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Nov 09

Pokémon Sword and Shield - A Few Musical Notes from Game Developer Toby Fox

Posted by Sunain | November 9th 2019 at 05:46 PM EST
Tags: Music, YouTube, Pokémon Sword, Pokémon Shield
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Game Developer Toby Fox, Undertale’s creator and composer, has created a song just for Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield! He posted a letter to let people know about the partnership and how it came to be.


A Special Letter and Song from Undertale Game Creator Toby Fox

The indie game creator talks about his musical contribution to Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield.

Toby Fox is a rising star in the world of indie video games, having created the breakout hit Undertale almost entirely on his own. He even composed all the music for it! Undertale caught the eye of the Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield developers at GAME FREAK, who invited him to write a song for the upcoming adventure.

We're delighted to share Toby's letter to Pokémon fans about how our partnership with him came to be and about how excited he is to share his latest song. You can even listen to a snippet of the song by clicking the play button at the top of this page!

Toby Fox Letter

Hi everyone! I'm Toby Fox. Have you heard of me before? Well, that's 'cause I just said my name. LOL

Jokes aside, aren't you interested in how all of this happened? Well... OK. I'll tell you, I guess.

Once upon a time, I created an RPG game called UNDERTALE. For one reason or another, it seems a lot of people from GAME FREAK ended up becoming fans of this game.

One day, I noticed Go Ichinose-san, one of the composers for Pokémon, was following me on Twitter, so... I messaged him out of the blue.

Eventually, we became friends and I was able to meet many other people from GAME FREAK, too! After eating sukiyaki with members of the company one day, we went to a cafe. There, I ordered a bottled green tea and selfishly, randomly asked if I could make a song for Pokémon someday...

... they said yes! Right there in the cafe, they immediately told me a concept for a song I could make, and, as I walked home, my heart was burning with inspiration... a melody entered my head, and as I stumbled past salarymen in the dark, I sang it to myself over and over so I wouldn't forget it!

In the end, that song... became the song you can hear in the game!

It's a fierce track full of explosive power. I wanted to show the energy and passion I felt when asked to create a song for Pokémon! Yeahh! Let's get wild, baby!!! Ah, but wait, wait a second. It's the only song I made, and you can't hear it until you beat the game, so... make sure you enjoy GAME FREAK's music properly first, OK!? Adachi-san and Ichinose-san worked hard.... Don't rush through the whole game just to hear my song.... (No one would actually ever do that.)

Oh, and this goes without saying, but it's a huge honor to be allowed to make music for GAME FREAK! I'm so, so happy and thankful I was allowed to do this. So please look forward to the song, and to Pokémon Sword and Shield, as well! Yamper yam yam!

PS - If you like it, please let GAME FREAK know. They might treat me to sukiyaki again. (No one would ever actually do that.)

Source: https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/a-special-letter-and-song-from-undertale-game-creator-toby-fox/

YouTube Clip - A Few Musical Notes from Game Developer Toby Fox

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7AmximCnRg

Article edited on 2019-11-09 05:48:21 by Sunain
Jul 25

Otakuthon 2019 - Rica Matsumoto Panel and Autograph Session

Posted by Sunain | July 25th 2019 at 03:49 PM EDT
Tags: Anime, Press Release, Music
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Otakuthon is an event that celebrates the cultural phenomenon known as anime (Japanese animation) and manga. Since 2008, the event has been held every summer at the Palais des congrès, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Rica Matsumoto will be attending Saturday, August 17th, 2019 and Sunday, August 18th, 2019.

The convention remains the second largest anime event in Canada. Proud of its Quebec origins, Otakuthon strives to be a fully bilingual convention (French and English) since its beginnings.


Rica Matsumoto is a voice actress, a singer, and a multi-talent actress. Her most popular role is Satoshi (Ash Ketchum in English translations), the main character of the anime series Pokémon. Matsumoto also performs the songs for many of the openings for the Japanese Pokémon anime.

Rica Matsumoto will have a panel and an autograph session on Saturday and a showcase and autograph session on Sunday. She will be singing Pokémon songs at both her panel and her showcase. The showcase will be in room 517A at 2:30 pm on Sunday. Don't miss these events!


