My Pokémon Ranch (みんなのポケモン牧場)
Developer: Publisher: Platform: Release Date(s): Mode(s): Rating(s): Controller(s):
Ambrella Nintendo Nintendo Wii (WiiWare Download) March 25, 2008 (JPN)
June 9, 2008 (NA)
July 4, 2008 (EU & AUS)
Single Player CERO: A (JPN)
PEGI: 3+ (EU)
WiiMote & DS
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The Pokémon phenomenon debuts on WiiWare with My Pokémon Ranch (みんなのポケモン牧場), a game that lets you watch as Pokémon and Miis interact with each other for the first time. My Pokémon Ranch is similar to Pokémon Box as it allows you to store up to 1500 Pokémon from Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum. It was first released on March 25, 2008 in Japan for 1000 WiiWare points.

Enjoy the relaxing Ranch life by viewing your Ranch and its Pokémon, taking pictures, and sending those pictures to your friends. The more Pokémon and Miis that you bring to your Ranch, the more fun it becomes!

Expect the unexpected at My Pokémon Ranch. You can watch your Pokémon dance, march in a parade or even give your Mii a ride around the Ranch. The more Pokémon you add to your, Ranch, the bigger and more impressive it becomes. You never know what your favorite Pokémon will do next!


Players can have up to eight different DS cartridges that can be linked with the My Pokémon Ranch but only Pokémon from the same save ID can be traded back onto the DS cartridge.

Hayley (ユカリ Yukari) manages your ranch while you are away and provides you with new Pokémon each day based on a requested Pokémon type. As you add more Pokémon to your ranch, it grows to allow more Pokémon to be stored there.

Miis that you create in the Mii Channel can visit your Ranch and you can even invite your Wii Friends to visit via WiiConnect24. Select a Mii to be your Ranch Caretaker and it will appear right there with your Pokémon.

Both Pokémon and Miis like to play with toys from the Toy Box. There is a variety of different toys, including a Fountain in which Pokémon and Miss can splash and a Parade Drum that a Mii can use to drum up an imprompu Pokémon Parade. When a Pokémon holds the Pokémon Palette, its friends with gather to form the shape of that Pokémon.


  • Interact with your Pokémon in 3D.
  • Abilty to store 1500 Pokémon in the Platinum update (up from 1000).
  • Have you Mii's interact with your Ranch.
  • Have visits from various events via WiiConnect24.
  • Send a picture from your ranch to your friend through the WiiConnect24 service.
  • Screenshot feature allows players to take pictures in game and save it on the Wii or SD card in .jpg format.
  • Receive a new Pokémon for the ranch each day.


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