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Oct 15

GAME FREAK Secret Base for GAME FREAK's 30th Anniversary Stream

Posted by Sunain | October 15th 2019 at 06:57 PM EDT
Tags: Twitter, YouTube, GAME FREAK
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GAME FREAK, the developers of the main series of Pokémon games, has announced that they will be broadcasting a 30th Anniversary stream on YouTube and Twitter Periscope on October 16th, 2019. The stream will visit former and present locations of their company and review its 30 year history.


GAME FREAK Secret Base for GAME FREAK's 30th Anniversary Streaming will be on air!

A battle director of the "Pokémon" series, Mr. Morimoto will talk about the latest information of "Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield" released at 23:00 16th Oct (JST)!

GAME FREAK’s 30th Anniversary Celebration Stream will go live on Oct 16 (JST), 2019! In the stream, Junichi Masuda; one of the founding members of GAME FREAK and music composer for many of their titles, will visit both former and present locations of their company and review its 30 year history.

We’ll also reveal information about the “Gear Project System” - GAME FREAK’s game development system.

We’ll also tell you the latest information about our new titles “Little Town Hero” and “GIGA WRECKER ALT.”.

Source: https://www.gamefreak.co.jp/town/30th/en/

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Sep 01

New Anime Series "Pocket Monsters"

Posted by Sunain | September 1st 2019 at 09:14 AM EDT
Tags: Anime, Press Release, Twitter, YouTube, TV Tokyo
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At the end of the SM137 broadcast on September 1st, 2019, a teaser trailer for a new anime series called "Pocket Monsters" was revealed. A new Twitter account for the series also launched.

YouTube Clip Description

A new Pokémon TV anime series will be broadcast! The title is “Pocket Monster”, the same as when the Pokémon anime broadcasts started in 1997!

In this new series, all the regions of the world that have appeared in the game so far, from the Kanto Region to the Galar Region, are the stage for this adventure! Various Pokémon that live in each region will appear!

More detailed information will be announced on Sunday, September 29th, 2019 at 6pm during the TV Tokyo series television program “Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon”! * Broadcast date and time differ in some areas.

"Pocket Monster" TV anime Latest Series Broadcast and Teaser Video Announcement

"The new "Pocket Monsters" series that was announced today will of course be set in the Galar region from the video games "Pocket Monsters Sword/Shield", which will be released November 15th, but also in all the other regions that have appeared in the video games so far, including the Kanto region from the original "Red/Green" games and the Jouto region from the sequels "Gold/Silver"."

"Thus far, the series has changed its title every time a new video game has been released, but the new series title is going to be the same one it had when it debuted in 1997, "Pocket Monsters".

As this title indicates, while the story will of course be set in the Galar region, the setting of the new "Pocket Monsters" video games "Pocket Monsters Sword/Shield", it will also take place in all the other regions that have appeared in video games so far, including the Kanto region from "Pocket Monsters Red/Green" and the Jouto region from "Pocket Monsters Gold/Silver", and will feature the various Pokémon that live in these regions.

A teaser showing the Pokémon that represents these regions was revealed today as well. It can be seen on the official "Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon" TV Tokyo AniTV website, the official Pokémon Youtube channel, and more!

The "Pocket Monsters" anime made in the Reiwa era is going to be one that can be enjoyed by all generations.

Further details will be revealed during the "Pocket Monsters Sun & Moon" episode that airs on the TV Tokyo Network Sunday September 29th at 6pm! Stay tuned!!"

Source: https://www.famitsu.com/news/201909/01182386.html

YouTube Clip - TV Anime New Series "Pocket Monster" Teaser Trailer

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHyYZtWrTD4

Article edited on 2019-09-02 10:10:15 by Sunain
Aug 14

Pokémon Masters - Pre-Registration Hits 5 Million

Posted by Sunain | August 14th 2019 at 10:20 PM EDT
Tags: Press Release, Twitter, Pokémon Masters
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The Pokémon Company and DeNA announced that pre-registration has hits 5 million users for the Pokémon Masters game which will launch on August 29th, 2019. The early access version of the game is already playable in Singapore and Canada.


