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About Pokémon Centers

The Pokémon Center is a specialist store in Japan for Pokémon goods and merchandise. There are 9 main locations: Sapporo, Tohoku, Tokyo, Tokyo Bay, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka and Hiroshima. The wide range of original Pokémon Center goods are the most popular items found at the Pokémon Center unlike the ones that are licensed for sale at department stores.


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Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo
Address: Floor 2 Ikebukuro Sunshine City alpa commercial complex

所在地: 池袋サンシャインシティ alpa(2F)
mega tokyo logo

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Pokémon Center Sapporo
Opening Hours: 10:00A.M. - 22:00P.M.
Address: 〒 060-0005 Sapporo-shi Chuo-ku Daimaru Sapporo Store 8th Floor
Subway Station: Direct Access to the JR Sapporo Station

営業時間 10時~22時
所在地 〒060-0005 札幌市中央区北5条西4-7 大丸札幌店 8階
アクセス JR「札幌駅」・地下鉄「さっぽろ駅」直結
sapporo logo

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Pokémon Center Yokohama
Opening Hours: 11:00A.M. - 20:00P.M.
Address: Landmark Plaza 4F, 2-2-1 Minato Mirai Nishi ku, Yokohama, 220-8172
Telephone: 045-222-5533

営業時間: 11時~20時
所在地: 〒220-0012
電話番号: 045-222-5533
Yokohama logo

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Pokémon Center Nagoya
Opening Hours: 10:00A.M. - 19:30P.M.
Address: Matsuzakaya Main Building 5F, 3-16-1, Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi, 460-8430
Telephone: 052-264-2727

営業時間: 10時~19時30分
所在地: 〒460-8430
松坂屋名古屋店 本館5階
電話番号: 052-264-2727
Nagoya logo

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Pokémon Center Osaka
Opening Hours: 10:00A.M. - 20:00P.M.
Address: Daimaru Umeda Store 13F, 3-1-1, Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, 530-8202
Telephone: 06-6346-6002

営業時間: 10時~20時
所在地: 〒530-8202
大丸梅田店 13F
電話番号: 06-6346-6002
Osaka logo

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Pokémon Center Fukuoka
Opening Hours: 10:00A.M. - 21:00P.M.
Address: Amu Plaza, JR Hakata City 8F, 1-1, Hakataekichuogai, Hakata-ku,Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, 812-0012
Telephone: 092-413-5185

営業時間: 10時~21時
所在地: 〒812-0012
電話番号: 092-413-5185

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Pokémon Center Tokyo Bay
Opening Hours: 10:00 to 20:00 hours (Mon-Thu), 10:00 to 21:00 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)
Telephone: 047-421-7757
Address: 273-8530 Funabashi, Chiba Prefecture Hama-cho 2-1-1
Mitsui Shopping Park
LaLaport TOKYO-BAY West Wing second floor

営業時間 : 10時~20時(月~木)
所在地: 〒273-8530
ららぽーとTOKYO-BAY 西館2階
電話番号: 047-421-7757

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Pokémon Center Hiroshima
Opening Hours: 10:00 to 20:00 hours
6th floor Main building of Sogo Hiroshima
Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture, Naka-ku Motomachi 6-27

営業時間: 10時~20時
所在地: 広島県広島市中区基町6-27

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Pokémon Center Kyoto
Opening Hours: 10:00a.m. - 8:00p.m.
Follows Takashimaya Kyoto Store business hours.
Address: 5F Takashimaya Kyoto Store 52 Nishiiru Shincho, Kawaramachi, Shijodori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, 600-8520
Telephone: 075-254-8001

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Pokémon Center Skytree Town
Opening Hours: 10:00a.m. - 9:00p.m.
*Follows TOKYO Solamachi business hours.
Address: Tokyo SKYTREE TOWN Solamachi East Yard 4F, 1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo 131-0045
Telephone: 03-6456-1221

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Pokémon Center Tohoku
Address: Sendai PARCO Main Building 8th Floor (1-2-3 Central Aoba-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture)

