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Hiroshi Yamamoto
Japanese 山本博
Japanese (Romanized) Hiroshi Yamamoto
Hiroshi Yamamoto was born on September 5, 1978. His blood type is A and he is 177cm tall. He is a member of Robert (ロバート), a Japanese comedy trio formed in 1998.
Episodes (496)

バトル「岩井勇気 VS 大谷凜香」!A Special Focusing on Mega Lizardon X and Mega Lizardon Y, Where Abareru-kun Replicates 'Flamethrower'!?
Battle: Yuki Iwai VS Rinka Otani!
バトル「藤田ニコル VS 大谷凜香」!Abareru-kun Transforms into an Asanan and, Together with the Others, Attempts Pokémon Yoga
Rinka-chan Gets a Return Match
Battle: Nicole Fujita VS Rinka Otani!
バトル「あばれる君 VS 視聴者」!A Discussion About What the First Pokémon Game Everybody Played Was and What Their First Partner Was
Abareru-kun Transforms into a Harimaron!
Battle: Abareru-kun VS a Television Viewer!
ハゲっと団 結成で「ポケんち」が「ハゲんち」に!?
バトル「山本博 VS 須藤敬志」!The Baldket Gang Gets Formed to Turn "Pokénchi" into "Baldenchi"!?
Abareru-kun Gets Training at a Voice Acting School!
Battle: Hiroshi Yamamoto VS Takashi Sudo!
ヒャダイン・ロバート山本・トレンディエンジェルたかし・佐香智久の4人で「ポケモンバトル芸能界男子最強決定戦」を開催!The "Pokémon Battle to Determine the Strongest Man in Showbiz" is Held Between Hyadain, Yamamoto from Robert, Takashi from Trendy Angel and Tomohisa Sako!
ポケんちにサトシゲッコウガが大量発生!?A Showdown with Trendy Angel, Who Have Once Again Come to Take Over Pokénchi!
A Massive Outbreak of Satoshi Gekkouga at Pokénchi!?
あばれる君がポケモン交換したポケだちと対戦!Fighting the Gekkouga Army, aka Nagareboshi, in Games Based Around Gekkouga!
Abareru-kun Battles a Pokénd He Has Previously Traded Pokémon With!
ポケモンバトルではロバート山本の様子が…?During Pokémon Cooking, Abareru-kun and Gluttonous Queen Gal Sone Have an Eating Contest!
During the Pokémon Battle, Yamamoto from Robert Starts to...?
松本梨香さんがアニメ新オープニング曲を披露!A PQ (Pokémon Quiz) from Louis Kurihara, with Questions from the New Video Games and New Anime Series!
Rica Matsumoto Performs the New Anime Opening Song!
サン・ムーンの新要素「バトルロイヤル」で4人対戦!A Massive Presentation of Surprising and Unexpected Ways to Have Fun with Sun
A Four-Way Match in Sun
Moon's New System, "Battle Royal"!
クイズに正解してポケんちを脱出できるか!?Akiyama from Robert, in the Role of Akiyamarshadow, Imprisons Everyone Inside Pokénchi
Will They be Able to Complete his Quiz and Escape from Pokénchi?!
「第3回ポケモン竜王戦」の模様!Taiiku Okazaki Performs an Improptu Song and the New Anime Ending Song!
A Status Report from the "Third Pokémon Dragon King Match"!
月食しょこたん登場!An Important Announcement from Yudai Chiba?!
Everyone Turns Into Their Student Era Selves and Compete in Table Tennis Etc.!
Lunar Eclipse Shokotan Appears!
みんなで推理クイズ「ピカっとひらめけクイズ」に挑戦!Detective Pikachuei Returns!
Everyone Attempts the Detective Quiz "Reach-the-"Pika"-of-Your-Intelligence-and-Hit-Upon-the-Answer Quiz" Together!
最新ゲームの宇宙最速映像!A Pokémon Personality Test Hosted by Rinka-chan
Abareru-kun Takes Part in Pokémon Card Battles Against 9 People at Once at a Pokémon Card Game Event
A Universe-exclusive Trailer for the New Video Games!
引越しのお祝いに本田望結ちゃんや格闘家の朝倉海さんが駆け付ける!The Show Powers up as it Moves to "New Pokenchi"!
Miyu Honda and Martial Artist Kai Asakura Come Running Over to Celebrate the Move!

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