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New Posts! Anime Discussion
Go here to discuss all the latest news from the Pocket Monsters anime series, including any foreign dubbed versions. Watch out for automatically created threads; the bot adds them any time we add an episode title!
POKENCHI 283: 2500個のポケモンキッズで大盛り上がりのドキドキゲ...
by Adamant
1551 2846
New Posts!
Kanto Episodes
The first anime segment!
SL 7: Hanada City no suichūka/ハナダシティのすいち...
by Pkmndub
85 261
New Posts!
Orange League Episodes
Orange League mini-arc.

36 61
New Posts!
Johto Episodes
It's a whole new world we live in.

158 247
New Posts!
Advanced Episodes
Travel with Haruka and Masato!
AG 101: N/A/ゆれる島の戦い!ドジョッチVSナマズン!!/Yureru...
by UltimateNintendoFan
193 262
New Posts!
Character Discussion
Character Discussion allows users to talk about specific characters in the animated series! A great complement to the Character Database!
Character Guide Bios / Accuracy Check
by Mistress Eevee
12 140
New Posts!
Diamond and Pearl Episodes
Discuss the region that Dawn, Paul, Barry and Nando were all in.
DP 35: Shitennō Goyō to Dōtakun!/四天王ゴヨウと...
by UltimateNintendoFan
192 783
New Posts!
Unova Episodes
Cilan and Iris join Ash as they travel through the Unova Region
BW 68: アフロでGO!バッフロンはNO!!/Afro de GO! Buf...
by UltimateNintendoFan
20 350
New Posts!
Specials that have mainly aired in Japan

0 14
New Posts!
Discuss the Pocket Monsters Movies
Movie 20: きみにきめた!/Kimi ni kimeta!/I Choo...
by Pkmndub
20 27
New Posts!
Discussion about Movie shorts and ANA shorts
Short 18: ピカチュウとポケモンおんがくたい/Pikachu to Po...
by Adamant
18 27
New Posts!
Spin off series and episodes not directly linked to the main series arc

0 24
New Posts!
Ash and his friends travel through the Kalos Region
XY&Z 47: 終わりなきゼロ!また逢う日まで!!/Owarinaki zer...
by Adamant
142 367
New Posts!
Pocket Monsters Encore
Rerun episode series

1 17
New Posts!
Sun and Moon
Ash's adventures in the Alola Region.
SM 1: アローラ!はじめての島、はじめてのポケモンたち!!/Alola! H...
by Sunain
0 77
New Posts! News/Current Events
This is where articles that relate to our news items/current happenings in the pokemon world will be posted!
Pokémon HOME - June 2021 Update Notifica...
by ForumBot
4837 6272
New Posts! Games Discussion
Discuss the various games that have been released over a variety of gaming systems!
The Pokémon MMORPG Proposal: The Game Ni...
by Sunain
4 17
New Posts!
First Generation
Where Pokémon all began! Discuss the original games!
TSS_Killer doing a Live Run through of J...
by Sunain
1 1
New Posts!
Second Generation
The Second Generation of games featured more advanced features than the originals!
Second Generation Discussion
by Sunain
1 1
New Posts!
Third Generation
The Third Generation was very popular and features some of the best selling games in video game history!
Gotta Catch 'em All Japanese Event
by Sunain
1 1
New Posts!
Fourth Generation
The Nintendo DS changed the way people played the Pokémon series during this generation!
Dutch Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver V...
by cannodak
2 4
New Posts!
Fifth Generation
The latest Generation of Pokémon!
Friend Code Exchange Corner
by Adamant
8 36
New Posts!
Sixth Generation
Pokémon X and Y launched on the Nintendo 3DS and were the first games to stop the colored naming scheme for the games
Pokémon X and Y Friends Codes
by Kaioshin
1 12
New Posts!
Seventh Generation
A new Pokémon adventure awaits in the Alola Region in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon on the Nintendo 3DS family of systems!

0 0
New Posts! Merchandise Discussion
Discuss the various different kinds of Pokémon merchandise!
Yakult Pokemon Calendar 2015
by tokedaman
3 6
New Posts!
Discuss the many CD and DVD releases from around the world. A great complement to the CD Database and the DVD Database!
Pocket Monsters Spotify Playlist
by Sunain
11 34
New Posts!
Discuss the Manga books that have been released throughout the world!

0 0
New Posts!
Music Discussion
Music Discussion covers the artists, unreleased audio tracks, in episode music and it is a great complement to the episode guide's music tabs.
Weekly Episode Music
by Sunain
3 556
New Posts! TCG
The Pokémon Trading Card game is one of the most popular tabletop games on the market! Discuss the various aspects of the game. Card information is available in the TCG Dex.
XY Primal Clash
by Sunain
17 31
New Posts! Site Discussion
Discuss the various aspects of PocketMonsters.net! Annoucements, Suggestions, New Feature Additions and more is discussed here!
PocketMonsters.net Version 5 Suggestion/...
by Sunain
34 101
New Posts! Live Action Series
Live Action Pokémon Series and Specials.

1 8
New Posts!
Pokémon Smash
Discuss the antics of TIM, Robert, Shoko-tan and the new International Division Girls as they present the latest Pokémon news and information.

14 78
New Posts!
Pokémon Sunday
Discuss the antics of TIM, Robert, Shoko-tan and Becky as they present the latest Pokémon news and information.

311 460
New Posts!
If there are any Kaba-chan fans out there, this is the forum ares just for you!
SPH 7: タケシ!ニビジムをすくえ!/Takeshi! Nibi Gym w...
by Adamant
0 9
New Posts!
Pokémon Get TV
The sequel to Pokémon Sunday and Pokémon Smash!

9 19
New Posts!
Gathering in the Pokémon House?
Gathering in the Pokémon House? (ポケモンの家あつまる?) is a variety show where residents of different ages and gender gather together, united by their love for Pokémon, deliver new reasons to love Pokémon, and of course, Pokémon news, all with that special Pokémon love!
POKENCHI 79: イケメンアーティストと一緒にいろんな楽器を使ってみんな...
by Adamant
79 185

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