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The February 2010 issue of Corocoro revealed Pokémon Ranger - Paths of Light (ポケモンレンジャー 光の軌跡). The game was released in Japan on March 6th, 2010 for 4800yen and a trial version of the game was available to download on the Nintendo Channel starting January 29th, 2010.


The third game in the Pokémon Ranger takes players to a new region called Oblivia (オブリビア) which is a series of islands that the player needs to travel around to. Players meet up with Ukulele Pichu (ウクレレピチュー), a Pichu that ends up being the protagonists traveling companion. Pokémon Ranger's with the cooperation with their Pokémon, are working to protect nature and to have peace in the world. As a Pokémon Ranger, players being their journey at the Ranger Union headquarters where they receive instructions and missions.


  • Players can choose between two protagonists, a male and and female.
  • The game will take place in a new region called Oblivia (オブリビア) which is a series of islands.
  • PokéAssist's (ポケモンナッパーズ) return which help capture Pokémon.
  • A new evil group of people called Pokémon Nappers (ポケモンナッパーズ) are the antagonists in this game. They are lead by a character called Red Eye (レッドアイ).
  • The game features a 4-player multiplayer mode where players can also completed dedicated cooperative missions together.
  • A new feature, Ranger Sign (レンジャサイン), has been added to the styler and allows players to use the touch screen capabilities of the DS to draw the symbols. For example, players can use a Ranger Sign to call a Pokémon like Suicune which allows players to run on water while riding on Suicune.
  • Players encounter Ukulele Pichu (ウクレレピチュー), a Pichu seen playing the instrument in a forest to a bunch of Pokémon. This Pichu ends up being the protagonists traveling companion.
  • The legendary Entei, Suicune, Raikou, Latios and Latias are in the game and players will be able to call them for assistance.
  • Solbelas Mountain (ソルベラスやま) features endless avalanches that will give any player a headache as they try to traverse the pillars without being swept away by the snow!
  • Players use the Capture Styler to circle Pokémon on the touch screen. The further in the story players progress, the more powers and abilities their Capture Styler gains.
  • Up to four players can play together on certain missions using the Nintendo DS Local Wireless Connection, and discover more about the history of the Oblivia region.


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