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Jan 23

The Pokémon Booth at the Next Generation World Hobby Fair '20 Winter

Posted by Adamant | January 23rd 2020 at 10:32 AM EST
Tags: Event, World Hobby Fair
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The official Japanese Pokémon website has a presentation of the Pokémon Booth at the Next Generation World Hobby Fair '20 Winter. Translations follow:

The Next Generation World Hobby Fair '20 Winter

The Next Generation World Hobby Fair '20 Winter will be held at four locations across Japan starting Sunday January 19th. There, we will present the latest Pokémon info, which of course includes info on "Pocket Monsters Sword/Shield", but also on the "Pokémon Card Game", the "Pocket Monsters" anime, and more!

The Max Raid Battle Experience Section
In the "Pocket Monsters Sword/Shield" section you'll be able to experience "Max Raid Battles" against Kyodaimaxed Sekitanzan and Laplace.
Those of you who challenged Sekitanzan (Kyodaimax form) will be given a serial code with which you can get a Kyodaimaxing Sekitanzan, and those of you who challenged Laplace (Kyodaimax form) will be given a serial code with which you can get a Kyodaimaxing Laplace! You'll be able to experience these battles even if you don't have a Nintendo Switch or the game, so make sure to try it out, okay?

*You will need the Nintendo Switch game "Pocket Monsters Sword/Shield" and a place where you can connect your Nintendo Switch to the Internet in order to receive the Pokémon.
*The system's user needs to be linked to a Nintendo Account in order to connect to the Internet. (The user does not need to be subscribed to "Nintendo Switch Online".)
*Please note that this is a one time gift for a single save data in a single game. It can not be received more than once.
*The expiration date for the serial codes to receive the Kyodaimaxing Sekitanzan/Laplace is Saturday February 29th 2020. Make sure to receive it before the deadline is up.
*For info on how to receive Pokémon, go here.

The "Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX" Section
"Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX" is the newest Pokémon video game, and it's set for release Friday March 6th. If you answer a special quiz exclusive to this event, you'll receive some items that will help you on your adventure! Not only that, you can also look forward to the Scarfed Pikachu that appears in the game dropping by this section in between the stage shows!

The "Pocket Monsters Sword/Shield" Max Raid Battle Stage Show
During the "Pocket Monsters Sword/Shield" stage show, four extravagant performers, some of them Pokénchi residents, will work together to take on a "Max Raid Battle". Make sure to come watch.

Battle Abareru-kun with the Pokémon Card Game Starter Set V!

Abareru-kun will be at the Pokémon Card stage show, and battles using the "Starter Set V" are going to take place there! Abareru-kun's opponents will be selected from you guys in the audience that are grade school age or younger. Master how to play the Pokémon Card Game and come battle Abareru-kun.

*We will lend you a "Starter Set V" you will use during the match, so there is no need to bring your own deck or any other equipment.
*The schedule has one person from the audience battling Abareru-kun per stage show.

The Special "Pocket Monsters" Anime Stage Show
Play fun games you know from TV, like "PokéRiddles" and "Pokémon Shiritori"! We'll have extravagant prizes too. The super popular Pokénchi residents will be there during the show at the Tokyo fair!

Go Meet Sarunori, Hibanny, Messon and Tachifusaguma!
Sarunori, Hibanny, Messon and Tachifusaguma will be visiting the "Next Generation World Hobby Fair '20 Winter"! Look forward to that.

Next Generation World Hobby Fair '20 Winter Event Info

The Nagoya Fair
Date and time: Sunday January 19th, 9am to 4pm (admission closes at 3:45pm)
Venue: Nagoya Dome
*Approx. 5 minutes by foot from Nagoya Dome-mae Yada Station on the Municipal subway line.
*Approx. 15 minutes by foot from Ozone Station on the JR/Municipal subway/Meitetsu lines.

The Tokyo Fair
Date and time: Saturday January 25th and Sunday January 26th, 9am to 4pm (admission closes at 3:45pm)
Venue: Exhbition Hall 9, 10 and 11, Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall
*Approx. 5 minutes by foot from Kaihim Makuhari Station on the JR line.
*Approx. 15 minutes with the Kaihim Makuhari Station bus from Makuhari Hongo Station on the JR line. Approx. 17 minutes with the Makuhari Messe Chuo bus or the ZOZO MARINE STADIUM/Iryo Center bus.

