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13 Apr 2019 03:40 AM
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People who can use AR+ have an unfail advantage...
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27 Oct 2018 12:03 AM
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"Wonderful". More like creepy and ugly <_
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10 Oct 2018 10:09 AM
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Willow my boiii
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23 Feb 2018 02:47 AM
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Newsletter code for US. Wireless only for Europe.
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22 Oct 2017 11:02 PM
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I can only agree with everything in this video. (Beside 5. which doesn't include me because I already know what I will see and I'm somewhat glad it's not canon.)

Dub version is a pain in the butt, also in germany. Even though like 50% of the actors seem to do their job decent for once in the SM dub now, the other 50% still gives me earcancer. And then there is the fact that "our" Ash got a new, a male voice. The actor is a good one I guess, but.. it doesn't fit the charater. Supported by the fact that in doesn't sound like 10, more like 15. Newbies may find it ok, maybe even some old fans, but it's weirding me out and gives me cringes, sadly.

Regarding music: I can't describe how much I adore the old soundtracks John Loeffler & Co made in first few years, even these odd movie CDs with different artists and even that Christmas Bash CD (Not the german one, german Christmas Bash is horrible.), but these days it's mostly crap and a hell of reusage and remixing. When I hear that really bad Goldfarb tracks are reused in a 20min episode up to 8 times, then... ugh... no thanks. -_-
And yeah, replacing already english original soundtracks. Fucking really? This was the cheaper option? I guess we can be happy that we got a half original Chiisaki Mono. Where the english text is not a translation, but the the text still may fit kinda together I guess?

And I totally don't want to watch edited episodes and movies and don't wanna have complete rewritten dialogues anymore, so watching dubs is one way or another no option for me anymore. And looking at TPCi & western TV publisher, this will never change. They don't give a fuck about the series/movies, but still feel the urge to edit entire minutes of some episodes.
And who didn't notice: The western movie posters got 0 effort. The font is shaky as fuck, cleary quick cheap ass work. The german one even got translated wrong, which is super embarrassing and just shows they had no idea what they were doing.
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