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01 Aug 2010 04:47 AM
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Quote From: precita
I hope Iris doesn't get a starter this time.

who is Iris? The girl with the nuts hair?
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26 Jul 2010 08:03 AM
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Maybe... Ash?
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26 Jul 2010 08:02 AM
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Quote From: Takeshi
I'd like to see Butch and Cassidy return. Their rivalry with Jessie and James was really interesting and to me they seemed like the cooler half of Team Rocket. I'd like to see a Pokémon battle between them.

Dawn and Brocko (They will leave in the Pocket Monsters Best Wishes 5th Gen Anime) but let just say they are gone cause everyone is interested in the 1st and 5th gens now...
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26 Jul 2010 07:58 AM
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Quote From: Takeshi
I'd say Satoshi (Ash) but I think that is too obvious, because after all he is the main character. My favortie character is Takeshi. He adds humor whenever he falls for a girl and is pulled away by the ear by someone. This scenario shows changes, as Takeshi has been pulled away by Misty, Max, and now Croagunk.

To bad an old fat man will be replaing out beloved (ummm... Awkward?) brock with his umbreon in best wishes the 5th gen episode...

My fave humans r (not in order): dawn (hikari), barry (jun) brocko (please insert jap name here), ash ketchup (santoshi-do i really think he is a little cool?), may (jap name plz...), misty (maybe?) and gary oak!! Gotta love da oakster
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26 Jul 2010 07:44 AM
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Quote From: Rumpelstiltskin
Quote From: precita
Well, so long Dawn...and possibly Brock.

And maybe Ash too...or the Ash we all know and love...
EDIT: Wait, Ash is in the series, so is Team Rocket. Not sure about Pikachu though...

The anime without dawn and brock... Brock is gonna be replaced with that fat old guy... I am never gonna watch the 5th gen anime, play their games or anything! How are we going to live! Ash's outfit is soo gay (not as in i like men and i am a man or the happy thing) it's just the anime guys cant draw! They can get the money off anyone else exept me! I mean, the girl looks like she will do gym battles! What will happen to the lovely dovely thing with nures joy anf officer jenny!? The fat guy is too old to do that part!

Ash and Pikachu would stay in the anime. But if Ash goes, Pikachu goes and if Ash stays Pikachu stays because Pikachu is Ash's main
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