Pokemon Sunday 259

Episode PictureThe latest episode of Pokémon Sunday, Bulu's Magnificent Life!? / Is the Third Man following Professor Akido and Handsome Yamamoto Finally Making his Entrance? / A New Pokémon Card Game Series Debuts! (ブルーのかれいなせいかつ!? アーキド博士、ハンサム山本に続く第三の男、ついに登場!? ポケモンカードゲーム新シリーズ登場!), aired today in Japan.

In today's episode of Pokémon Sunday, Professor Akido and Handsome Yamamoto starts the show off by putting Baba in a large life size PokéWalker to see the effects it has on humans. Shortly after, Akiyama and Yamamoto are informed that they will be joined by a new member of the group, and surely enough, the monster ball maker Gantetsu from the Jouto region makes his entrance. He is put on a test to prove that he is the real Gantetsu, having to complete a (jigsaw puzzle) monster ball while protecting a Yadon (Akiyama) from being hit by a water balloon placed over his face, right in the path of a model train, at the same time. He does relatively well, but eventually fails, and it's revealed he was really Baba in disguise all along. Following that, the cameraman Genzou from HeartGold and SoulSilver appears, and is asked to prove his identity by taking a picture of Director Lucario, located behind a series of screens, while having a rubber band tied to his pants. Once again, the new member fails and is revealed to be Baba. Finally, the Pokéthlon overseer Kejime arrives, and is put to test. He is to participate in a game of Push Circle, a king of the hill-style Pokéthlon event from the games, which he fails miserably at, and eventually reveals that he is Baba to be allowed to leave the stage. Will Baba eventually get his own PokéSun persona?

The rerun serial "Pokémon Selection" started a new theme, "The Happy Pokémon of the Jouto Region", with today's episode focusing on a Bulu unhappy with the life of luxury she's living, who's eventually allowed to live her life the way she wants to. Until she decides to go chasing after Nyarth's tail, at least...

Dr. Takashima joined the rest of the group for today's Pokémon game Arena, where the new card game series "LEGEND" was introduced. Noteworthy additions are the new Great Pokémon and Legend types of cards. Both are more powerful than normal cards, and the Legend cards each consist of two pieces, both of which must be played together. Also new is the addition of "mirror cards", reverse foil editions of Pokémon and trainer cards which have been part of the international releases of the card game for a while.

The episode also debuted a new series of skits starring Yadon Akiyama, similiar to the Yamirami skits that have been running for a while.

Also, the Pokémon Sunday studio was updated with figures of Lugia, Ho-oh and Pichu to commemmorate the release of Pocket Monsters HeartGold and SoulSilver.

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