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Jun 17

Pokémon Presents - June 17th, 2020

The Pokémon Company has announced that on June 17th, 2020 at 6 a.m. PDT / 9 a.m. EST, they will broadcast a video on YouTube called Pokémon Presents. It will include news about upcoming Pokémon related products. High resolution screenshots and artwork from the press release have been added to an Imageboard thread.


Source: https://twitter.com/pokemon/status/1272877200505782273


• Pokémon Smile, out now on mobile
• Pokémon Cafe Mix, out soon on Switch and mobile
• New Pokémon Snap, TBA on Switch
• New "big title" to be revealed on June 24th, 2020
• Mega Evolution in GO in 2020
• Isle of Armor and Home updates available now
• Max Raid Zeraora. It can't be caught but if 1 million players defeat it they all get a shiny one
• Galarian Farfetch'd are now popping up in GO
• Pokémon GO Fest 2020 will be digital


​​​​​​​New Game Reveals Coincide with Launch of The Isle of Armor Downloadable Content for Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield

Bellevue, WA—June 17, 2020—Today, Tsunekazu Ishihara, president and CEO of The Pokémon Company, unveiled a broad range of new video games, apps, and more during a Pokémon Presents video presentation. These experiences will enable players everywhere to interact with Pokémon in a variety of new ways. The Isle of Armor, the first set of content in the Pokémon Sword Expansion Pass and the Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass, also launches today worldwide. This downloadable content for the blockbuster Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield video games is available for purchase in Nintendo eShop and allows Trainers to continue their adventures in the Galar region.

Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield Expansion Passes: The Isle of Armor The first new adventure unlocked by the Expansion Passes takes place on the Isle of Armor, an island of the Galar region. Many Pokémon make this island their home, living freely amid the lush nature. The island is also home to a dojo for Pokémon battles, where players and their Pokémon will train hard to become even stronger under Mustard, the dojo’s master.

In celebration of the launch of The Isle of Armor, a special Max Raid Battle featuring the Mythical Pokémon Zeraora will be available in Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield. If one million players around the world win this Max Raid Battle from June 17 through June 28, Trainers can receive a special Shiny Zeraora. The celebration continues in Pokémon GO, where Galarian Farfetch’d will make an appearance and players will receive special avatar items based on the clothing they can wear during their adventures on the Isle of Armor.

For more information about the Pokémon Sword Expansion Pass and the Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass, please visit Pokemon.com/SwordShieldEX.

New Pokémon Snap


The New Pokémon Snap game for the Nintendo Switch system is based on its namesake, which was first released for the Nintendo 64 console in 1999. This game will take Trainers on an adventure to unknown islands overflowing with natural sights such as jungles and beaches, where they can research various Pokémon in their natural habitats. They will take photos to make their very own in-game Pokémon Photodex, all while discovering new, never-before-seen Pokémon expressions and behaviors.

For more information about New Pokémon Snap, please visit Pokemon.com/NewPokemonSnap.

Pokémon Café Mix


Pokémon Café Mix is a free-to-start game for Nintendo Switch systems and mobile devices. Starting today, Trainers can preload Pokémon Café Mix in Nintendo eShop, preorder the app in the App Store, or preregister the app on Google Play.

Pokémon Café Mix is a unique puzzle game where players can link Pokémon icons together by swirling them around. To link icons, players will need to grab a Pokémon icon and drag it next to another icon of the same Pokémon species. Icons will be cleared after they are linked together.

The player will be the owner of a café that Pokémon visit, where they will work alongside Pokémon to prepare drinks and dishes for Pokémon customers by completing puzzles. Pokémon on the café’s staff have special Café Skills that can be used to help complete puzzles. Once a puzzle is completed, the player can serve an order to a customer. The player can increase their friendship levels with Pokémon by serving them delicious drinks and dishes. As more puzzles are completed, the café can be upgraded by getting new tools or having new areas added. New Pokémon may come visit, lured in by the different upgrades.

For more information about Pokémon Café Mix, please visit Pokemon.com/cafemix.

Pokémon GO

In collaboration with Niantic, The Pokémon Company announced that Mega-Evolved Pokémon will appear in the real world in Pokémon GO. Fans can look forward to experiencing a new take on Mega Evolution that takes advantage of Pokémon GO’s unique gameplay.