The Fukuoka Fair
Date and time: Sunday February 2nd, 9am to 4pm (admission closes at 3:45pm)
Venue: Fukuoka Yahuoku! Dome
*Approx. 15 minutes by foot from exit 3 at Tojinmachi Station on the Municipal subway line.
*Take the bus from Tenjin Station on the Municipal subway line or Hakata Station on the JR/Municipal subway lines to Yahuoku! Dome, Kyushu Medical Center or Hilton Fukuoka Sea Hawk.

The Osaka Fair
Date and time: Sunday February 8th, 9am to 4pm (admission closes at 3:45pm)
Venue: Kyocera Dome Osaka
*A short walking distance from Dome-mae Chiyozaki Station on the Municipal subway line and Dome-mae Station on the Hanshin Electric Railway line.
*Approx. 7 minutes by foot from Taishō Station on the JR line.
*Approx. 9 minutes by foot from Kujo Station on the Municipal subway lines.

*Admission is free at all venues.
*The fairs will not be postponed for rain.
*Please see the official Next Generation World Hobby Fair '20 Winter website for precautions and information regarding your visit.
*Please note that photos taken at the Pokémon Booth may be posted on The Pokémon Company's website or on social media.

Source: https://www.pokemon.co.jp/info/2019/11/191129_e01.html

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Dec 19

Pocket Monsters Sword and Shield - Ball Guy - Code Distribution

Posted by Sunain | December 19th 2019 at 10:17 AM EST
Tags: Event, Twitter, Pokémon Sword, Pokémon Shield
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An official Japanese Pocket Monsters Twitter account has completed a Ball Guy (ボールガイ) code distribution. The codes can be redeemed from December 19th, 2019 until January 15th, 2020 by entering the code in the Mystery Gift option in Sword or Shield.


Image Code Items Notes
symbol K0UN1NMASC0T Fast Ball, Moon Ball, Level Ball 公認マスコット translates to "official mascot".
symbol 1YAHAYA Heavy Ball, Lure Ball, Beast Ball いやはや in the context of these games means "blimey".
symbol 0KUGAFUKA1B0RU Love Ball, Friend Ball, Dream Ball 奥が深いボル translates to "they're more than meets the eye, b'all"

Source: https://twitter.com/poke_times

Article edited on 2019-12-19 10:19:06 by Sunain
Jul 10

Movie 22 Website Updates with Report from Sachiko Kobayashi's Appearance at Adult-Only Pre-Screening

Posted by Adamant | July 10th 2019 at 11:28 PM EDT
Tags: Anime, Event, Movie
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The official Pokémon movie website has updated. Translations follow:

Sachiko Kobayashi Descended to the Adult-Only Pre-Screening to Great Surprise!!

An adult-only pre-screening was held in Tokyo Monday July 8th.

Opportunities to buy tickets were available via lottery, and this time we got an incredible 10 times as many people signing up for it as there were tickets!
Some of the fans lucky enough to win could be seen crying from the point the movie started, presumably due to all the memories of their childhood that were coming at them.
It looked like especially many were holding handkerchiefs and tissues against their eyes as "Kaze to issho ni" played alongside the end credits, looking overcome by emotions.

And believe it or not, but on this day, guest voice actor and theme song performer Sachiko Kobayashi was actually watching the movie from the audience alongside the fans...!
When a surprise stage appearance by Sachiko Kobayashi was announced after the screening, she was pressing her hands against her eyes as she made her descent on the stage, saying "I was crying from the very beginning of the movie too..."!
The audience received her warmly and with thunderous applause.

When Kobayashi started singing Kaze to issho ni with the line "Aruki tsuzukete...", the audience could be heard quietly singing along as if they knew the lyrics by heart.
Sobbing voices could also be heard alongside them, the audience breaking out in tears of gratitude.

Sachiko Kobayashi's comment:
The first thing that came to mind as I watched this year's movie was how wonderful the visuals were. And just like when I watched the first movie, I couldn't stop crying when I saw the movie's bonds between Pokémon and Pokémon, and between Pokémon and humans, that depicted our world's "eternal theme": "The desire for a world without conflict".
There were people tearing up from the start of the second half all the way until the end credits...
Once again I feel how this movie, and its theme song, is filled with the memories of many many people.
Those of you who were children in 1998 grew up, became members of society and started working. I felt like your mother as I sang this song with all my heart, hoping to reach you.
When I was singing the song right now, there were people sitting right in front of me, crying... and I got worried I wouldn't be able to sing properly because I'd start crying along with them. (laughs)

"Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution" finally premieres Friday July 12th!!

