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Title: Re:Movie 23: 劇場版ポケットモンスター 2020/Gekijōban Pocket Monsters 2020/Pocket Monsters the Movie 2020
I was impressed with the movie overall. I thought before watching the movie that it was going to be a Tarzan like movie but while it had elements of that, they did seem to create their own movie. I was surprised how small a role Satoshi had in the movie and how Koko and Zarude were really the main characters, which was actually quite a refreshing change.
Title: Re:Pokémon Trading Card Game: Celebrations
The Pokémon Company revealed the promo cards for these packs today after being hidden from the initial press release. The news article has been updated to showcase the new press release box art with the promo cards revealed.
Title: Re:Pokémon GO - Exploration Bonus Updates Coming to Pokémon GO
Many places in the world still have lockdown restrictions, social distancing and non-essential travel in effect. Removing the COVID bonuses directly affects their ability to play this game.
Title: Re:Pokémon Card Game - Pokémon Center Online Lottery for Eievui Heroes Products
All this does is piss off Pokémon TCG fans that wanted to get this Eievui set. Now that it's limited to the official online store, scalper will just make a ton of accounts to win the lotteries going forward.
Title: Re:PM2019 37: ただいま、アローラ!/Tadaima, Alola!/I'm Back, Alola!
English episode aired first in the United Kingdom on March 1st, 2021 on POP at 5:30PM.
Title: Re: Pocket Monsters Coco
File: 16271697720046.png (517px x 617px - 354.12 KiB)
Title: Re: Oha Suta - July 23rd, 2021
File: 16271575390042.png (1920px x 1080px - 2.27 MiB)
Showing off the Pokémon the Movie Coco Blu-ray Special Limited Edition
Title: Re: Oha Suta - July 23rd, 2021
File: 16271575020021.png (1920px x 1080px - 2.25 MiB)
Pokémon the Movie Coco Blu-ray Special Limited Edition
Title: Re: Oha Suta - July 23rd, 2021
File: 16271574340099.png (1920px x 1080px - 2.63 MiB)
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Title: Re: Oha Suta - July 23rd, 2021
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