Source: https://twitter.com/PokemonMasters/status/1161714120988778496

Pokémon Masters Surpasses 5 Million Preregistrations

Milestone Represents Preregistrations Worldwide Across Android and iOS Devices ​​​​​​​

TOKYO—August 14, 2019—DeNA Co., Ltd., in partnership with The Pokémon Company, today announced that the highly-anticipated mobile game Pokémon Masters has surpassed 5 million preregistrations worldwide across Android and iOS devices.

Pokémon Masters is a strategy and battling game where players form teams of sync pairs (the combination of a Trainer and their partner Pokémon) to engage in 3-on-3 real-time battles against AI opponents. The game takes place in an all-new location, the island of Pasio, where Trainers and their partner Pokémon from every known Pokémon region will gather to compete. Players can still preregister for Pokémon Masters to automatically download the game to their device when it launches later this summer.

Preregistration Links:

Google Play (Android): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.dena.a12026418
App Store (iOS): https://apps.apple.com/app/id1442061397

Pokémon Masters will be available worldwide as a free-to-start game with in-app purchases on compatible Android and iOS devices. The game will be available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese. Fans can learn more about Pokémon Masters at https://pokemonmasters-game.com/en-US.

Article edited on 2019-08-19 12:02:56 by Sunain
Aug 14

GameStop - Trade and Play Day TCG - August 17th, 2019

Posted by Sunain | August 14th 2019 at 01:32 PM EDT
Tags: TCG, Twitter, GameStop
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On Saturday, August 17th, 2019, GameStop in the United States will be holding a Pokémon Card Game Trade and Play Day at participating locations. If you bring a friend to the event and learn about the Pokémon Card Game, you can receive a free Trade and Play Day kit while supplies last.


Source: https://twitter.com/GameStop/status/1161668869335003136

Article edited on 2019-08-14 01:33:11 by Sunain
Aug 05

Pokémon Center London

Posted by Sunain | August 5th 2019 at 07:53 AM EDT
Tags: Pokémon Center, Twitter
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The Pokémon Company International has announced that Pokémon Center London will be popping up for a limited time only this October at Westfield London, Shepherd's Bush. Further details will be revealed in the coming months!


Source: https://mobile.twitter.com/pokemonnewsuk/status/1158316179942977536


London, UK—August 5, 2019—The Pokémon Company International is excited to announce its plan to open a special pop-up Pokémon Center retail location in London this October. Located in Westfield London (Ariel Way, Shepherd’s Bush W12 7GF) and open only for a limited time from October 18 to November 15* 2019, the store will give fans a chance to browse and purchase a range of Pokémon Center-branded products, including exclusive designs not found anywhere else.

The pop-up Pokémon Center London celebrates the highly anticipated launch of the Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield video games for Nintendo Switch this November; paying tribute to the United Kingdom’s role in inspiring the design and feel of the all-new Galar region players will explore in the games.

Further details on opening times, products available to purchase and additional in-store activities will be revealed in the coming months.

Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield will be released worldwide on November 15, 2019, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.


Article edited on 2019-08-05 07:56:50 by Sunain
Jul 27

FanExpo Canada - August 22nd - 25th, 2019 - Original English Dub VA's Guest Appearances

Posted by Sunain | July 27th 2019 at 11:10 PM EDT
Tags: Anime, Twitter
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FanExpo Canada takes place at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre from August 22nd, 2019 to August 25th, 2019. FAN EXPO Canada is the largest Comics, Sci-Fi, Horror, Anime, and Gaming event in Canada and the 3rd largest Pop Culture event in North America. FanExpo Canada has announced that original Pokémon English dub voice actors: Eric Stuart, Rachael Lillis, Veronica Taylor and Sean Schemmel will be in attendance at the event.


Source: https://twitter.com/FANEXPOCANADA/status/1154798732082393088

Article edited on 2019-07-27 11:12:01 by Sunain

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