Source: https://www.pokemon-movie.jp/news/?p=3776

Article edited on 2019-07-11 12:29:56 by Adamant
Jul 08

Movie 22 Website Updates with Report from LA Premiere, Pokémon GO Event and Special Promo Video

Posted by Adamant | July 8th 2019 at 12:41 PM EDT
Tags: Anime, Event, Movie, YouTube
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The official Pokémon movie website has updated. Translations follow:

"Mewtwo Strikes Back"'s LA Premiere was a Huge Success! We Also Release the Latest News on Pokémon GO, as Well as a Special Video That Features Rita Ora's Singing!!

The Enthusiastically Received LA Premiere

"Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution" was invited to the largest anime convention in North America, "Anime Expo 2019" in Los Angeles, USA, where it had its LA premiere Thursday July 4th (local time)!

This first international screening was attended by the person indispensable to Pokémon, Satoshi's voice actress Rica Matsumoto, as well as Director Kunihiko Yuyama and Director Motonori Sakakibara.

The day before the premiere, the three of them visited the entrance of TCL Chinese Theatre, where the premiere of the first Pokémon movie, "Pocket Monsters the Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back", had taken place.
As they were standing at this spot that had become "the Pokémon movies' first step towards the world", they talked about their thoughts towards the next day's screening, which was going to be this movie's overseas debut.


There's going to be so many people watching the movie with us I get goosebumps at the mere mention of the premiere. All kinds of people continue to love the Pokémon World, including both the video games and the movies, and I would love if it could connect them and form a circle of happy faces. Let's get smiles!

Director Yuyama
I came to America to see an actual screening of the first movie back when it was in theaters here, and it was a very novel experience to witness the audience yelling "Yay!" during the opening and when Satoshi made his appearance. Now I'm back in America again after 21 years, and I'm really excited to see how the movie will be received this time.

Director Sakakibara
3DCG animation is mainstream in America, so I'm looking forward to seeing how the movie will be received. I was working on a movie back when the first Pokémon movie premiered, and when I saw with my own eyes that a movie like that, a product of the Japanese entertainment industry, became such a massive blockbuster, I was thinking how I really wanted to make a movie like that myself one day. Though I'm still astonished I got to work on one now, 20 years later.

On the day of the LA premiere itself, Anime Expo hosted an autograph session, a screening of the Japanese version of the feature film with English subtitles, as well as stage greetings.
At the autograph session, we got both fans cosplaying Satoshi taking photos with Matsumoto and fans that wanted their personal Pokémon memorabilia autographed.
Some fans had even been waiting in line all night, and they exploded with joy when they got their autograph, showing just how much it meant to them.


When the screening finally begun, the audience burst out in loud cheers.
Adults and children displayed a variety of emotions as they were taking in the movie; One moment they were watching the opening scene where Mewtwo swears revenge on the humans with their eyes glued to the screen as they sat there in complete silence, the next they were roaring with laughter as the Rocket Gang made their appearance, and at the end they were watching the exchange between Satoshi and Pikachu with their cheeks wet with tears.

And when the post-screening stage greetings began, Matsumoto, Director Yuyama and Director Sakakibara received a warm welcome by the local fans, who greeted them with loud cheers and thunderous applause.


I'm seeing the earliest days of Pokémon flash before my eyes, and I really wish I could've told everyone back then that a day like this would come. Seeing your reactions, like how you cheer loudly out of love for Pokémon, brings tears to my eyes.

Director Yuyama:
I've made more than 20 Pokémon movies so far, but this is the first 3DCG one, so this time I was watching your reactions to it with the same excitement as if this was my debut movie. What did you all think of it? (the audience applauded loudly)

Director Sakakibara:
I could feel the Pokémon love in your cheers, and it made me really happy we made this movie. This is an amazing feeling.

When Matsumoto performed "Mezase Pokémon Master", the enthusiasm from the audience hit its absolute peak.
The phrase "Pokémon is a universal language" truly fits this situation, and Matsumoto, Director Yuyama and Director Sakakibara all got caught up in the whirlpool of enthusiasm the LA premiere had turned into!
They truly had a blast as the event concluded with a commemorative photo taken with roughly 2800 Pokémon fans.
After the highly successful LA premiere had concluded, Matsumoto commented "All kinds of things were coming to my mind and I got deeply moved, thinking about how it's really been 21 years now. I'm really grateful I've had all this, it's something very few people will ever be able to feel or experience. I'm happy to have shared my song and thoughts with all you LA fans."

