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About PocketMonsters.net

PocketMonsters.net is a fansite dedicated to all things Pokémon (ポケモン) and Pocket Monsters (ポケットモンスター). We are the premier site for news and information about all aspects of the franchise from around the world. We cover the Anime, the Trading Card Game, the Games, Pokémon live action variety shows, have a large imageboard and much more. The site was founded on May 14th, 2005 and has evolved over that time into the site you are currently visiting. Initially we never expected the site to get as large as it currently is with tens of thousands of pages in a massive database that grows daily. As the many different aspects of the Pokémon franchise continues to expand, PocketMonsters.net also continues to expand.

As a fansite, PocketMonsters.net has always tried to be a free site as we believe that the spirit of a 'fansite' is hampered when a hobby or an interest comes in conflict with business initiatives and generating revenue by exploiting a copyrighted intellectual property. Though our site may not be as well known as other Pokémon fansites on the Internet, we have a core group of users that visit the site on a regular basis and we strive to keep our viewers informed with the latest information about Pokémon.

What's Different About PocketMonsters.net?

Many of the visitors and users of the site are older fans of the series. We try to cater to those fans that may have started being a fan 15 or more years ago when the franchise first started and have continued following it since then. The series doesn't just appeal to younger fans but all age groups.

We also try to cover areas of the franchise that the official sites or fansites don't cover at all. We pride ourselves in having unique and accurate information and to be a great reference to fans.

History of PocketMonsters

PocketMonsters.net started as an IRC channel in 2005 of dedicated fans that were determined to document and archive all aspects of the Japanese Pocket Monsters anime. Many of the founding members were active in the community since the late 90's-early 2000's. The first version of the site opened as a front page and information site about our IRC channel. It also had a calendar of upcoming episodes, with accurate translations of the Japanese titles, which continues to this day to be a great source for the anime Pokémon community.

In 2010, PocketMonsters.net began publicly archiving information about the Pokémon franchise based on our years of comprehensive research, opening it up to the community to assist us in achieving our goal of becoming one of the most feature-rich and detailed websites in the Pokémon fandom. We would like to give our thanks and gratitude to everyone that has contributed and assisted us over the past many years in making PocketMonsters.net the valuable resource it is today.

In 2017, #PocketMonsters transitioned over from IRC, where it had been for 12 years, to Discord, as unfortunately IRC hasn't evolved to offer the features that modern day social networks offer.

Discord Chat

PocketMonsters has a Discord channel where community members can talk and discuss various aspects of the franchise. Please note that it is a kids friendly environment for mature users and as such all participants must follow the channels rules. The channel history is limited to Regular Users only to reduce external abuse of users and community members. Once a person introduces themselves and is known by the community, they will be elevated to Regular User status. If you are a new user, feel free to talk and see the current chat in Pocketmonsters so people get to know you.

Site Affiliates and Affiliations

PocketMonsters.net has a list of core Pokémon fansites that we work with and share information back and forth with. These sites are also great resources to the Pokémon community. Our standing rule for fansites that wish to affiliate with PocketMonsters.net is that a member of our staff must know the staff of the other fansite for at least a year and have contributed to PocketMonsters.net in some way.

Ads, Donations and Revenue

PocketMonsters.net does not take monetary donations nor do we place ads on the site but those that wish to contribute somehow can do so by helping us create content for the site.

The site used to have a single Google Adsense banner at the top of each page and the revenue generated from those ads was only used to help pay for server and related site services.

We are also not looking for any unsolicited ads, paid article placements or SEO companies to assist us with increasing revenue or visitors. Companies contacting us about ad placements or increasing our search results will go unanswered.

Can I help contribute to the site?

We are always looking for knowledgeable and mature people to help out. Feel free to contact any of the staff or visit our Discord channel and talk to one of the staff if you wish to help out.

PocketMonsters.net is looking for knowledgeable people that would be willing to help out with the content on the site including, but not limited to the: Character Bios, Voice Actor Database, TCG Database, Media DB, Content DB and News Articles.

If you are willing to help out with the site or would like to create your own project for the site, please let us know. People that help out with the site can also get to know the staff of PocketMonsters.net, who are all dedicated and passionate fans of the Pokémon franchise. We have a growing community of visitors and any assistance to help our Pokémon fansite grow is greatly appreciated.
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