所在地: 仙台PARCO 本館8階(宮城県仙台市青葉区中央1-2-3)
Tohoku logo

Previous Pokémon Centers

Over the years, a few Pokémon Centers have either moved from their original location or closed down. The most notable change was the closure of the New York City Pokémon Center. On January 13th, 2005, the official Pokémon website announced that the Pokémon Center NY would close on January 19th, 2005 for renovations and then rise from its own dust in order to rebuild itself as a better, stronger store called the Nintendo World Store. The Nintendo World Store opened on May 14th, 2005 and it features various Nintendo product from all its franchises not just Pokémon. The Nintendo World Store still carries Pokémon merchandise like plushies, toys and DVD but the stores focus no longer concentrated on just Pokémon.

Details Logo
Pokémon Center New York
10 Rockefeller Plaza, New York City,at 48th Street, between 5th and 6th Avenues.
The Store was open 7 days a week:
Monday to Saturday, from 9AM to 9PM
Sunday from 10AM to 8PM
Phone: 212-307-0900


The official Japanese Pokémon website announced on October 15th, 2014 that on Friday December 12th, 2014, the Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo (ポケモンセンターメガトウキョー) would open and that the current Pokémon Center Tokyo in Hamamatsu would close on December 7th, 2014. From October 15th, 2014 until December 7th, 2014, everyone who make a purchase at the Pokémon Center Tokyo will receive a free "Moving Pikachu" sticker (おひっこしピカチュウ」ステッカー). For those that spend 3000yen or more will also receive a "Moving Pikachu" Clear File (「おひっこしピカチュウ」クリアファイル).

Details Logo
Pokémon Center Tokyo
Opening Hours: Weekdays : 11:00A.M. - 20:00P.M.
Sat, Sun, and National Holidays: 10:00A.M. - 19:00P.M.
Address: Shiodome Shibarikyu Building 2F 1-2-3 Kaigan, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Telephone: 03-6430-7733

営業時間 平日:11時~20時
所在地: 〒105-0022
電話番号: 03-6430-7733
Tokyo logo

Details Logo
Pokémon Center Sapporo
Opening Hours: 11:00A.M. - 21:00P.M.
Address: Sapporo ESTA 9F, Kita 5 jo 2 chome Chuo-ku,Sapporo-shi, 060-0005
Telephone: 011-232-3200

営業時間: 10時~21時
所在地: 〒060-0005
電話番号 011-232-3200
sapporo logo

On April 28th, 2017, the official site announced that the Pokémon Center Tohoku would move to the Sendai PARCO Main Building 8th Floor. The Pokémon Center Tohoku located on the 3rd Level of Shop and Wonder AER closed on Sunday, June 18th, 2017 at 20:00 JST. The Pokémon Center Tohoku located at Sendai PARCO will open on Friday, June 30th, 2017.

Details Logo
Pokémon Center Tohoku
Opening Hours: 10:00A.M. - 20:00P.M.
Address: Shop and Wander AER, Level 3, 3-1, Chuo 1-chome, Aoba, Sendai,980-6103
Telephone: 022-716-6870

営業時間: 10時~20時
所在地: 〒980-6103
ショップ&ワンダー アエル3階
電話番号: 022-716-6870
Tohoku logo


PokémonCenter.com was an online shop that sold Pokémon merchandise in the United States. They used UPS as their shipping carrier and therefore it was not possible for them to ship orders to a PO Box or military APO address. Their shipping and handling charges were determined by the merchandise dollar amount of each order per delivery address before any deductions and after any taxes had been calculated. The majority of the orders were fulfilled within 1-3 business days.


The website closed down on January 31st, 2008 after running for approximately 5 years. The explanation for closing the site was posted on the site and it stated that: “Pokémon USA, Inc. has decided to sell Pokémon merchandise exclusively through its retail partners.” Pokémon USA later made deals with Toys"R"Us and JAKKS Pacific to distribute merchandise. Pokémon USA and Pokémon UK later merged into The Pokémon Company International and formed the Pikachu Press publishing entity and began selling items in retail stores and online at companies like Amazon.com.

