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Title Under the Mistletoe
Language usaEnglish
CD Availablilty: Pokémon Christmas Bash


There's a feeling I'm getting
I just can't explain
Makin' me glad tonight
Maybe it's Christmas
Maybe the snow
Maybe the mistletoe

There's a secret I'm keepin'
That no one can hear
A feeling deep in my heart
Maybe this Christmas
My true love will show
Under the mistletoe

Jolly ol' St. Nicholas
Before the night is through
There's something very special that
I'd like to say to you
Merry, merry Christmas
I'd like you to know
I'm hoping that I meet someone
Under the mistletoe

Now there's a crowd at the party
Our friends are all here
Everyone's warm and bright

Maybe I'll meet him
Where hearts are aglow
Under the mistletoe

Maybe I'll just stand here
And no one will know
I'm under the mistletoe

"Boy this party is crowded! Hey, wait a minute! There's Christmas cookies
over there! Let's go get some, Pikachu!"
"Hi, Ash."
"Oh. Hi, Misty."
"Great party, huh?"
"Yeah. We were just going to get something to eat."
"Hey, did you see Nurse Joy?"
"Yeah. Maybe you should go tell Brock."
"Maybe not."
"Anyway, can we squeeze past you? We're pretty hungry."
"Oh, sure. Okay. Um...Ahh!"

Jolly ol' St. Nicholas (Jolly ol' St. Nicholas)
Before the night is through (Before the night is through)
There's something very special that (There's something very special that)
I'd like to say to you (I'd like to say to you)
Merry, merry Christmas (Merry, merry Christmas)
I'd like you to know (I'd like you to know)
I'm hoping that I don't get caught
Under the mistletoe

There a crowd at the party
Our friends are all here
Everyone's warm and bright

Maybe he'll find out
You just never know
Under the mistletoe

Maybe I'll stand here
Maybe I'll go

Maybe this Christmas
I might let him know

Maybe this Christmas
I just might get - - uh-oh

"Hi, Ash. Did you get something to eat?"
"Uh, yeah."
"Um, Ash. Did you realize we're standing under the mistletoe?"
"Huh? Waaa!"
"Ash! Where are you going?"
"Uh, I'm getting some Christmas cookies!"
"You just got some cookies!"
"Yeah, I know! Come on, Pikachu!"
"What's his problem, Pikachu?"
"Come on, Pikachu!"
"Ash, look out for the..."
"Never mind."

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