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Episode PicturePokémon Smash Episode 15, Takeshi & Satoshi! Defend Nibi Gym in a Tag Battle!! / The Legendary Pokémon 'Reshiram' and 'Zekrom' Appear in a Card Game Battle!? / Announcing the New Move for Victini, Which Will Appear in the Movie! (タケシ&サトシ! タッグバトルでニビジムを守れ!! / ポケモンカードバトルに伝説のポケモン「レシラム」「ゼクロム」が登場!?/映画に登場するビクティニの新しいワザを公開!), aired on Sunday in Japan.

The episode begins with Golgo, Shoko, and Robert wondering where Professor Red was as he hadn't showed up yet. Just then, Professor Red runs in and greets everyone. Professor Red had a deck of Pokémon Trading Cards and he is excited to learn about the game.

Golgo introduces this weeks rerun episode as part of the Pokémon Library and Akiyama announces this weeks theme, Cannot win with Power alone! (パワーだけでは勝てなう!). This weeks rerun episode was Takeshi & Satoshi! Defend Nibi Gym in a Tag Battle!! (タケシ&サトシ! タッグバトルでニビジムを守れ!!) from the Advanced Generation series. A full summary of that episode is available in the episode guide. Red said the go-to line 'OK! Pokémon Library!' to start the repeat episode.

After the repeat episode, the International girls arrive and say they will be going out to do a task dealing with the Pokémon Card Game. Robert from the Adventure Division quickly take exception to that as they believe that's what the Adventure Division is for. Hana takes exception to their complaining and tells them to "Shut up!". Yamamoto then announces they will be doing a Pokémon Card Battle using the latest BW set.

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The teams were the same as the last card battle. Hana, Misaki, and Yamamoto were on one team and Maria, Baba, and Akiyama were on the other team. The International Group and Adventure Group meet up with Teacher Takashima (タカシマ先生) who was once again their teacher for this segment of the show.

This time Teacher Takashima lets them design their deck the way they wanted before the battle. At first Maria's team had 12 Pokémon and only 3 energy cards. He then points out that some of the cards they had chosen had attacks like Enbuoh's (エンブオー) Flare Drive (フレアドライブ) that required 4 energy cards to use. He then looked at Hana's selections and noticed her team had a better Pokémon card to energy card ratio but they didn't have enough Fire energy cards to use Reshiram's (レシラム) Blue Fire (あおいほのお) move which requires at least 2 fire energy.

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Both teams took Teacher Takashima's advice and rebuilt their decks. Maria's team went from 3 energy cards to 9 but reduced the Pokémon cards from 12 to 6. Hana's team added a couple more Fire energy. They each shuffled their decks and placed them on the large mat. Hana's team went first and the first card they picked up was Reshiram (レシラム BC 013/053). Hana states in English: "It's a good one!" and they put it on their bench. They also attach a Fire energy to Yamamoto Mijumaru (ミジュマル WC 011/053) who is their currently active battle Pokémon.

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Hana attached a Grass Energy to Akiyama Monmen (モンメン BC 004/053) giving it enough energy to use Cotton Guard (コットンガード) which deals 10 damage. Akiyama got a cotton ball and a tissue to tickle Yamamoto's nose to imitate the move. Hana then picked up a water energy and gave it to Yamamoto Mijumaru giving him enough energy to use Shell Blade (シェルブレード) which does 20 damage plus 20 more damage if a coin flip is heads. Hana flipped the coin and got head. Yamamoto hit Akiyama with a stuffed pillow that looked like a shell dealing Akiyama Monmen 40 damage but only 10 damage points counted due to Monmen's resistance to water attacks and a -10 modifier from using Cotton Guard.

Maria's team picked up a Lightning Energy card and gave it to Baba Zekrom (ゼクロム WC 020/053). Maria also evolved Akiyama into Erufuun (エルフーン BC 005/053). They used Helping Hand (てだすけ) which allows them to choose 1 Basic Energy card from their deck and attach it to their Benched Pokémon. They chose a Lightning Energy card and applied it to Zekrom. Hana picked up Futachimaru (フタチマル WC 012/053) and evolved Yamamoto and said it was one of their 'Best Card's. Yamamoto uses Aqua Tail (アクアテール) which does 30 damage plus 10 more damage for each heads they flip. Hana rolled a heads and Yamamoto hit Akiyama with a tail attached to his back that was drenched with water but it only dealt 20 damage in the end. Maria decided to switch Akiyama and Baba and applied another Lightning Energy.

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Maria instructed Baba to use Zekrom's Lightning Strike (らいげき) attack which deals 120 damage to the opponent and 40 damage to itself. Baba touched Yamamoto's nose while holding an electric conductor and it shocked Yamamoto to simulate the Lightning Strike attack. That knocked out Yamamoto's Futachimaru (フタチマル WC 012/053) and gave Maria's team the win.

As announced earlier in the week on the official Pocket Monsters movie website, Shoko-tan announced the full title for the 14th Pocket Monsters movie. Victini and the Dark Hero - Zekrom (ビクティニと黒き英雄ゼクロム) will debut in Japanese theaters on July 16th, 2011. To celebrate the new movie, a Victini that knows the move V-Generate (Vジェネレート) will be distributed. Full distribution details have yet to be announced.

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During the Marketing Divisions segment, Elite Four (四天王) member Gima (ギーマ) was unveiled along with his Pokémon: Zuruzukin (ズルズキン), Waruvial (ワルビアル), Kirikizan (キリキザン) and Lepardas (レパルダス). Shoko-tan also revealed the legendary Pokémon: Cobalon (コバルオン), Terrakion (テラキオン), and Virizion (ビリジオン).

Characters and Pictures from this episode have been added to the episode guide. You can also comment and discuss this episode on the forum. Also be sure to rate this and other episodes in the episode guide.

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