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31 May 2011 12:22 PM
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i dont think they sell these in canada :(
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31 May 2011 12:01 AM
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where do we buy these?
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22 Mar 2011 05:13 AM
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My opinion; Pikachu went to level 100 to level 5 when he got his voltage fixed.

really now every since advance season started, pikachu been losing battles and got used less and less. I see that pokemon fans are disappointed that pikachu keeps losing like that. It was much more fun in the old days plus the new season surprisingly bores me =/ maybe because now that the seasons are game is with the abilities the attacck effects and etc
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19 Mar 2011 08:21 PM
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Quote From: Adamant
Yes, we cropped the shots for the episode pictures.

My guess regarding BW26's cancellation is because it either deals with something or someone creating massive threatening waves, or with someone ending up almost drowning. Neither are things you really want to show as entertainment in Japan right now. If the episode eventually airs, we'll probably be able to guess the reasoning better.

maybe you're right. maybe because of the tsunami they had to cancel or air it later on
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04 Mar 2011 09:55 PM
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in the Skitty Dex area the platinum dex isn't even finish

pokemon 3 the movie
pokemon 4ever
pokemon heroes
pokemon jirachi wishmaker
pokemon destiny deoxys
pokemon lucario and the mystery or mew
pokemon ranger and the sea temple

pokemon mystery dungeon team go getters pokemon special episode
pokemon mystery dungeon explorers of time darkness + characters and characters bio and pokemon same for pokemon explorers of sky episode special [following of the previous one]

adding all the sprites from all pokemon games excisted and make the ones that are moving gif

adding their game cry and anime voices or cry

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