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Character Profiles

Characters profiles and voice actor comments

Aiming to become a Pokémon Master, he continues his travels alongside his partner Pikachu.
He has a strong sense of justice and an honest soul.

Voice: Rica Matsumoto

A cheerful and spirited girl that loves Water Pokémon more than anything else.
Takeshi's sharp-tongued straight man.


The "older brother" of the group.
He's a good cook and very reliable, but there's also this bit about him really liking girls older than him...


A legendary Pokémon born unto this world
by the ego of a human that wanted to create the strongest Pokémon ever.

Voice: Masachika Ichimura
Mewtwo, the Pokémon that's a legend to everyone, is evolving further and returning once again.
This movie saw me waking my internal "Mewtwo soul" back up to perform the role.
This year's "Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution", ressurrected after 21 years, is the first ever Pokémon movie to be animated entirely in full 3DCG.
I want to bring the power of the legendary Pokémon "Mewtwo" to absolutely everyone...
both those of you that saw the first movie and those of you that didn't!
Come, come to the theater!

A mythical Pokémon said to be the "origin" of all Pokémon,
and which whereabouts Pokémon researchers all over the world are seeking for.

Voice: Koichi Yamadera
Since I was also hosting Oha Suta back when "Pocket Monsters the Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back" premiered, I experienced how much of a social phenomenon the movie became both as an actor and as a marketer.
Since the movie is being remade in full 3DCG this time,
I feel like this is going to be an all new Pokémon movie even though we're actually back at the starting point... I'm very much looking forward to it.
I think this movie will remain in the hearts of both those that watched it way back then and the children watching it for the first time, and I really hope this will be the case.
I'm a bit worried about whether or not I'm still able to do the Mew voice, but I'll try my best with those high tones!!

Manages the wharf, and is very familiar with the sea due to growing up by a port.

Voice: Sachiko Kobayashi
I feel extremely happy to once again be able to take part in "Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution" after 21 long years.
The original movie was a movie that nurtured kindness and sympathy, and that moved lots of children with its adventure featuring their beloved Pokémon and friends.
I really want both those that were children back then, and for the children living in the present, to make sure they catch this legendary Pokémon movie, which has now undergone a further evolution, in the theater!!

Teaser and trailer

Teaser 3:

Trailer 2:

Sources: http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/chara/ and http://www.pokemon-movie.jp/trailer/

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