Pokémon Smile


With Pokémon Smile, Pokémon continues to expand its app offerings for younger children by incorporating the world of Pokémon into the everyday task of brushing your teeth. The app is a unique new mobile experience for the Pokémon brand that makes brushing your teeth a fun activity and encourages kids to develop good brushing habits. Pokémon Smile is available for download beginning today at no cost in the App Store and on Google Play.

Pokémon Smile uses a mobile device’s camera to observe the player’s toothbrushing activity. If the player skillfully brushes their teeth, they can defeat cavity-causing bacteria depicted in the game and then catch Pokémon. The game will guide the user through the toothbrushing process, so each playthrough can help them brush all areas in their mouth.

Parents can receive notifications from Pokémon Smile at up to three set times per day that remind them it’s time for kids to brush their teeth. They can also set the duration of each toothbrushing session to be between one and three minutes, based on the varying needs of children of different ages. The app is filled with elements to encourage the player to continue playing the game with the intent of slowly building a habit of brushing their teeth. Players will want to keep coming back to catch over one hundred species of Pokémon in Pokémon Smile and fill out their in-app Pokédex. They can also collect fun in-app decorative headwear to display on themselves virtually as they brush their teeth.

For more information about Pokémon Smile, please visit Pokemon.com/Smile.

YouTube Clip - Get ready to tune in to Pokémon Presents!

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEVctuQTeaI

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Jun 14

Pokémon GO - Note to Trainers Regarding GO Battle League Exploit

Posted by Sunain | June 14th 2020 at 08:53 PM EDT
Tags: Twitter, Pokémon GO, Niantic
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Niantic has announced that they have disabled GO Battle League until further notice, as they’re investigating a serious exploit.


Note to Trainers Regarding GO Battle League Exploit

Trainers, we want to comment on the various “exploit” posts from the past two days and the underlying situation.

As a team, we believe there is a “contract of trust” in GO Battle League: you should always feel your knowledge and skill determine the outcome of your battles. Cheating directly attacks this trust contract, and we have zero tolerance for it.

Because of this zero tolerance policy and the current situation, we’ve disabled GO Battle League.

We’re equally serious about our policy of never commenting on the details of investigations into individual accounts. Here’s what we can share.

When a possible exploit is identified, we follow this process:

  1. Analyze the issue - Data analysis is the most important work we do during this process. Rash action (i.e. no analysis) can solve the immediate issue; however, it leaves the door open for the exploit to return in the future.
  2. Determine severity - Based on our analyses, we determine (a) the level of technical knowledge needed to abuse the exploit and (b) how badly the exploit harms the integrity of GO Battle League.
  3. Mitigate accordingly
Based on the above outlined steps, the disabling of GO Battle League means we’ve arrived at the “mitigation” step of our process for the current situation. There is plenty of work happening behind the scenes, and we’ll re-enable GO Battle League once we’re confident the “trust contract” will be honored.

Source: https://niantic.helpshift.com/a/pokemon-go/?p=web&s=release-notes-known-issues&f=note-to-trainers-regarding-go-battle-league-exploit and https://twitter.com/NianticHelp/status/1271594784461778944

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Jun 02

Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass - June 2nd, 2020

Posted by Sunain | June 2nd 2020 at 09:56 AM EDT
Tags: Press Release, Twitter, Pokémon Sword, Pokémon Shield
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The Pokémon Company has announced that new information about the Pokémon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass will be revealed on June 2nd, 2020 at 22:00 JST/9:00 EDT/13:00 UTC.

Source: https://twitter.com/Pokemon_cojp/status/1267440960746766338

The Isle of Armor DLC will be released on June 17th, 2020. High resolution screenshots and artwork from the press release have been added to an Imageboard thread.


Newly Discovered Pokémon and More Revealed for The Isle of Armor

Today, The Pokémon Company International and Nintendo announced new details for the Pokémon Sword Expansion Pass and Pokémon Shield Expansion Pass, downloadable content for the Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield video games. The first set of content, The Isle of Armor, will launch on June 17, 2020, and the second, The Crown Tundra, launches in the autumn of 2020. The Expansion Pass is available for purchase in Nintendo eShop[1]. Newly discovered Pokémon, new Gigantamax forms, exclusive moves, and more were also revealed.