The movie and Pokémon GO are having a crossover! Armored Mewtwo makes its appearance!
A Pokémon GO promotion video that utilized various scenes from "Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution", a crossover between the two, premiered at Anime Expo.
Armored Mewtwo, the restrained form from the movie that suppresses Mewtwo's power, will appear in Pokémon GO between Thursday July 11th and Wednesday July 31st Japanese time.
And if you win a raid battle against it, you'll have the chance to get Armored Mewtwo as well!

A special promotion video set to one of singer Rita Ora's songs has been released!
A special promotion video for "Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution" featuring one of Rita Ora's songs was released as well. Rita Ora is an artist popular all over the world that also handled the theme song for "Detective Pikachu", which was released in May this year.
This is a must see video where Ora's bright, clear and wonderful singing goes perfectly with the beautiful 3DCG Pokémon world.

The LA premiere came to an end amidst great enthusiasm.
The Japanese premiere finally takes place Friday July 12th!
Keep looking more and more forward to it!

©2019 Niantic, Inc.
©2019 Pokémon. ©1995-2019 Nintendo/Creatures Inc. /GAME FREAK inc.

Source: https://www.pokemon-movie.jp/news/?p=3763

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Jul 05

Movie 22 Website Updates with Report from the Pre-Premiere

Posted by Adamant | July 5th 2019 at 09:32 PM EDT
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The official Pokémon movie website has updated. Translations follow:

A Report from the Pre-Premiere

The movie's pre-premiere was held in Tokyo Sunday June 30th.
Sachiko Kobayashi, Koichi Yamadera, Rica Matsumoto, Director Kunihiko Yuyama, Director Motonori Sakakibara, Shoko Nakagawa and the Pokémon Kids 2019 were all present on the stage.
And so were Mewtwo and Pikachu.

Director Yuyama started off by greeting the audience:
"All the Pokémon movies we've made so far has been in 2D, so I'm looking forward to seeing how this first full 3DCG movie will be received. Since "Mewtwo Strikes Back" was the first ever Pokémon movie we made, 21 years ago, it serves as somewhat of a nucleus of the entire Pokémon anime, so I'm looking forward to learning what kind of thoughts both those that watched it 21 years ago and those that are now watching it for the first time have on it."
When he was asked what he felt as he was directing this year's movie,
he replied "I wanted us to go back to where it all began and make it so that even more people would watch this movie."

Next, Director Sakakibara commented
"This year's movie is in 3DCG, which is why I get to be part of a Pokémon movie for the first time. 21 years ago, when the original movie premiered, I was there in the audience. That movie was a huge hit in America, and I wished I could make a movie like that some day. I'm really happy to be given that chance with this movie."
Sakakibara has been active on the forefront of Hollywood for many years,
and when he was asked what it was like to try making the first ever 3DCG Pokémon movie, he had the following to say:
"There were a lot of challenges involved, but the one that was on my mind the most was how to recreate the atmosphere, and these anime characters that truly represent Japan, in 3D. As an example, we had to figure out how we should interpret those bits on Satoshi's cheeks that turn into Zs, and while we thought of various ways to do that, in the end we came to the conclusion that if we kept their designs true to their original ones they'd turn out fine. I hope you'll pay attention to them as you watch the movie."

Rica Matsumoto, who plays Satoshi, then greeted the audience with an energetic
"All right, everyone, here I go! ...I got a Pokémon!"!
She continued: "I'm extremely happy that this 21 year old movie could be reborn in 3DCG and brought to you guys, and that I got to be part of it as Satoshi! I'm really moved by it all."
She was then asked what she felt when she first saw Satoshi, who you could call her alter ego, in 3DCG for the first time, to which she replied
"I thought his teeth were really nice. I was also really surprised at how realistic the material his hat is made of looked."
"The visuals were so overwhelming I started crying just 3 seconds in", she continued. "I am confident that this is a movie that will stick around for both 100 and 200 years in the future, so please look forward to it, everyone."