Pokémon Store

The Pokémon Company launched a Pokémon Store on Amazon Japan in November of 2012. Many of the items that are found at the Japanese Pokémon Centers could now be officially purchased online. 10,000+ items were available for purchase at launch and most of them had free shipping inside of Japan. Many of these items can also be sent worldwide, so now fans from around the world that would like to get Pokémon merchandise usually only available in Japan could get them from a trusted online retailer. The shipping rates depend on the item and the location it was being sent to.

Thumbnail outlet2

A temporary Pokémon Store Outlet (ポケモンストア アウトレット) opened from July 16th, 2015 until August 31st, 2016 at the Mitsui Outlet Park Hokuriku Oyabe (三井アウトレットパーク 北陸小矢部). The outlet sold original Pokémon Center products at outlet prices. The store was open daily from 10:00 until 20:00.


The Mitsui Outlet Park, Sapporo, Kitahiroshima, Japan (三井アウトレットパーク 札幌北広島) outlet store was previously open from April 11th, 2014 until July 21st, 2014 and December 16th, 2012 until March 3rd, 2013 and was extended to Sunday May 19th, 2013 due to the popularity of the store and to take advantage of Golden Week.


The official Japanese Pokémon website revealed on July 3rd, 2015 that a new Pokémon Store - Gotenba Shop (ポケモンストア御殿場店) would permanently open on August 29th, 2015. This was the first outlet store to open permanently and not for a limited time. It is located at GOTEMBA PREMIUM OUTLETS - 1312, Fukasawa Gotemba-Shi, Shizuoka, Japan 412-0023. Gotemba Premium Outlets is the flagship PREMIUM OUTLETS center and one of the largest centers in Japan. It is situated on an extensive site within view of World Cultural Heritage site, Mt. Fuji.


The store also sold a keychain for 580yen plus tax, a tote bag for 1500yen plus tax and a cup for 1300yen plus tax. They featured the artwork of Pikachu, Mt. Fuji and the pink Phlox subulata flower

Pokémon Store - Pokémon Casual Shop

Pokémon Store (ポケモンストア) physical locations opened in December of 2013, then in the summer of 2014 as well as more franchises in 2015. The concept of the stores was to be a "Pokémon Casual Shop" (ポケモンカジュアルショップ), basically a quick kiosk store, where people could purchase some of the official Pokémon merchandise available at the Pokémon Centers.

Tokyo Station Pokémon Store (ポケモンストア東京駅店)

The Tokyo Station Pokémon Store (ポケモンストア東京駅店) was the first Pokémon Store to open in December of 2013.

tokyo station

Opening Hours: 10:00 to 20:30 daily (10時~20時30分)
Location: Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 1-9-1 Tokyo Station Ichibangai B1F (東京都千代田区丸の内1-9-1 東京駅一番街B1F)
Telephone: 03-5224-6121

Pokémon Store - Pokémon Casual Shop Airport Kiosks

Image Image

Two Pokémon Store airport kiosks opened in the summer of 2014. The Kansai International Airport Pokémon Store (ポケモンストア 関西空港店) opened on June 26th, 2014 on the second floor of terminal building 1. It opened daily from 7:30am to 9:00pm.

The New Chitose Airport Pokémon Store (ポケモンストア 新千歳空港店) opened on July 10th, 2014 on the second floor of the domestic flight terminal. It opened daily from 8:00am to 8:00pm.


The Narita Airport Pokémon Store (ポケモンストア 成田空港店) was announced on the official Pokémon website on March 20th, 2015. It opened on April 29th, 2015 on the 4th Floor of Terminal 2. The shop featured Pikachu Pilot and attendant merchandise. This was the 6th Pokémon Store location to open in Japan.

Amu Plaza Kagoshima Pokémon Store (ポケモンストア アミュプラザ鹿児島店)

The Amu Plaza Kagoshima Pokémon Store opened on August 1st, 2014. The location is smaller than the standard Pokémon Centers in the malls and only carries the most popular official items. This was the 3th Pokémon Store location announced to open in the summer of 2014 in Japan and the 4th overall Pokémon Store.


