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Game Details:

Developer: Creatures, Inc.
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo Wii
Release Date(s): December 5, 2009 (JPN), July 9, 2010 (EUR), November 1st, 2010 (USA)
Mode(s): Single Player
Rating(s): CERO: A (JPN), PEGI: 3 (EUR), ESRB: E (USA), OFLC: G (AUS)
Controller(s): WiiMote, Nunchuck
Extra Contents: PokéPark Main Page, Trial of Strength, PokéPark Areas, Attractions, Items, Passwords, PokéPark Pad Dex

PokéPark Pokémon

Below is a list of Pokémon that are in PokéPark Wii Pikachu's Great Adventure and their location in the game.

Icon Pokémon Pad ID Zone Location
Chatot P-001 PokéPark Entrance
Meadow Zone
Meeting Place
Beach Zone
Iceberg Zone
Cavern Zone
Lava Zone
Haunted Zone
Granite Zone
Chikorita P-002 Meadow Zone
Sky Pavilion
Meeting Place
Turtwig P-003 Meadow Zone
Torterra P-004 Meadow Zone
Buneary P-005 Meadow Zone
Meeting Place
PokéPark Entrance
Munchlax P-006 Meadow Zone
Treecko P-007 Meadow Zone
Mankey P-008 Meadow Zone
Bidoof P-009 Meadow Zone
Beach Zone
Bibarel P-010 Meadow Zone
Meeting Place
Oddish P-011 Meadow Zone
Aipom P-012 Meadow Zone
Haunted Zone
Ambipom P-013 Meadow Zone
Haunted Zone
Leafeon P-014 Meadow Zone
Spearow P-015 Meadow Zone
Croagunk P-016 Meadow Zone
Starly P-017 Meadow Zone
Beach Zone
Iceberg Zone
Meeting Place
Bonsly P-018 Meadow Zone
Cavern Zone
Lava Zone
Sudowoodo P-019 Meadow Zone
Cavern Zone
Pachirisu P-020 Meadow Zone
Lotad P-021 Meadow Zone
Meeting Place
Shinx P-022 Meadow Zone
Scyther P-023 Meadow Zone
Magikarp P-024 Meadow Zone
Caterpie P-025 Meadow Zone
Butterfree P-026 Meadow Zone
Weedle P-027 Meadow Zone
Shroomish P-028 Meadow Zone
Tropius P-029 Meadow Zone
Bulbasaur P-030 Meadow Zone
Venusaur P-031 Meadow Zone
Piplup P-032 Beach Zone
Sky Pavilion
Meeting Place
Slowpoke P-033 Beach Zone
Azurill P-034 Beach Zone
Corsola P-035 Beach Zone
Wynaut P-036 Beach Zone
Meeting Place
Carvanha P-037 Beach Zone
Sharpedo P-038 Beach Zone
Wailord P-039 Beach Zone
Totodile P-040 Beach Zone
Feraligatr P-041 Beach Zone
Lapras P-042 Beach Zone
Iceberg Zone
Psyduck P-043 Beach Zone
Golduck P-044 Beach Zone
Buizel P-045 Beach Zone
Floatzel P-046 Beach Zone
Vaporeon P-047 Beach Zone
Mudkip P-048 Beach Zone
Iceberg Zone
Taillow P-049 Beach Zone
Iceberg Zone
Staravia P-050 Beach Zone
Iceberg Zone
Pigeotto P-051 Beach Zone
Krabby P-052 Beach Zone
Corphish P-053 Beach Zone
Meeting Place
Blastoise P-054 Beach Zone
Granite Zone
Wingull P-055 Beach Zone
Iceberg Zone
Pelipper P-056 Beach Zone
Gyarados P-057 Beach Zone
Glalie P-058 Iceberg Zone
Froslass P-059 Iceberg Zone
Piloswine P-060 Iceberg Zone
Mamoswine P-061 Iceberg Zone
Teddiursa P-062 Iceberg Zone
Cavern Zone
Meeting Place
Ursaring P-063 Iceberg Zone
Kirlia P-064 Iceberg Zone
Spheal P-065 Iceberg Zone
Quagsire P-066 Iceberg Zone
Glaceon P-067 Iceberg Zone
Octillery P-068 Iceberg Zone
Delibird P-069 Iceberg Zone
Primeape P-070 Iceberg Zone
Meeting Place
Squirtle P-071 Iceberg Zone
Smoochum P-072 Iceberg Zone
Sneasel P-073 Iceberg Zone
Prinplup P-074 Iceberg Zone
Empoleon P-075 Iceberg Zone
Mr. Mime P-076 Cavern Zone
Mawile P-077 Cavern Zone
Aron P-078 Cavern Zone
Lava Zone
Gible P-079 Cavern Zone
Marowak P-080 Cavern Zone
Granite Zone
Zubat P-081 Cavern Zone
Golbat P-082 Cavern Zone
Diglett P-083 Cavern Zone
Dugtrio P-084 Cavern Zone
Snorlax P-085 Cavern Zone