Priority will be given to attendees purchasing official Rica Matsumoto merchandise from J-rock North Promotions Inc. A very limited number of free autographs will be raffled at the beginning of the Rica Matsumoto's autograph sessions on Saturday and Sunday afternoon. Participants must line-up in the designated raffle ticket line where they will be given a raffle ticket to participate. Winners will be drawn at the beginning of the autograph session and will receive an exclusive shikishi board for the artist to sign.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/OtakuthonMTL/

Article edited on 2019-07-31 08:54:25 by Sunain
Jul 04

Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution - Special Promotion Video - Rita Ora - Let You Love Me

Posted by Sunain | July 4th 2019 at 02:39 PM EDT
Tags: Anime, Music, YouTube
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The official Japanese YouTube channel has posted a special promotional video for the movie "Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution", which premieres Friday, July 12th, 2019. The video features singer Rita Ora singing Let You Love Me.

YouTube Clip - Rita Ora - Let You Love Me

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxN76J9na7E
May 08

Jason Paige - It'll Always Be Me and You - Unofficial Detective Pikachu Theme

Posted by Sunain | May 8th 2019 at 08:08 AM EDT
Tags: Music, YouTube
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Jason Paige, the singer of the original English Pokémon Theme, has posted a video of his new song It'll Always Be Me and You which he has labeled as an Unofficial Detective Pikachu Theme. This unofficial Detective Pikachu Theme echoes the inspirational lyrical and musical energy of the OG Theme. In fact, they go together perfectly! Sing the OG Theme while you listen and unlock the power of your imagination.

YouTube Clip - It'll Always Be Me & You - Detective Pikachu Theme

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxEN5J4aI2I

Jason Paige - It'll Always Be Me and You - Lyrics:

What do you wanna be
(I wanna be the very best)
Be a shooting star
(Like no one ever was)
Blazing your trail in the sky
(To catch them is my real test)
With Love
(To train them is my cause)
And friends you will evolve
(I will travel across the land)
With open arms
(Searching far and wide)
To make us wise
(Pokemon to understand)
Cause you can fly
(The power that's inside)
Cause this is a time for you and Pikachu
(Pokemon! It's you and me)
Believe in the power
(I know it's my destiny)
Its you n me
(Pokemon! Oh you're my best friend)
Wherever I am
(In a world we must defend)
I’ll never be lost again
Me n Pikachu
(a heart so true)
With our love
(Our courage will pull us through)
You know It never will fade
Whatever we do
(You teach me and I'll teach you Pokemon! Gotta catch'em all)
It’ll always be me and you
(Gotta catch'em all)
Pika me and you

When do you feel alive
(Every challenge along the way)
When you chase the fire
(With courage I will face)
And break all the chains away
(I will battle every day)
Then you can rise
(To claim my rightful place)
Your superpowers await
(Come with me, The time is right)
And when we come together
(There's no better team)
We’ll find our dreams
(Arm in arm we'll win the fight!)
And we’ll win the gold
(It's always been our dream!)
Cause this is a time for you and Pikachu
(Pokemon! It's you and me)
Believe in the power
(I know it's my destiny)
Its you n me
(Pokemon! Oh you're my best friend)
Wherever I am
(In a world we must defend)
I’ll never be lost again
Me n Pikachu
(a heart so true)
With our love
(Our courage will pull us through)
You know It never will fade. Whatever we do
(You teach me and I'll teach you Pokemon! Gotta catch'em all)
It’ll always be me and you
Pika me and you

And now the path is ours to take
The song that we sing today
Will last until eternity

Article edited on 2019-05-08 08:10:07 by Sunain
Nov 24

Pokémon GO Behind the Scenes: The Soundtrack to a Fascinating New World

Posted by Sunain | November 24th 2018 at 01:47 PM EST
Tags: Music, YouTube, Pokémon GO
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The official Pokémon YouTube channel posted the behind the scenes recording session for the Open your eyes to an exciting new world in Pokémon GO! trailer which was recorded at Air Studios in London, England.