The Isle of Armor
The first new adventure unlocked by the Expansion Pass will take place on the Isle of Armor, an island of the Galar region. Many Pokémon make this island their home, living freely amid the lush nature. The island is also home to a dojo for Pokémon battles. Players and their Pokémon will train hard to become stronger under Mustard, the master of this dojo.




Galarian Slowbro
Category: Hermit Crab Pokémon
Type: Poison/Psychic
Height: 5ʹ3″
Weight: 155.4 lbs.
Ability: Quick Draw

A Shellder bite set off a chemical reaction with the spices inside Galarian Slowpoke’s body, causing Galarian Slowbro to gain the Poison type. The Shellder that’s latched onto Slowbro sometimes unconsciously bites down harder on Slowbro’s arm, causing an itch that drives Slowbro to start wildly swinging its arm around and smashing its surroundings. With a speed that puts even the quickest reflexes to shame, Slowbro readies its Shellder and makes poisonous liquid shoot from the Shellder’s tip. This is Shell Side Arm, a Poison-type special move that may poison the target. The move inflicts either physical or special damage depending on which will damage the target more.



Gigantamax Venusaur
Type: Grass/Poison
Height: 78ʹ9″+
Weight: ????.? lbs.
Ability: Overgrow

The power of Gigantamaxing has made Venusaur’s flower bloom so large that it covers the Pokémon’s body. During battle, the Pokémon uses these petals as a shield and swings its two thick vines around to thrash its target. Grass-type attacks used by Gigantamax Venusaur will change to G-Max Vine Lash. G-Max Vine Lash doesn’t just deal damage to an opponent when it hits—it will continue to deal damage for four turns to any Pokémon that isn’t Grass type.


Gigantamax Blastoise
Type: Water
Height: 82ʹ+
Weight: ????.? lbs.
Ability: Torrent

Blastoise’s shell has grown to match its body, and it boasts new extra-large water cannons as well. Gigantamax Blastoise can adapt to different situations by using different combinations of its 31 variously sized cannons. Gigantamax Blastoise can also move the 12 large cannons surrounding its central cannon independently, letting it orient its attacks in any direction, whether toward the ground or the sky. Water-type attacks used by Gigantamax Blastoise will change to G-Max Cannonade. G-Max Cannonade doesn’t just deal damage to an opponent when it hits—it will continue to deal damage for four turns to any Pokémon that isn’t Water type.


Legendary Pokémon Urshifu has two forms—Single Strike Style and Rapid Strike Style—and each form can learn different moves and G-Max Moves. A Single Strike Style Urshifu that has followed the path of darkness can unleash a single, severe blow—a signature move known as Wicked Blow. This move always results in a critical hit, allowing Urshifu to attack while ignoring the target’s stat changes. A Rapid Strike Style Urshifu that has followed the path of water can unleash a flowing three-hit combo—a signature move known as Surging Strikes. This move always results in critical hits, allowing Urshifu to attack while ignoring the target’s stat changes.

Unseen Fist is a new Ability introduced with these expansions and one that only Single Strike Style Urshifu and Rapid Strike Style Urshifu possess. This Ability lets the Pokémon deal damage when it attacks with moves that make direct contact even if the target defends itself by using moves like Protect.

Dark-type attacks used by Single Strike Style Gigantamax Urshifu will change to G-Max One Blow. Water-type attacks used by Rapid Strike Style Gigantamax Urshifu will change to G-Max Rapid Flow. G-Max One Blow and G-Max Rapid Flow can deal damage even if a target defends itself by using moves like Max Guard or Protect.


The dojo on the Isle of Armor houses a unique take on recycling in the form of a device called the Cram-o-matic. If players feed it four items, it will combine them and give out a new item in exchange. Trainers can receive any of a variety of items, including Poké Balls, PP Ups, and more. Some combinations might even produce rare items.

Tutor Moves
Completely new tutor moves will also be available on the Isle of Armor. Trainers can have their Pokémon learn them in exchange for Armorite Ore, a substance that can be found on the Isle of Armor through Max Raid Battles and other means.

