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Dec 27

The Pokémon Company debuts new games exclusively on Facebook Gaming

Posted by Sunain | December 27th 2019 at 08:37 AM EST
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The Pokémon Company and Facebook Gaming announced that they have debuted two new Pokémon games that are exclusively available on Facebook Gaming called: Pokémon Tower Battle, developed by Bombay Play, and Pokémon Medallion Battle, developed by GCTurbo.


The Pokémon Company debuts new games exclusively on Facebook Gaming

We’re excited to welcome the beloved and iconic Pokémon franchise as they debut two games on Facebook Gaming this December: Pokémon Tower Battle, developed by Bombay Play, and Pokémon Medallion Battle, developed by GCTurbo.

Pokémon Tower Battle, available now worldwide, is a unique take on the Pokémon franchise: players compete by stacking Pokémon against one another to create the tallest Pokémon towers. As players discover, catch and level-up rare Pokémon, they can compete in real-time against friends or across a global leaderboard. It might seem like a simple physics-based puzzler at first, but the strategic choices in where and how players stack Pokémon will determine the true Tower Battle masters.


Pokémon Medallion Battle, now available to players in the Asia-Pacific region, is a digital card battle strategy game. In the game, trainers collect, battle and evolve Pokémon in medallion form and embark on a journey with their companions to win gym badges and complete their Pokédex. Players can also discover new Pokémon--introduced every month--to create even better decks.


“We are excited to launch two new entries in the Pokémon franchise on Facebook Gaming,” said Tsunekazu Ishihara, CEO, The Pokémon Company. “Launching these games through Facebook will allow people all over the world to experience Pokémon in digital form, and we are especially thrilled to collaborate with Facebook Gaming in enabling new audiences to enjoy Pokémon games online.”

For those eager to try out Pokémon on Facebook, Tower Battle is now available in all regions through the Facebook Gaming tab and bookmark. Medallion Battle is currently available to players in the Asia-Pacific region*


Source: https://www.facebook.com/fbgaminghome/blog/the-pokemon-company-debuts-new-games-exclusively-on-facebook-gaming

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Oct 15

Movie 17 Hong Kong DVD and Diancie Distribution

Posted by Sunain | October 15th 2015 at 05:10 PM EDT
Tags: DVD, Movie, Facebook, X and Y, Event Pokémon, Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire
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The official Nintendo Hong Kong website has announced that Diancie will be distributed to players of Pokémon X, Pokémon Y, Pokémon Omega Ruby or Pokémon Alpha Sapphire on October 15th, 2015 and October 29th, 2015. Players needed to login to Facebook in order to receive a code. Diancie is similar to the one distributed in Japan in 2014 for the 17th Movie in theaters. A DVD for the 17th movie will also be available.

Diancie Information

Level: 100
OT: Universe
Moves: Diamond Storm, Moonblast, Reflect and Return
Item: Normal Gem


Sources: http://www.nintendo.com.hk/event/pokemon_event_2015diancie.htm, https://www.facebook.com/Nintendo.hk/posts/1671300976419712 and http://www.nintendo.com.hk/event/pokemon_event_2015diancie_data.htm

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Feb 20

Pokémon The Series: XY Collection 2 DVD Set Missing Episodes

Posted by Sunain | February 20th 2015 at 05:25 PM EST
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Beyond Home Entertainment has confirmed that the last 4 episodes on the Pokémon The Series: XY Collection 2 DVD Set are not included in the set. They have recalled all remaining in stores in Australia but though that have already purchased copies can return their copy when the re-released version is distributed to stores.


Facebook Post

Oops! Our bad, Poké-fans ... we've been made aware of an error on the Pokémon X&Y Collection 2 DVD, which was released two weeks ago. The last four episodes have gone AWOL ... this was due to an incorrect master sent to the manufacturer. If you've already bought a copy, here's what to do: (1) hold onto it; (2) wait until we advise when new (corrected) stock is in stores; and (3) return your copy to your point of purchase for a replacement.

We're really sorry for the inconvenience guys, we hope you still love us, in the same way that we love you (unconditionally that is).

Source: https://www.facebook.com/BeyondHomeEntertainment/photos/a.397814016983338.1073741825.298828806881860/718138451617558/

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Jun 01

VizMedia reveals New Johto DVD's will be Repackaged and Re-Released

Posted by Sunain | June 1st 2014 at 02:27 AM EDT
Tags: DVD, Facebook, VIZ Media
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Phillip Smith asked VizMedia on Facebook on May 13th, 2014 if Pokémon Johto League DVD's would be released and VizMedia replied and said that repackaged versions are in the works but no release date was given. From the follow up posts on the thread, it appears that the DVD's will be released late 2014 or early 2015. Viz and Pioneer initially released Johto DVD's in North America in the early to mid 2000's but they have since gone out of production and the price of the DVD's on eBay and Amazon has been seen upwards of a $100 USD per DVD. The Johto sets have been reissued a few times in Australia by Beyond Home Entertainment.


Source: https://www.facebook.com/OfficialVIZMedia/

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Sep 24

Official Pokémon Facebook page and Twitter Feed Launch

Posted by Sunain | September 24th 2012 at 12:24 PM EDT
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The official English Pokémon Facebook page and Twitter feed launched today and now fans have two more ways to stay in the know about everything going on in the Pokémon world. Facebook.com/Pokemon and http://twitter.com/pokemon are the addresses for the social media sites. Also be sure to follow our Twitter feed at: http://twitter.com/PMDotNet for all the latest information about Pokémon and Pocket Monsters from around the world.


Source: http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/news_socialmedia_announce-2012-09-24/

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