Pokémon Center Singapore - Gigantamax All Together


Ever wanted to purchase your own Gigantamax plushies? Wait no further! Our New Gigantamax merchandise are coming to Pokémon Center Singapore! Mark your calendars, set your alarms for Friday, 31st July 2020, 10 AM!

Add a free clear file and clear card set to your cart during purchase! You can also earn 10% cashback, or get free shipping with a minimum spend of S$25.00! And if you are new to Shopee, simply spend a minimum of S$20.00 and get S$10.00 off when you use the voucher code: POKESHOP10 (Only valid till Friday, 31st July 2020, 23:59 SGT)



Plush Corviknight Gigantamax Form - S$75.00
Plush Alcremie Gigantamax Form - S$75.00
Plush Pikachu Gigantamax Form - S$64.00
Plush Eevee Gigantamax Form - S$64.00
Plush Charizard Gigantamax Form - S$75.00
Plush Meowth Gigantamax Form - $64.00
A4 Clear Folder Corviknight vs Lapras (Gigantamax) - S$5.00
A4 Clear Folder Charizard vs Machamp (Gigantamax) - S$5.00
A4 Clear Folder Gigantamax all together - S$5.00
Postcard 5pcs Gigantamax all together - S$10.00
Placemat 2pcs Corviknight Charizard (Gigantamax) - S$15.00
Un-ruled Notebook Corviknight vs Lapras (Gigantamax) - S$4.00
Un-ruled Notebook Charizard vs Machamp (Gigantamax) - S$4.00
Writing Underlay Mat Corviknight vs Lapras (Gigantamax) - S$5.00
Writing Underlay Mat Charizard vs Machamp (Gigantamax) - S$5.00
Handkerchief Corviknight vs Lapras (Gigantamax) - S$6.00
Handkerchief Charizard vs Machamp (Gigantamax) - S$6.00
Money Pouch Corviknight vs Lapras (Gigantamax) - S$12.00
Money Pouch Charizard vs Machamp (Gigantamax) - S$12.00
Money Pouch Gigantamax all together - S$12.00
Masking Tape Gigantamax all together - S$12.00
Changing T-shirts Collection (Blind Pack) - S$30.00
Die-cut Memo T-shirts Astonish - S$8.00
Die-cut Memo T-shirts Payback(Eevee) - S$8.00
Die-cut Memo T-shirts Curry - S$8.00
Die-cut Memo T-shirts Luxury Print - S$8.00
Die-cut Memo T-shirts Orange - S$8.00
Die-cut Memo T-shirts Pokeball - S$8.00
Masking Tape T-shirts - S$12.00
Masking Tape Galar Company Logo - S$12.00
Pin Badge Galar Company Logo - S$8.00 (Random) /$45.00 (9PCS BOX SET)

※ All prices are tax inclusive.
※ Please take note that the release date and prices are subject to change without notice.
※ Photographs are for illustrative purposes only. The actual product may differ in colour and design.
※ Stock availability may differ at various times. Please check in-store for details.
※ Quantity of products are limited and available on a first-come-first-served basis.
※ Products are only available while stocks last. In the event the item is out of stock, we apologise in advance for any inconvenience caused.
※ To ensure availability of items for all customers, a quantity restriction per item may be imposed on each customer.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/Pokemon.official.Singapore/posts/2666261223700790

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