Sachiko Kobayashi, who plays Voyager, the woman managing the wharf, was next:
"I played Voyager 21 years ago, and I'm playing Voyager this year as well. When we were dubbing the movie, I said "(uses a cute high-pitched voice) I'm Voyager!" in what I thought sounded like a much younger voice that resembled the one I had 21 years ago, and the director just went "You can talk like the present Kobayashi-san" (laughs). This really ended up being a wonderful movie. Please enjoy it,"
she said, giving a greeting that included a behind-the-scenes story from the dubbing session which drew laughter from the audience.

Koichi Yamadera, who is in his 22nd Pokémon movie in a row this year, and who is reprising his role as Mew this time, punned
"I get to be in these movies every year, but when I see the smiles on your faces, it makes me really happy to be here with you-kata!", standing there in his yukata. And when he heard the children in the audience cheer, he greeted them with "It's been a while, but... Kyo mo genki ni, O-HA!"
He then continued: "Pokémon made it so that I got to host a TV show called Oha Suta, and that changed my life a lot. Not too long after that show started, "Mewtwo Strikes Back" happened, and while I got to play the role of Mew back then as well, I was also promoting the movie on Oha Suta at the same time. That movie was such a big hit all over the world it became a social phenomenon, and the fact that I was right there constantly seeing how the movie made such a massive impression on everyone that saw it makes me really happy to be able to play Mew here in "Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution". I was a bit worried that I wouldn't be able to do the high voice, but I did my best, so please forget what I look like (laughs) and watch the movie!"

Shoko Nakagawa and all the Pokémon Kids 2019 then came onto the stage and joined Sachiko Kobayashi in a performance of "Kaze to issho ni".

Matsumoto, who had been listening to the performance, shared her thoughts on it, saying "I got really moved, remembering how happy I and my fellow voice actors got 21 years ago, when it was decided there was going to be a Pokémon movie.", with Yamadera commenting "You're trying to hold back your tears with all your might."

Kobayashi then shared a story from the "Kaze to issho ni" events she's currently doing with Nakagawa:
"I've seen mothers, holding their children, singing along with this song without any lyric sheets or anything. And...", she said to Nakagawa,
who continued, going "...and there's been adult men crying loudly as they remembered their childhood. Their eyes were all using Hydro Pump."
When she was asked what it was like to sing this song, Nakagawa replied "I got the feels! So so many feels!"
She then continued: "This song is full of precious memories for me. To sing it as an adult together with the Pokémon Kids 2019, as well as having it live on like this, expanding its popularity, working with Pokémon to make people smile... it really is a wonderful start to the Reiwa era.

The moderator then asked everyone "Pokémon Trainers set off on their journey when they are 10. What did you do when you were 10?"
Here is what they replied:
Kobayashi: "I sang "Usotsuki kamome" at the Tokyo Olympics."
Matsumoto: "I wasn't all that different from Satoshi. I was a girl with a similarly strong sense of justice as the one he has."
Yamadera: "I loved doing impressions, and was imitating all kinds of animals."
Nakagawa: "That was the year before the Pokémon games were released, so we were still in the Pre-Pokémon Era, but I loved video games, I loved drawing, I was friends with cats, and now I've become an adult that hasn't changed one bit in that regard."

Finally, the stage greetings ended with Director Yuyama saying "I think this is a movie that condenses everything Pokémon has been so far, so I hope you enjoy it."

"Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution" finally premieres next week, Friday July 12th!
Make sure to come watch it, okay?

Source: https://www.pokemon-movie.jp/news/?p=3735

Article edited on 2019-07-08 07:30:19 by Adamant
Jul 05

Movie 22 Website Updates with Info on Tie-in Event at Osaka Station City

Posted by Adamant | July 5th 2019 at 12:23 AM EDT
Tags: Anime, Event, Movie
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The official Pokémon movie website has updated. Translations follow:

Celebrating the Movie's Premiere! A Pikachu March in Osaka

To celebrate the movie's premiere on Friday July 12th,
a Pikachu march will take place at Toki-no-hiroba Plaza at Osaka Station Saturday July 13th!!
There's also going to be a rock-paper-scissors tournament where you can win merchandise that can't be bought anywhere!

Time and date:
Saturday July 13th at 11am (lasts about 30 minutes)

Toki-no-hiroba Plaza, Osaka Station City, Osaka Station

Source: https://www.pokemon-movie.jp/news/?p=3725

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