Official Japanese Black and White Website Updates

The official Pokémon Black and White website has once again updated adding a ton of good quality screenshots and artwork for the upcoming games. Most of the information is the same as the August 2010 Corocoro Issue. Below is the information that was revealed.

New Pokémon

Picture Pokémon Info Moves Ability Type Height Weight
thumbnail Koromori
Bat Pokémon Heart Stamp
Unaware (てんねん)
Klutz (ぶきよう)
Psychic/Flying 0.4m 2.1kg
thumbnail Wargle
Valor Pokémon Free Fall
Keen Eye (するどいめ)
Brute Force (ちからづく)
Normal/Flying 1.5m 41kg
thumbnail Kibago
Tusk Pokémon Double Chop
Rivalry (とうそうしん)
Mold Breaker (かたやぶり)
Dragon 0.6m 18kg
thumbnail Minezumi
Lookout Pokémon You First
Run Away (にげあし)
Keen Eye (するどいめ)
Normal 0.5m 11.6kg
thumbnail Musharna
Munna's Evolution Dream Smoke
Forewarn (よちむ)
Synchronize (シンクロ)
Psychic 1.1m 60.5kg
thumbnail Ranculus
Amplification Pokémon Dust Proof (ぼうじん)
Magic Guard (マジックガード)
Psychic 1.0m 20.1kg
thumbnail Gothilselle
Celestial Body Pokémon Magic Room (マジックルーム) Frisk (おみとおし) Psychic 1.5m 44kg

Pokémon Global Link (ポケモングローバルリンク)

logoPokémon Global Link has two known modes. The first mode, the Game Sync feature accessible from the C Gear (Cギア) allows a player to transfer a Pokémon from their DS cart to the Internet Dream World. Players can then can play mini games on their PC with that Pokémon as well as capture Pokémon not available on the players version of the game. The second mode allows players to randomly battle and it includes a ranking system. An Eevee evolution trial will begin in August which will allow players to see how the Global Link feature will work.

New Characters

New characters have been revealed for Pokémon Black and White. Below is a brief synopsis of each character.
Belle (ベル): The hero's childhood friend, she travels even against objection of her father. She is quite a spontaneous person and is rather unreliable.
Cheren (チェレン): He has a wealth of Pokémon knowledge and is also quite reliable.
Makomo (マコモ): She is Dr. Araragi's assistant and is the person that gives the C Gear to the player.
N: N is one of the antagonists in the game.

New Features

  • Gothilselle (ゴチルゼル) is exclusive to Pokémon Black and Ranculus (ランクルス) is exclusive to Pokémon White.
  • Triple battle make their debut in the fifth generation. Players can adjust Pokémon position in battle and Pokémon in any of the three positions can be targeted.
  • Telepathy (テレパシー) is a new ability that blocks damage from the players other Pokémon currently in battle.
  • Kanji makes it's debut in the main Pokémon series. Players can switch the text from Hiragana and Katakana to also include kanji.

Source: http://www.pokemon-sp.jp/series/bw

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I really HOPE that Koromori replaces Zubats while we're getting through caves... and I want a Gochiruzeru sooo bad! I'm getting Black Version, so it's not gonna be a problem \o/

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