Pokémon Pinball (ポケモンピンボール)
Developer: Publisher: Platform: Release Date(s): Mode(s): Rating(s): Controller(s):
Jupiter Nintendo Nintendo 64 April 14, 1999 (JPN)
June 28, 1999 (USA)
July 13, 1999 (Aus)
October 6, 2000 (EUR)
Single player CERO: A (JPN)
ESRB: Everyone (USA)
Game Boy Color
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Pokémon Pinball (ポケモンピンボール) is an arcade game for the Game Boy Color that allows players to score points and collect Pokémon to fill the Pokédex. The game was first released in Japan on April 14th, 1999 for 3800yen.


Pokémon Pinball (ポケモンピンボール) was thee first of the Pokémon pinball and it took the fun and excitement of first generation games and adapted it into an arcade-style setting. Pokémon Pinball was more innovative than a simple combination of two game genres. It also was one of the first Nintendo games to use a rumble feature. A rumble device was built into the game cartridge and it would shake the Game Boy around when the player pulled off big moves and caught Pokémon. The rumble feature could be turned off in game if the player did not enjoy the rumbling feature.

The Poké ball is used as the pinball and it bounces around two tables that were included in Pokémon Pinball. Players can choose between a Pokémon Red or Pokémon Blue pinball board and as your score climbs, players could upgrade to a Great Ball and Master Ball to rack up even more points as they played.

Players could catch all 151 Pokémon in the first generation through special moves and sequences. Some of the challenges in the game required players to play for a long time. A nice feature of the game allowed players to save their progress and resume it at at later time.

The Pokémon Pinball cartridge was a bit larger than a normal Game Boy Color cartridge and would stick out the back of the system. It also featured a slot to change the AAA battery when it died.


  • Features all 151 Pokémon from the first generation games Pokémon Red or Pokémon Blue.
  • Rlayers to save their progress and resume it at at later time.
  • A built in rumble feature shakes the system in the players when they pulled off big moves and caught Pokémon.


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