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Title ぼくらピチュピチュブラザーズ!
Artist 遠藤久美子 (Kumiko Endou)
Language jpnJapanese
CD Availablilty: ポケモンソング♪ベストコレクション2


ピチュピチュ ぼくらは兄弟
街のだれもが 知っている!
ピチュピチュ ぼくらは兄弟
仲のよさなら 世界一!

この世は なんてステキな
はじめてだらけの ぼくら
だから おもしろい!

かわせば楽しい ファファンファン!
ぼくら ピチュピチュブラザーズ!

ピチュピチュ ぼくらは兄弟
君もいまでは 知っている!
ピチュピチュ ぼくらは兄弟
元気のよさも 世界一!

この世は なんてフシギな
タネもシカケもない マジックショー
びっくりだらけの ぼくら
だから おもしろい!

ピチュピチュピチュピチュ 明日は
ピチュピチュピチュピチュ どこ行こう?

あっちもこっちも ププンプン!
たまに けんかもしちゃうのさ!

すぐに仲直り イエイエーイエー!
ぼくら ピチュピチュブラザーズ!

ひょっとして いつかは君と
街であうかもね ラランラン!
ぼくら ピチュピチュブラザーズ!

そうさ ピチュピチュブラザーズ!!
Japanese (Romanized)
Pichu-Pichu bokura wa kyoudai
Machi no daremo ga shitte iru!
Pichu-Pichu bokura wa kyoudai
Naka no yosa nara sekaiichi!

Kono yo wa nante suteki na
Chiketto no iranai yuenchi!
Hajimetedarake no bokura
Dakara omoshiroi!

Chotto shita suriru wo sururi to
Kawaseba tanoshii fafanfan!
Bokura Pichu-Pichu burazaazu!

Pichu-Pichu bokura wa kyoudai
Kimi mo ima de wa shitte iru!
Pichu-Pichu bokura wa kyoudai
Genki no yosa mo sekaiichi!

Kono yo wa nante fushigi na
Tane mo shikake mo nai majikkushoo
Bikkuridarake no bokura
Dakara omoshiroi!

Pichu-Pichu-Pichu-Pichu ashita wa
Pichu-Pichu-Pichu-Pichu doko ikou?

Chotto shita hazumi ga kasanatte
Atchi mo kotchi mo pupunpun!
Tama ni kenka mo shichau no sa!

Chotto shita kikkake ga areba
Sugu ni nakanaori ieieeiee!
Bokura Pichu-Pichu burazaazu!

Hyotto shite itsuka wa kimi to
Machi de au kamo ne raranran!
Bokura Pichu-Pichu burazaazu!

Sou sa Pichu-Pichu burazāzu!!
Japanese (Trans)
Pichu-Pichu, the two of us are brothers
Everyone in town knows who we are!
Pichu-Pichu, the two of us are brothers
We're the greatest friends in the entire world!

This world is pretty amazing
It's like an amusement park you don't need a ticket for!
Everything is new to us
That's why it's all so interesting!

If we smoothly dodge small thrills
We'll be entertained and have fu-fun-fun!
We're the Pichu-Pichu Brothers!

Pichu-Pichu, the two of us are brothers
Now you know who we are, too!
Pichu-Pichu, the two of us are brothers
We're the most energetic duo in the entire world, too!

This world is pretty mysterious
It's like a magic show that has no tricks or mechanisms!
Everything is astonishing to us
That's why it's all so interesting!

Pichu-Pichu-Pichu-Pichu Where do you think
Pichu-Pichu-Pichu-Pichu We should go tomorrow?

One thing leads to another
And we both end up fu-fu-fuming!
And sometimes we even start fighting!

But if there's the slightest chance to do so
We make up again right away, ye-yeah-yeah!
We're the Pichu-Pichu Brothers!

Some day we might even meet you too
Somewhere in town, la-la-la
We're the Pichu-Pichu Brothers!

That's right, the Pichu-Pichu Brothers!

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