Pokémon GO - Safari Zone Montreal, the first-ever Pokémon GO event in Canada!

The Safari Zone Montreal 2019 took place from September 20th, 2019 until September 22nd, 2019. Niantic has written a post event synopsis on the activities and overall statistics.


Thank you for a wonderful Safari Zone Montreal, the first-ever Pokémon GO event in Canada!

Trainers, Thank you for joining us in beautiful Montreal, Quebec, Canada, for our very first Safari Zone in Canada—and North America as a whole! The three-day event was well attended by Trainers from around the globe. Over 39,000 Trainers from all over the world visited Parc Jean-Drapeau, walking 166,000 km and catching over 7 million Pokémon.

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A speedy Pokémon wonderland

Some exciting speedy Pokémon zipped their way to Parc Jean-Drapeau, such as Ponyta, Yanma, and Zigzagoon. Unown that spelled Q-U-E-B-E-C were also encounterable in the park. In celebration of Canada’s first-ever Safari Zone taking place in Montreal, Roselia, the Thorn Pokémon, was featured at the event as a nod to the Montreal coat of arms, which includes a rose insignia. Trainers in attendance also had an incredible opportunity to encounter and catch Tropius, a Pokémon that is normally only available in Africa, southern Spain, and Crete.

Attendees weren’t the only ones who got to enjoy the Safari Zone! Some Pokémon, such as Yanma, appeared much more frequently across Canada over the weekend in excitement for this event. There was even a chance Trainers could encounter Shiny Yanma!

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Relaxing at a real-life beach zone

With the summer winding down, attendees enjoyed crisp early-autumn weather, experienced local cuisine with our numerous food-truck offerings, traded with other Trainers in the hopes of getting an elusive Lucky Pokémon, and relaxed on the beach. Group photos were later taken at the beach and the Biosphere, resulting in a truly breathtaking experience from beginning to end!

Thank you for a wonderful event. We are so excited for all the adventures to come! Until then, let’s GO!

Source: https://pokemongolive.com/en/post/montreal-safari-zone-2019/

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