation of Satoshi & Pikachu's bond:
10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt Explodes With Power!
Will this be the trump card for defeating the super powerful Ultra Beasts?! Seize victory with Satoshi and Pikachu's ultimate Z-Move, 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt!!

Finish things off with a super fully powered Z-Move to the shine of Satoshi and Pikachu's exclusive Z-Crystal SatoPika-Z!

How will the battle end?!
What will happen to Lusamine?!
Don't miss the episodes airing December 7th, 14th and 21st!!
(airdate and airtime varies by region)

Re: PokeFan 56 (ポケモンファン 第56号)
>> Posted by: Sunain on 11/29/17 22:32:30 (No. 28151)
File: 15120127500014.jpg (1483px x 1049px - 313.15 KiB) Link to Image
SM52 - The Altar of the Sunne! Solgaleo Descends!!
Satoshi and the others have come to the Altar of the Sunne on Poni Island to meet Solgaleo. Solgaleo isn't there, but Kapu-Kokeko and the other three guardian deities are!
Top image blurb: The guardian deities of Alola have gathered.
Bottom image blurb: Make Solgaleo appear and have it help you!

Re: PokeFan 56 (ポケモンファン 第56号)
>> Posted by: Sunain on 11/29/17 22:32:57 (No. 28152)
File: 15120127770017.jpg (711px x 740px - 111.62 KiB) Link to Image
SM53 - Hurry Up! Operation: Rescue Lusamine!!
Using Solgaleo's powers, Satoshi and the others have passed through the Ultra Hole and arrived in the world of the Ultra Beasts. But a powerful opponent shows up there!
Top image blurb: Work together and defeat the Ultra Beasts!!
Bottom image blurb: Save the captive Lusamine!

Re: PokeFan 56 (ポケモンファン 第56号)
>> Posted by: Sunain on 11/29/17 22:33:23 (No. 28153)
File: 15120128030052.jpg (736px x 937px - 149.22 KiB) Link to Image
SM54 - Shine, Z-Power Ring! A Super Fully Powered 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt!!
Satoshi and the others fight to rescue Lusamine, who's being controlled by the Ultra Beasts, but get into serious trouble when the Pokémon that were already supposed to have been defeated return!
Top image blurb: The completion of a startling new move for Mokuroh?!
Bottom image blurb: Lilie does her utmost in an attempt to rescue Lusamine!

December 2017 Corocoro
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Posted by: Sunain on 11/12/17 21:18:45 (No. 28063)
December 2017 Corocoro
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Manaphy (Wild) , Meloetta (Wild) , Hoopa (Wild)
PokeFan 55 (ポケモンファン 第55号)
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Posted by: Sunain on 09/28/17 17:08:24 (No. 27888)
ポケモンファン 第55号
PokeFan 55

ポケモンのことならポケモンファンにおまかせ! アニメ、映画、ホビー、ファッション、ゲームなどポケモンの情報が盛りだくさん。しかも毎号豪華な特別付録も付いている!! まんが「ポケモン4コマ大百科」も連載中!!

〈 目次 〉
・ ポケモンファン特製『ポケモン ウルトラサン・ウルトラムーン』ウルトラSMボード
・ 1 ポケモンファン限定 ガオーレチケット「ネクロズマとくろきなかまたちコース」
・ 2 ポケモンファン特製 ハロウィン★ボディペタ★シール
・ 3 別冊 ポケモンガオーレダッシュ2だんハンドブック
・ 1 「ポケットモンスターSPECIAL」スペシャルイラストポスター
・ 2 ポケモンかけるかな?ポスター
・ 遊べる引き出し ポケモン見~つけたっ!
・ 3DS ゲーム『ポケットモンスター ウルトラサン・ウルトラムーン』ウルトラ新冒険特報!!!
・ 新生!! Zパワーリング降臨!!!
・ テレビアニメ「ポケットモンスター サン&ムーン」サトシ伝説のポケモンと出会う!!
・ ポケモンくらべる図鑑
・ ガオーレダッシュ2だん 2大注目ポイント!
・ モンコレ研究所
・ ロトム図鑑新たにあらわる!
・ ニャース気球プロジェクト
・ ポケモン超だじゃれクラブ
・ ポケモンカードゲーム サン&ムーン 最強ウルトラビーストしゅう来!!
・ ポケモンファン大注目! ホビー&グッズ大集合!!
・ 『ポッ拳DX』激熱プレイレポート
・ ポケとる
・ ポケモンスマホアプリ塾
・ ポケプラ
・ ポケモンの家あつまる? ポケんち日記
・ おはスタ「ポケモン部」
・ ポケモンウィズユー さい新ニュース!
・ ポケモンセンターつうしん
・ キッズステーション ポケモンニュース!!
・ (プレゼント)ゼンリョクでゲットだぜ! 秋のポケモン大豊作けん賞
・ ポケットモンスターSPECIAL サン・ムーン
・ ポケモン4コマ大百科 ノリノリダンススペシャル編
・ ポケモンクイズ&パズルランド ピカチュウにおまかせ!
・ ポケモン ニュースでニャース!!
・ ポケモン ファン★ファンクラブ
・ ★ポケモンの本のお知らせ
・ ★ふろく「ハロウィン★ボディペタ★シール」の使い方
・ ★そのほかのふろくの遊び方
・ ★次号予告
・ ★アンケート
・ ★アンケートはがき
Re: PokeFan 55 (ポケモンファン 第55号)
>> Posted by: Sunain on 09/28/17 17:09:59 (No. 27894)
File: 15066329990076.jpg (1976px x 1303px - 961.98 KiB) Link to Image
Satoshi finally meets the legendary Pokémon!!
Legendary Pokémon appear before Satoshi! We have a scoop on new, super startling developments!!

