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Game Details:

Developer: Game Freak
Publisher: Nintendo / The Pokémon Company
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s): October 12th, 2013 (JPN), October 12th, 2013 (USA), October 12th, 2013 (EUR)
Mode(s): Single Player, Multiplayer
Rating(s): CERO: A (JPN), PEGI: 3+ (EUR), ESRB: E (USA)
Controller(s): Nintendo 3DS
Extra Contents: X and Y Main Page, Pokémon Bank / Poké Transporter, Mega Evolution, Super Training, Player Search System (PSS), Holo Caster, Nintendo Network, Berries, Ribbons, Patches, Rating Battles
Pokémon Global Link: Poké Miles Store,Balloon Popping, Graffiti Eraser, Mine Cart Adventure, Poké Doll Grabber, Medals, Online Tournaments

Poké Miles (ポケマイル)

Poké Miles (ポケマイル) are a currency in Pokémon X and Y that can be used to purchase items at the Global Link store or to play attractions on Global Link website. Players can earn Poké Miles by trading on the Global Trade Station, via StreetPass and Wonder Trades. The amount of Poké Miles a player receives is determined by the distance between the two people that are trading. The further the players are away from each other, the more Poké Miles players will receive from the trade.

Dream Points Conversion

A press release by The Pokémon Company on September 20th, 2013 revealed that players of Pokémon Black, Black 2, White and White 2 that had dream points remaining on their Global Link accounts could convert the Dream Points into PokéMiles for use in Pokémon X and Y.


Players that qualified to receive Poké Miles from their Dream Points got the miles when they registered a game. If a player registered the other version of Pokémon X or Y, they would also get the same amount of Poké Miles for that games registration.

PokéMileage Club (ポケマイルストア)


The PokéMileage Club (ポケマイルストア) features two main area: the PokéMileage Shop where players exchange their Poké Miles for items and the Attractions area where players play games to receive items.

PokéMileage Shop (ポケマイルストア)


Players can purchase items from the PokéMileage Shop (ポケマイルストア) by visiting the Pokémon Global Link website and selecting the items they wish to purchase. Some items are only available depending on the number of Medals the player has collected. The items will become available the next time the player uses the Game Sync feature. The items can also be purchased at the Pokémon Center in Lumiose City's South Boulevard but at an increased price.

Icon Name Description <19 Medal PGL Price 20+ Medal PGL Price Lumiose Price
itemBerry Juice
A 100 percent pure juice made of Berries. When consumed, it restores 20 HP to an injured Pokémon.5410
A very sweet and refreshing drink. When consumed, it restores 80 HP to and injured Pokémon.75--
itemMoomoo Milk
A bottle of highly nutritious milk. When consumed, it restores 100 HP to an injured Pokémon.10820
itemFull Heal
A spray-type medicine that is broadly effective. It can be used once to heal all the status conditions of a Pokémon.151230
itemMax Repel
An item that prevents any low-level wild Pokémon from jumping out at your for 250 steps after its use.171335
itemHyper Potion
A spray-type medicine for treating wounds. It can be used to restore 200 HP to an injured Pokémon.302460
itemUltra Ball
An ultra-high performance Poké Ball that provides a higher success rate for catching Pokémon than a Great Ball.----60
This medicine can restore 10PP to a single selected move that has been learned by a Pokémon.604860
itemMax Potion
A spray-type medicine for treating wounds. It will completely restore the max HP of a single Pokémon.6249120
itemHeart Scale
A pretty, heart-shaped scale that is exteremely rare. It gloes faintly with all of the colors of the rainbow.--100125
itemFull Restore
A medicine that can be used to fully restore the HP of a single Pokémon and heal any status conditions it has.150120300
itemMax Revive
A medicine that can revive fainted Pokémon. It also fully restores a fainted Pokémon's maximum HP.--200400
itemRare Candy
A candy that is packed with energy. When consumed, it will instantly raise the level of a single Pokémon by one.--250500
itemPP Up
A medicine that can slightly raise the maximum PP of a single move that has been learned by the target Pokémon.--5001000

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