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Game Details:

Developer: Game Freak
Publisher: Nintendo / The Pokémon Company
Platform: Nintendo DS
Release Date(s): September 28, 2006 (JPN), April 22, 2007 (NA), June 21, 2007 (AUS), July 27, 2007 (EU), February 14, 2008 (KOR)
Mode(s): Single Player, Mulitplayer
Rating(s): CERO: A (JPN), PEGI: 3+ (EUR), ESRB: E (USA), OFLC: PG
Controller(s): Nintendo DS
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Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Version (ポケットモンスターダイヤモンド&パール) for the Nintendo DS are the first full RPG games for the Forth Generation of Pokémon. They were first released in Japan on September 28, 2006 for 4800 Yen each.

Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Version features all new Pokémon that were not include in previous generations. 107 new Pokémon have been added to the game bringing the overall total to 493. Making their debut are such Pokémon as Mime Jr., Lucario, and Weavile, and the three starter Pokémon are new as well. Players will choose from Fire-type Chimchar, Water-type Piplup, and Grass-type Turtwig to begin their adventure.

Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Version also allows players to trade Pokémon from previous Pokémon games on the Game boy Advance. Utilizing the Nintendo DS and DS Lite's GBA slot, up to six Pokémon every twenty-four hours per Game Boy Advance cartridge can be transferred. Player must recapture their uploaded Pokémon before performing another transfer though.


The games take place in the Sinnoh region as players journey through the each region battling Trainers, Gym Leaders and eventually the Elite Four. Like the previous Pokémon games, Diamond and Pearl begin in the protagonist's hometown of Twinleaf Town (フタバタウン).

The protagonist and their rival together to Lake Verity (シンジこ) to look for Pokémon like the red Gyarados that they saw on a news report. After arriving at the lake, the notice Professor Rowan (ナナカマド博士) and his assistant leaving the lake district. After a short discussion the professor and his assistant leave the lake, leaving a briefcase behind. Suddenly the two are attacked by wild Starly and they both check briefcase.

The player is given a choice to pick one of three new starter Pokémon that are in the briefcase: Turtwig (ナエトル), Chimchar (ヒコザル), or Piplup (ポッチャマ). The selected Pokémon is then sent out to battle the attacking wild Starly. After defeating the Starly, the hero and their rival return the briefcase to Professor Rowan. He allows the player to keep the Pokémon that they chose and asks if they are willing to go on a journey to help fill the Pokédex. So begins Pokémon Diamond & Pearl!


  • New 3d engine for the Nintendo DS.
  • 107 new Pokémon have been added to the game bringing the overall total to 493.
  • Players can sync their Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Version games with Pokémon Battle Revolution and battle their Pokémon on a big screen TV!
  • Players can also store their Pokémon on the Nintendo WiiWare game My Pokémon Ranch.
  • Pokétch, a wristwatch-like device, allows people to take advantage of the Nintendo DS's dual screens to run special applications.
  • The DS Touch Screen has improved on the Pokémon gameplay system. When players choose an attack, the Touch Screen displays the important information – the move name, the move type and how many Power Points players have left. The item-select screen is broken down into categories, and all of the items are clearly organised within each section.
  • Pokémon Diamond and Pokémon Pearl introduce visual differences for Pokémon depending on their gender.
  • Online Support: Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection allows players to communicate through voice chat and trade their Pokémon as well as battle online.
  • Trade Pokémon on the GTS network.


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