YouTube Clip - Behind the Scenes: The Soundtrack to a Fascinating New World

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= qgO4O40sdZM
Sep 30

Anime NYC 2018 / Anisong World Matsuri - Shoko Nakagawa

Posted by Sunain | September 30th 2018 at 01:30 PM EDT
Tags: Press Release, Twitter, Music, Concert, Anisong World Matsuri
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On July 24th, 2018, it was revealed that Shoko Nakagawa, one of the host of Pokénchi, would be making her second appearance and concert performance of 2018 in the United States, this time in New York City as part of Anime NYC 2018 and Anisong World Matsuri.

Image Image

Anime NYC 2018 takes place in the Javits Center on Manhattan’s West Side from Friday, November 16th, 2018 until Sunday, November 18th, 2018. Shoko Nakagawa performs at the Anisong World Matsuri concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom on Day 2, November 17th, 2018 but she will also be at a panel and autograph signing inside Anime NYC.


Anime NYC is proud to welcome the globally renowned Anisong World Matsuri concert series to New York City for the first time! Anisong World Matsuri brings together headlining Japanese pop stars for show-stopping concerts, and the inaugural Anisong World Matsuri at Anime NYC will feature major performances from Luna Haruna, Shoko Nakagawa, Morning Musume。’18, and more for two nights on November 16 and 17, 2018 in New York’s historic Hammerstein Ballroom.

Anisong World Matsuri at Anime NYC is a partnership between Anime NYC and leading Japanese entertainment companies including BANDAI NAMCO Arts, Inc., Amuse, Inc., and Sony Music Entertainment, Inc.

Anisong World Matsuri’s mission is to bring Japanese pop music popularized by anime (anisong) to new audiences around the world, and it has conducted major event concerts in cities including Los Angeles, Shanghai, and Washington DC since its launch in 2016. This November, Anime NYC and Anisong World Matsuri will host the largest Japanese pop concerts in the history of New York City!

Source: http://animenyc.com/anisongworld2018/


  • Anisong VIP Tickets: $138
  • General (Standing): $53
  • 1st Balcony: $48

Please note: This price includes a Hammerstein Ballroom Fee, and there are Ticketmaster fees on top of this.

VIP TICKETS INCLUDE (details subject to change):
  • Early concert entry – Plus reserved section in front of stage!
  • Anisong VIP Badge – Separate design for each day!
  • Artist Goodbye Event (high-five) – All artists will attend!
  • Signed Poster – Hand-signed by Anisong World Matsuri performers!


Shoko Nakagawa (Shokotan) made her debut in show business in 2002 at the age of 17 and has worked in various fields as a singer, TV personality, voice/movie actress, and illustrator. She held her first live concert at Budokan in 2009 and has appeared at international events across America, Europe, and Asia.

She is most known for “Sorairo Days”, the theme song for Gurren Lagann, and she has also performed themes for series including Akiba’s Trip, Beelzebub, Eyeshield 21, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Pokemon XY, and Star Blazers 2199.

In 2017, she performed the ending theme of TV Tokyo’s anime Magical Circle Guru-Guru and released the CD single “Magical Circle”. This July, she performed at Anisong World Matsuri in Los Angeles.

She has also performed in many TV shows and stage musicals, and she is participating in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics mascot selection committees.

Anime NYC Reveals Anisong World Matsuri Concert Lineup

There's plenty planned already for this year's Anime NYC Powered by Crunchyroll, which is set to take place at New York City's Javits Center November 16-18. The latest event to be announced is Anisong World Matsuri, bringing the concert series to NYC for the first time along with a full lineup of concerts from Anisong artists.

NYC's inaugural Anisong World Matsuri will take place over two nights—November 16 and 17—with performances by Luna Haruna, Shoko Nakagawa, Morning Musume。’18, and more. Here's a breakdown of who's performing when, and you can hit up the official page for more on each individual artist.

Friday, November 16 Concert Performers:
  • Konomi Suzuki
  • TRUE
  • Luna Haruna
  • And More

Saturday, November 17 Concert Performers:
  • Hironobu Kageyama
  • Hiroshi Kitadani
  • Shoko Nakagawa
  • Morning Musume。’18

Source: http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2018/07/24-1/anime-nyc-reveals-anisong-world-matsuri-concert-lineup

Twitter Promotional Video for Shoko Nakagawa's Anisong World Matsuri Concert:

Source: https://twitter.com/AnisongWorld/status/1046135587885932544

Article edited on 2018-09-30 04:35:15 by Sunain

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