Burning Jealousy is a new Fire-type move that can be taught starting with these expansions. When it hits, it deals damage to all opposing Pokémon and burns all opposing Pokémon that have had their stats boosted during the turn.

Grassy Glide is a new Grass-type move that can be taught starting with these expansions. This move has high priority when used on Grassy Terrain.

Max Soup
Max Soup is a special dish made from rare ingredients you can gather on the Isle of Armor. If a Pokémon with great hidden potential drinks Max Soup, it will become a special Pokémon capable of Gigantamaxing. Some Pokémon that Trainers are already traveling with may also gain the ability to Gigantamax.

The Crown Tundra
The second area unlocked by the Expansion Pass is the snow-swept realm of the Crown Tundra. In this frigid yet beautiful landscape—with its jagged winter mountains and shining, silvery landscape—people live in small communities where they support and rely on one another. A man named Peony will appoint the player as the leader of his exploration team in the Crown Tundra and task them with investigating the reaches of this frozen land. Players will also be able to explore the depths of the Pokémon Dens seen during Max Raid Battles. What’s more, it seems several previously unseen Legendary Pokémon make the Crown Tundra their home.




Category: Electron Pokémon
Type: Electric
Height: 3ʹ11″
Weight: 319.7 lbs.
Ability: Transistor

Regieleki absorbs electrons to live. Regieleki’s signature Electric-type special move, Thunder Cage, fires furious bolts of electricity from its lower half, trapping opponents directly below it in a cage of lightning. Thunder Cage doesn’t only deal damage to opponents when it lands—the electrified cage will also cause damage every turn for four to five turns and prevent opponents from fleeing or being swapped out.


Category: Dragon Orb Pokémon
Type: Dragon
Height: 6ʹ11″
Weight: 440.9 lbs.
Ability: Dragon’s Maw

Regidrago’s body is composed of crystallized dragon energy. With Regidrago’s signature move, Dragon Energy, the Pokémon assumes a shape similar to a dragon’s head, then fires intense dragon energy from its mouth. The more HP the user has remaining, the higher the move’s power.

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Apr 19

Pocket Monsters Anime Production Delayed, New Episode Airings Halted

Posted by Sunain | April 19th 2020 at 10:08 AM EDT
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The official Pocket Monsters anime PR Twitter posted an announcement that due to the COVID-19 issue becoming larger problem in Japan, production of the anime has come to a halt and that all new episodes are being delayed starting with PM 2019 episode 23 which was originally scheduled to air on Sunday, April 26th, 2020. Repeat episodes of Pocket Monsters will now air in the time slot until further notice. Our list of COVID-19 canceled Pokémon Events has been updated with this announcement.


An announcement from the show

In an effort to create a safe environment for the show's production as the number of novel coronavirus infections increases, and with the state of emergency declaration in effect, parts of the show's production will go on temporary hiatus. As a result, Pocket Monsters will begin airing repeats starting with next week's broadcast.

<番 組からのお知らせ>
新型コロナウイルスの感染拡大にともなう「緊急事態宣言」の発出を受け、 安全に十分配慮した上での番組制作を行うため、 一時的に、一部の制作作業を見合わせることにいたしました。 これに伴い、来週以降の「ポケットモンスター」は再放送となります。

Source: https://twitter.com/anipoke_PR/status/1251805236231954435

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Mar 14

Pokémon GO - COVID-19 - Temporary Changes for at least 30 Days

Posted by Sunain | March 14th 2020 at 10:02 AM EDT
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Niantic has announced that they are doing temporary changes to Pokémon GO as people around the world won't be traveling as much due to the COVID-19 virus spreading around the world. Below are a list of changes that will be in effect for the next 30 days. These changes may continue beyond the 30 days, depending on global circumstances.


Trainers, for the next 30 days, we will be making the following changes for GO Battle League and Trainer Battles with friends:

  • We are removing the walking requirement in GO Battle League to unlock sets. If you're currently in the middle of walking to earn a set, it will take effect from your next set.
  • For Trainer Battles with friends, we've lowered the requirement so you can send challenge invites to Trainers who are your Good Friends.
  • We will be temporarily halting invites for EX Raids. Those who currently have invites will be able to complete their EX Raids, but for the time being, new invites will not be issued.