Opening Hours: 10am until 9pm daily (10時~21時)
Location: Amu Plaza Kagoshima Main Building 4th Floor (鹿児島市中央町1番地1 アミュプラザ鹿児島本館4階)
Telephone: 099-812-7287

Amu Plaza Oita Pokémon Store (ポケモンストアアミュプラザおおいた)

The Amu Plaza Oita location opened on April 16th, 2015 but it was announced on the official Japanese Pokémon website on October 2nd, 2014. The Grand Opening was announced a few months later on the official Japanese Pokémon website on March 27th, 2015. This was the 7th Pokémon Store location to open in Japan.


Opening Hours: 10am until 9pm daily (10時~21時)
Location: Amu Plaza Oita 3rd Floor (アミュプラザおおいた 3F )

Okinawa Pokémon Store (ポケモンストア沖縄通)

The Okinawa Pokémon Store (ポケモンストア沖縄通) opened in Naha, Okinawa Prefecture (沖縄県那覇市) on March 12th, 2015. The store sold exclusive tropical vacation wear Pikachu merchandise as part of the grand opening celebration. It located on the first floor of the HAPINAHA mall. HAPINAHA is a combination of the English word "Happy" and "Naha". The store is open from 10am until 10pm daily. This was the 5th Pokémon Store location to open in Japan.

Opening Hours: 10am until 10pm daily (10時~22時)
Location: Naha, Okinawa Prefecture 2-2-30 HAPINAHA 1F (沖縄県那覇市牧志2-2-30 HAPINAHA 1F)
Telephone: 03-5224-6121


Aeon Mall Tokoname Pokémon Store (ポケモンストア イオンモール常滑店)

The Aeon Mall Tokoname Pokémon Store (ポケモンストア イオンモール常滑店) opened in Aichi Prefecture on December 4th, 2015. It was announced on the official Pokémon website on November 6th, 2015. It is located close to the Central Japan International Airport which makes it convenient for travelers looking to purchase a gift. This was the 8th Pokémon Store location to open in Japan.

Opening Hours: 10am until 9pm daily (10時~21時)
Location: Aichi Prefecture Tokoname Rinku-cho 2-30-3 Aeon Mall Tokoname Second floor Section 2022 (愛知県常滑市りんくう町2-30-3 イオンモール常滑2階 2022区画)


Pokémon Store Chūbu Centrair International Airport Shop

The official Japanese Pokémon website announced on June 24th, 2016 that the Pokémon Store Chūbu Centrair International Airport Shop (ポケモンストア 中部国際空港店) would open in mid-August of 2016 and would be located at the airport.


Source: http://voice.pokemon.co.jp/stv/store/2016/06/post-8427.html

Pokémon Store emifull MASAKI

The official Japanese Pokémon website announced on July 21st, 2017, that a new Pokémon Store would open at emifull MASAKI in Ehime Prefecture, Japan. It was scheduled to open on Friday, September 22nd 2017 at 9:00.


The above render may differ from actual store.
Loction: EmiFle MASAKI 2F 850 Tsutsui, Masaki, Iyo District, Ehime Prefecture
(エミフルMASAKI 2階(愛媛県伊予郡松前町筒井850番))

Source: http://www.pokemon.co.jp/info/2017/07/170721_p02.html

Pokémon Center Paris (Le Centre Pokémon Paris)


It was revealed on April 30th, 2014 that the Pokémon Company International would open a temporary Pokémon Center Paris (Le Centre Pokémon Paris) from June 4th, 2014 until June 21st, 2014. Fans were be able to purchase official merchandise and were able to see a gallery of unpublished illustrations and sketches. Pikachu was also present on the weekends for fans to get their picture taken with it. In addition to the exhibition, the Pokémon Center also provide an interactive space for fans where they could learn how to draw the iconic Pokémon Pikachu.

Crèmerie de PARIS (Hôtel de Villeroy)
11-15, rue des Halles – angle 9, rue des Déchargeurs
75001 Paris
Dates: une 4th, 2014 until June 21st, 2014
Hours: Open Daily (Including Sundays) - 10:30am to 7:30pm


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