...but it's just in a dream...
That's unfortunate! But at least he's lucky to see what they look like!

The legendary Pokémon of the Alola region: Solgaleo and Lunala!
The dream takes place at the Altar of the Sunne, which is located on Poni Island, an island Satoshi has never been to. Is this place related to the legendary Pokémon...?

The dawn of a mysterious morning and a startling encounter!
Further mysteries await Satoshi that day! He discovers a mysterious Pokémon in the tall grass!

He's made the amazing discovery of a new species of Pokémon?!
Incredibly, this is a completely unknown Pokémon there's not even data on in the Rotom Zukan!
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Solgaleo (Wild) , Lunala (Wild)

Re: PokeFan 55 (ポケモンファン 第55号)
>> Posted by: Sunain on 09/28/17 17:10:29 (No. 27895)
File: 15066330290038.jpg (1871px x 1281px - 847.99 KiB) Link to Image
The new Pokémon Starcloud, which is a complete mystery to all, is a newborn baby?!
Having noted its fluffy body and the way it twinkles like a star, Lilie named the Pokémon "Starcloud"! But what kind of Pokémon is it?

Since it's a baby, it plays all the time!
The Pokémon School is full of new playmates. It quickly becomes friends with Pikachu and the others!

Since it's a baby, it sleeps all the time!
If it thinks it might have created a mess, it goes straight to sleep. It's the middle of the class, though, so will Satoshi be okay..?!

Since it's a baby, it eats all the time!
It's somewhat different from other Pokémon when it comes to food as well! Turn the page to discover what its favorite is!
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Cosmog (Wild)

Re: PokeFan 55 (ポケモンファン 第55号)
>> Posted by: Sunain on 09/28/17 17:11:19 (No. 27896)
File: 15066330790040.jpg (2007px x 1302px - 795.91 KiB) Link to Image
A massive study! The secrets about Starcloud!!
Starcloud is still wrapped in mysteries! Here is the result of a massive study concerning three different subjects!

Everyone at the School takes care of Starcloud!
Starcloud is a new Pokémon nobody knows anything about! Everyone works together to ensure it gets raised healthily!

Subject 1: What does it eat?
All kinds of food gets prepared for it, but trouble arises when it doesn't eat any of it!

Salad, sandwiches, milk from Ohana Ranch, cake, Pokémon Food... it won't eat any of these! What can be done?!
They test absolutely everything, and eventually discover that for some reason, only konpeito makes it happy! That's the answer to what to feed it!

Konpeito? No problem!
Māmane happens to have some!

Subject 2: How do you make it stop crying?
Starcloud's crying is more intense than a Pokémon move?! And there's no other solution other than just treating it gently?!

Kaki has given up as well! Mao, we're relying on you!

Subject 3: A group of adults want to research it as well!
The "Aether Foundation", an organization that protects Pokémon, has caught word of Starcloud! They immediately set off to meet with Satoshi!

Lusamine: Represents the organization and researches Pokémon. And she's also Lilie and Gladio's mother!

Professor Burnet: Researches an unknown space outside the world where Pokémon and humans live.

Wicke: In charge of the Pokémon protection.

Sauboh: A scientist researching Pokémon.
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Cosmog (Wild)

Re: PokeFan 55 (ポケモンファン 第55号)
>> Posted by: Sunain on 09/28/17 17:13:53 (No. 27897)
File: 15066332330086.jpg (1008px x 1341px - 550.85 KiB) Link to Image
Get on board with the new developments in the anime!!
Starcloud alone is enough to make the anime really hectic, but it's also filled with intriguing stuff like Satoshi's dream and his new encounters! Make sure not to miss any episodes in the future either!!

Pay extra attention to what Satoshi's new partner Lugarugan (Dusk Form) does!!
Satoshi's Iwanko gained power little by little until it finally evolved! Now it's even cooler and even more reliable!
When it evolved, it saw the "Green Flash", which involves the sun shining in a green color!

Legendary Pokémon will appear! Don't miss out on the new developments that start with the episode "Satoshi and Starcloud! A Mysterious Encounter!!" It airs Thursday October 5th at 6:55pm! (time and date varies depending on region)
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Cosmog (Wild) , Ash Ketchum , Lillie , Ash's Rockruff

October 2017 Corocoro
File: 15052250550062.jpg (1200px x 1002px - 528.42 KiB) Link to Image
Posted by: Sunain on 09/12/17 10:04:15 (No. 27740)
October 2017 Corocoro
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Solgaleo (Wild) , Lunala (Wild) , Necrozma (Wild)
Re: October 2017 Corocoro
>> Posted by: Sunain on 09/13/17 13:28:49 (No. 27741)
File: 15053237290060.jpg (815px x 1199px - 268.79 KiB) Link to Image

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Lycanroc (Wild)


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