Pokémon Center Singapore - Pokémon Diner Stationery Collection

Starting on Saturday, October 19th, 2019, the Pokémon Center Singapore will begin selling a line of merchandise called the Pokémon Diner Stationery Collection. A wide array of memo pads, notebooks, letter paper, envelopes and other stationery productions will be available to purchase.


Pokémon Diner Stationery Collection

With the coming festive season, time to stock up on your stationery!

Need paper to send personalized letters to relatives and friends? We have cute letter papers and pads, as well as envelopes, decorated with our lovable Pokémon friends, guaranteed to be treasured by those you send your letters to!

Want to start on a creative literary journey? We have a wide array of memo pads and notebooks for you to engage your creative inner self with!

Searching for the perfect gift for a back-to-school or back-to-office shopping trip? We have lots of sticky notes, stickers and clear folders to satisfy your shopping needs!

Introducing the latest merchandise to hit the shelves of Pokémon Center Singapore: Pokémon Diner Stationery Set! With endearing Pokémon designs and utilizing soft pastel tones, these stationery items are here to steal everyone's hearts!

Pokémon Diner Stationery Set merchandise will be launched on 19th October 2019, Saturday, at 10 am in Pokémon Center Singapore. There's never a better time to shop for stationery!



Stationery Set Pokémon diner - S$12.00
Envelope Pokémon diner white - S$8.00
Envelope Pokémon diner pink - S$8.00
Letter Paper Pokémon diner white - S$8.00
Letter Paper Pokémon diner pink - S$8.00
Mini Notebook 2pcs Pokémon diner - S$7.00
Sticker Roll Pokémon diner - S$10.00
Memo Pokémon diner white - S$8.00
Memo Pokémon diner pink - S$8.00
Clear File 2pcs Pokémon diner - S$8.00
Pen Case Pokémon diner - S$22.00
Book Style Sticker Note Pokémon diner - S$10.00
To Do list Sticky Note Pokémon diner white - S$8.00
To Do list Sticky Note Pokémon diner blue - S$8.00
One Word Letter Pokémon diner - S$7.00

※ All prices are including tax.
※ Please take note that the release date and prices are subject to change without notice.
※ Photographs are for illustrative purposes only. The actual product may differ in color and design.
※ Stock availability may differ at various times. Please check in-store for details.
※ Quantity of products are limited and available on a first-come-first-serve basis.
※ Products are only available whilst stocks last. In the event the item is out of stock, we apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused.
※ To ensure availability of items for all customers, a quantity restriction per item may be imposed on each customer.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/Pokemon.official.Singapore

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