Source: https://twitter.com/NianticHelp/status/1238605977278013440

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Mar 13

Regional Championships 2020 Canceled for March/April 2020

Posted by Sunain | March 13th 2020 at 02:33 PM EDT
Tags: TCG, Twitter, Regional Championships, Play! Pokémon
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The only Pokémon Regional Championships scheduled for Canada in 2020 was to be held on March 13th, 2020 to March 15th, 2020 at The International Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. Organizers announced after the events official start time that the event had been canceled and many participants had already entered the venue. This already compounds a very bad season for competitive play for Pokémon. A memo sent throughout the Ontario provincial health system by Dr. David Williams, the provinces chief medical officer, recommended that Ontarians not travel outside of Canada and gatherings larger than 250 people be canceled.

The official Pokémon website updated later on Friday, March 13th, 2020 with the cancellation of 3 other regional events as well. The Regional Championships event for Perth Australia on March 14th and 15th, 2020 appears to be going ahead as scheduled. Our list of COVID-19 canceled Pokémon Events has been updated with this announcement.

For the Health and Safety of the Play! Pokémon Community, Some Events Have Been Canceled

Please read this article for more information regarding specific upcoming 2020 events.

The safety and well-being of our community, both competitors and organizers, is our top priority. Organizers of League, Regional, and Special Events are independent of Pokémon and act in the best interest of their event and community, including always being mindful of the safety of all attendees. Out of an abundance of caution, and after discussions with event organizers regarding recommendations and guidance set forth by local and national health authorities, the following events are canceled:

  • Mississauga/Toronto Regional Championships, scheduled for March 13-15
  • Charlotte Regional Championships, scheduled for March 20-22
  • Regional de Pokémon de Joinville em Santa Catarina 2020, scheduled for March 28-29
  • Salt Lake City Pokémon Regional Championships, scheduled for April 4-5

Please visit the event websites for updates and Pokemon.com/PlayPokemon for more information on Play! Pokémon events. We are evaluating all independent and Pokémon-organized events on a case-by-case basis based on the most up-to-date information and recommendations provided by appropriate government organizations. We appreciate your continued support and understanding during this challenging time.

Should I be concerned about COVID-19 at Play! Pokémon events?

The safety and well-being of our community, both competitors and organizers, is our top priority.

We strongly advise all attendees, volunteers, and organizers to consider the guidelines issued by the WHO with regards to health and wellness while attending mass gatherings when determining whether to attend an event. At the event, all attendees should follow the protocols set forth by local health authorities and the WHO.

Please check for updates regarding Play! Pokémon events on our website and @PlayPokemon. If you have additional questions, please contact Pokémon Customer Service.

What precautions are you taking to prevent the spread of COVID-19 at your events?

Out of an abundance of caution, we are altering several aspects of player interaction at Pokémon organized events, such as removing the requirement to shake hands before and after matches. We are making hand-sanitizers available to attendees while also taking additional measures to sanitize surfaces as much as possible. We strongly advise all attendees, volunteers, and organizers follow the protocols issued by the WHO with regards to health and wellness while attending mass gatherings.

Source: https://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/for-the-health-and-safety-of-the-play-pokemon-community-some-events-have-been-canceled/

Toronto Regional Championships 2020 Canceled


Statement from Poké-Regionals, Events by Yeti Gaming

To all Players, Spectators, Staff and supporters of the Play! Pokémon Regional event scheduled to take place this weekend in Mississauga.

The safety and health of our players is of paramount concern to Yeti Gaming, The Pokémon Company International, and all involved with these events.

We have been actively working with The Pokemon Company International, the International Centre, and monitoring the announcements and recommendations from the Canadian government and health organizations.

Based on today’s announcement by the Canadian government regarding events with over 250 attendees, the Play! Pokémon Regional event taking place this weekend is being cancelled.

This is unfortunate, but a necessary step to ensure the health and safety of our players, staff and their families.

All refunds will be handled automatically next week.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/pokeregionals/posts/2647145672182335

Play Pokémon Official Announcement

An important update in regards to this weekend’s Mississauga Regional Championships.


Source: https://twitter.com/playpokemon/status/1238543356952604672

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