PokéPark Entrance
Geodude P-086 Cavern Zone
Lava Zone
Machamp P-087 Cavern Zone
Meowth P-088 Cavern Zone
Haunted Zone
Scizor P-089 Cavern Zone
Cranidos P-090 Cavern Zone
Phanpy P-091 Cavern Zone
Raichu P-092 Cavern Zone
Haunted Zone
Magnemite P-093 Cavern Zone
Magnezone P-094 Cavern Zone
Hitmonlee P-095 Cavern Zone
Electivire P-096 Cavern Zone
Bastiodon P-097 Cavern Zone
Charmander P-098 Lava Zone
Sky Pavilion
Hitmontop P-099 Lava Zone
Hitmonchan P-100 Lava Zone
Camerupt P-101 Lava Zone
Chimchar P-102 Meadow Zone
Cavern Zone
Lava Zone
Infernape P-103 Lava Zone
Vulpix P-104 Lava Zone
Ninetales P-105 Lava Zone
Farfetch'd P-106 Lava Zone
Meditite P-107 Lava Zone
Magby P-108 Lava Zone
Magmortar P-109 Lava Zone
Flareon P-110 Lava Zone
Magcargo P-111 Lava Zone
Torkoal P-112 Lava Zone
Golem P-113 Lava Zone
Quilava P-114 Lava Zone
Baltoy P-115 Lava Zone
Granite Zone
Claydol P-116 Lava Zone
Granite Zone
Ponyta P-117 Lava Zone
Meeting Place
Rhyperior P-118 Lava Zone
Torchic P-119 Lava Zone
Meeting Place
Blaziken P-120 Lava Zone
Murkrow P-121 Haunted Zone
Honchkrow P-122 Haunted Zone
Gliscor P-123 Haunted Zone
Drifloon P-124 Haunted Zone
Kakuna P-125 Haunted Zone
Metapod P-126 Haunted Zone
Tangrowth P-127 Haunted Zone
Riolu P-128 Haunted Zone
Meeting Place
Sableye P-129 Haunted Zone
Spinarak P-130 Haunted Zone
Breloom P-131 Haunted Zone
Pichu P-132 Haunted Zone
Misdreavus P-133 Haunted Zone
Meeting Place
Mismagius P-134 Haunted Zone
Elekid P-135 Haunted Zone
Electabuzz P-136 Haunted Zone
Meeting Place
Luxray P-137 Haunted Zone
Stunky P-138 Haunted Zone
Skuntank P-139 Haunted Zone
Voltorb P-140 Haunted Zone
Electrode P-141 Haunted Zone
Umbreon P-142 Haunted Zone
Espeon P-143 Haunted Zone
Gastly P-144 Haunted Zone
Haunter P-145 Haunted Zone
Gengar P-146 Haunted Zone
Duskull P-147 Haunted Zone
Meeting Place
Dusknoir P-148 Haunted Zone
Charizard P-149 Granite Zone
Flygon P-150 Granite Zone
Porygon-Z P-151 Granite Zone
Bronzor P-152 Granite Zone
Togekiss P-153 Granite Zone
Arcanine P-154 Granite Zone
Lopunny P-155 Granite Zone
Furret P-156 Granite Zone
Meeting Place
Staraptor P-157 Granite Zone
Skorupi P-158 Granite Zone
Meeting Place
Eevee P-159 Granite Zone
Meeting Place
Hoppip P-160 Granite Zone
Jumpluff P-161 Granite Zone
Aerodactyl P-162 Granite Zone
Jolteon P-163 Granite Zone
Tyranitar P-164 Granite Zone
Garchomp P-165 Granite Zone
Absol P-166 Granite Zone
Salamence P-167 Granite Zone
Bellossom P-168 Flower Zone
Budew P-169 Flower Zone
Meeting Place
Skiploom P-170 Flower Zone
Cyndaquil P-171 Flower Zone
Mareep P-172 Flower Zone
Dragonite P-173 Flower Zone
Lucario P-174 Flower Zone
Rayquaza P-175 Flower Zone
Drifblim P-176 Meadow Zone
Meeting Place
Beach Zone
Iceberg Zone
Cavern Zone
Lava Zone
Haunted Zone
Granite Zone
Flower Zone
Burmy P-177 Meeting Place
Mime Jr. P-178 Meeting Place
Abra P-179 Haunted Zone
Meeting Place
Mew P-180 Sky Pavilion
Jirachi P-181 Granite Zone
Manaphy P-182 Gyarados’s Aqua Dash
Latias P-183 Pelipper's Circle Circuit
Suicune P-184 Empoleon's Snow Slide
Metagross P-185 Bastiodon's Blck Barrage
Heatran P-186 Rhyperior’s Bumper Burn
Groudon P-187 Lava Zone
Celebi P-188 PokéPark Entrance
Darkrai P-189 Haunted Zone
Rotom P-190 Haunted Zone
Shaymin P-191 Flower Zone
Sky Pavilion
Latios P-192 Salamence’s Air Ace
Deoxys P-193 Rayquaza's Balloon Panic

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